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Discussion: Pope Francis and Unit 5

There is a tendency to dismiss popes today under the belief that these church leaders represent outdated notions about good nationhood, international relations and other related ideas. This belief is largely a misconception as evidenced by a recent speech by Pope Francis at the UN (United Nations, 2017). The speech touched on issues pertinent to Unit 5, including political goodwill, change and adaptation, and safeguarding the environment.

The Pope noted that the lack of political goodwill in fostering positive international relations is one of the major causes of strained relations among nations and a barrier to the achievement of the collective resolutions advanced by the UN. This observation by the Pope is relevant today and offers insights into the mishaps facing the UN. The views of the Pope mirror those of delegates at the UN 2017 General Assembly where it was observed that lack of political will is a major hurdle to reforms at the Security Council (United Nations, 2017). Issues such as armed conflicts, illegal migration, and poverty and diseases call for genuine efforts and political will in the international community to achieve meaningful results.

The Pope suggested that reform and adaptation is important to the realization of fair representation due to change. This suggestion is also relevant to today’s politics in the international arena as countries move closer through globalization amid many challenges. Politicians and diplomats face the challenge of contributing to global development while addressing challenges in their countries. Religious leaders also have a role to play in this development by fostering a culture of tolerance and understanding in light of the growing populist, anti-migrant sentiments.

Another area that Pope Francis noted and is relevant today regards the environment. The Pope argued that the destruction of the environment is closely associated with exclusion, widening the gap in inequality and creating new problems for the society. By touching on the issue of the environment, the Pope showed that he is conscious of current events and concerned over the direction the society has taken as regards the environment. The divide in opinions on climate change, for example, require careful consideration from all nations to achieve the desired outcomes.                  


United Nations (2017). Lack of Political Will among ‘Elite Few’ Threatens Security Council Reform Efforts, Delegates Tell General Assembly. Retrieved from

Pope Francis (2015). Meeting with the Members of the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization Address of the Holy Father. Retrieved from

I cant find where my budgeted raw materials purchases are in the question. There is another paper we are given with info I will type it out.

“Of the raw materials purchases, 80% is paid for during the month purchased and 20% is paid in the following month. Raw materials purchases for march 1 totaled $2000. All other operating cost are paid during the month incurred. Monthly fixed manufacturing overhead includes $150 in depreciation. During April Iguana plans to pay $3000 for a piece of equipment” I cant find where my budgeted raw materials purchases are in the question. There is another paper we are given with info I will type it out. Assignment Help

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This is a time value of money question regarding education goals.

A couple expects their child to go to a post secondary institution for 2 years when he reaches the age of 18 at a cost of $7500 per year in todays dollars. Currently the child is 15. Their advisor has cautioned them that education costs are rising rapidly and suggests using an inflation rate of 7% to calculate the savings required to meet the couples goal. The current inflation rate is 2%. The expected rate on a conservative portfolio is 3%.

Can someone (using calculator method) help determine what the education cost will be for this child when they turn 18 in todays dollars?

(I got 19,682 but don’t think its right)


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Question 1. 1. If I have invested $100 for 3 years at 5%, how much will I have at the end of the period? (Points : 3) 





Question 2. 2. I have an investment that produces the following cash flows:

Year CF

1    $30,000

2    $23,000

3    $17,000

My required rate of return is 10%. Using that rate, convert this series of irregular cash flows to an equivalent (in present value terms) 3-year annuity. (Points : 4) 





Question 3. 3. Jinkumbumn, Inc., has an investment that offers the following cash flows:

$5,000 per year for years 1 through 6

$3,000 per year for years 7 through 10

$3,400 per year for years 11-20

Using a required rate of 14%, what would be the PV of this stream of cash flows? (Points : 3) 





Question 4. 4. Critics of stock options argue that those tend to distort executive decisions by emphasizing short term performance. (Points : 3) 

    The above statement is false

    The above statement is true but there are some ways to ensure that this cannot happen.

    Stock options are unrelated to stock performance so there is no possibility of them interfering with executive decisions

    Executives normally tend to be well wishers of stockholders and therefore a conflict cannot occur between the two.

Question 5. 5. Profit Maximization does not ignore risk the way wealth maximization does (Points : 3) 



Question 6. 6. In determining stockholder value, which of these are not listed as a factor in the textbook: (Points : 3) 

    Cash flow

    Timing of cash flows


    Maximizing book value

Question 7. 7. Factors like interest rate levels, investor optimism and anticipated inflation can affect: (Points : 3) 

    stock prices

    book value of stock

    agency theory

    All of the above

Question 8. 8. The common stock of Walmart can be considered as a Money Market Security. (Points : 3) 



Question 9. 9. Which of the following is an example of over the counter market? (Points : 3) 




    The Cincinnati Stock Exchange

Question 10. 10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act: (Points : 3) 

    created the public company accounting standards board

    ensures independence of financial analysts

    made the top management directly responsible for the accuracy of the firm’s financial statements

