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Discussion Board Capital Budgeting, mini case

Discussion Questions:
In this module, we are focusing on evaluating capital investments. For this discussion, you will first complete a mini case analysis, and then will share your results with your classmates. Please note that you will need to post your own post before you are able to see classmates’ posts.
Fenton, Inc., has established a new strategic plan that calls for new capital investment. The company has a 9.8% required rate of return and an 8.3% cost of capital. Fenton currently has a return of 10% on its other investments. The proposed new investments have equal annual cash inflows expected. Management used a screening procedure of calculating a payback period for potential investments and annual cash flows, and the IRR for the 7 possible investments are shown. Each investment has a 6-year expected useful life and no salvage value.
Payback Period
Investment Cost
Project A1
Project B2
Project C3
Project D4
Project E5
Project F6
Project G7
Identify which project(s) is/are unacceptable and briefly state the conceptual justification as to why each of your choices is unacceptable.
Assume Fenton has $330,000 available to spend. Which remaining projects should Fenton invest in and in what order?
If Fenton was not limited to a spending amount, should they invest in all of the projects given the company is evaluated using return on investment?

Accounting Question

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Based on the previous requirements, provide your analysis of this hotel as well as your recommendations,
using all possible knowledge, KPI and measures you learned this year (800 to 1’000) words maximum.
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Transferring data from pdf to excel

Accounting Assignment Help I attached two files, so all you need to do is to transfer all the data from the first file #1 to an excel sheet using the same format.
and the second file is showing the steps on how you should do it.
Check the files and let me know if you have any questions

2 Very simple accounting short answer questions

Consider each of the following independent situations.
For each company, provide a brief discussion interpreting these financial data. For example, you might discuss the company’s financial health or its apparent growth philosophy.
1. The retained earnings statement of Lee Corporation shows dividends of $68,000, while net income for the year was $75,000.
2. The statement of cash flows for Steele Corporation shows that cash provided by operating activities was $10,000, cash used in investing activities was $110,000, and cash provided by financing activities was $130,000.

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