    All of the above

Question 11. 11. The foreign currency price of one unit of home currency is known as the indirect quote. (Points : 3) 



Question 12. 12. Niroshan, Inc., has a Net Profit Margin of 3.8462%. If the company has an equity multiplier of 2.175 and an ROE of 12.5%, what would be its Total Asset Turnover? (Points : 3) 

    1.4942 approximately

    1.789 exactly

    0.984 approximately


Question 13. 13. For a service oriented company with no inventories at all but has actual receivables, it is possible that: (Points : 3) 

    Current ratio equals ROE

    Current Ratio equals ROI

    Current ratio equals receivables turnover ratio

    Current ratio equals quick ratio

Question 14. 14. If I am the bondholder of a company, I would be very interested in this ratio (choose the best answer): (Points : 3) 

    Total Asset Turnover

    Times Interest Earned ratio

    inventory turnover ratio

    Price to Earnings Ratio

Question 15. 15. When assessing ta company, a financial analyst must be mindful of the quality of a firm’s earnings and the quality of the firm’s balance sheet. (Points : 3) 



Question 16. 16. What is the future value of $1,000 invested today at the end of one year if the nominal rate is 10%. Assume that the interest is compounded semi-annually.  (Points : 3) 





Question 17. 17. How long will it take for $7,752 to grow into $20,000 at an interest rate of 9%? (approximate to the nearest whole percent) (Points : 3) 





Question 18. 18. Jones Company sales last year were $25 million and its total assets were $8 million. Accounts payable were $2 million and common stock and retained earnings were $5 million. Jones sales are forecasted to be $30 million this year, earnings after tax are expected to be 3% of sales, and dividends of $250,000 are expected to be paid. Assuming that the ratio of assets to sales and current liabilities to sales remain the same this year as last year, determine the amount of additional financing required. (Points : 3) 




    None of the above

Question 19. 19. Which of the following (if any) are not financial intermediaries? (Points : 3) 

    commercial bank

    thrift institution

    securities broker

    insurance companies

    all are financial intermediaries

Question 20. 20. The main purpose of an economy’s financial system is to facilitate the transfer of funds from (Points : 3) 

    financial middlemen to financial intermediaries

    surplus spending units to deficit spending units

    primary claimholders to secondary claimholders

    lenders to financial intermediaries

Question 21. 21. Tinker Bell needs $5 million in exactly five years. If they can earn 9.5% per year. How much does the company have to deposit each year for five years to accumulate the amount at the end of five years? (Points : 3) 

    $1 million




Question 22. 22. Uncle Tim promised me to help with my college expenses. He gave me $5,000 today and promised me the same amount each year for the next three if I keep my grades up and stay in college. I am very confident of doing so. Using 10% as the discount rate, how much is this series of payments worth to me today? (Points : 3) 





Question 23. 23. If the nominal rate is 16%, compounded quarterly, what would be the effective annual rate? (Points : 3) 





Question 24. 24. What is the future value of annuity due for a series of payments that pay $1,000 today, one year from today, two years from today and three years from today. Assume an interest rate of 9.3%. (Points : 3) 





Question 25. 25. My boss asked me to prepare a cash budget for the company. My company purchased $500,000 worth of raw material in December. We normally pay 30% of the purchase price immediately and 30% in the month following the purchase. The rest is paid two months after purchase. How much of the December purchases would be paid in the following February? (Points : 3) 

    40%, $200,000

    30%, $150,000

    100%, $500,000

    10%, $50,000

Question 26. 26. Lenard Jim wants to spend $5,000 in the Mall of America for his 21st birthday next year. How much must he deposit in his bank today if his birthday is exactly one year from today and he can get 15% on the money deposited? (Points : 3) 





Question 27. 27. As a dollar amount, the PV of any sum using a positive N and and I/Y would always be lesser than its future value. For example with a positive N and I/Y, $2,000 received 5 years from today would be lower in PV than $2,000. (Points : 3) 



Question 28. 28. Which of the following statements is untrue? (Points : 3) 

    Weak form efficiency suggests that stock prices reflect all historical information.

    Strong form Efficiency suggests that stock prices reflect all public and even private information.

    the market price of a stock has nothing to do with weak form information. One can get superior gains by simply looking at historical information.

    All of the above are true.

Question 29. 29. If an investor purchased 100 shares of Biggee stock for $30 per share, 6 months ago, and then sold the stock today for $33 per share, what was the investor’s holding period return if a total of $1 per share in dividends was received over the 6 month period? (Points : 3) 





Question 30. 30. Financial decisions should be consistent with the goal of shareholder wealth maximization. However, there may be a divergence between shareholder wealth maximization and the actual goals of management. The primary reason for this is: (Points : 3) 

    Management wants to ensure good public relations.

    The board of directors is increasingly becoming indifferent towards their corporations.

    Shareholders do not feel that wealth maximization is a relevant objective.

    There is a separation of ownership and control in corporations.

Question 31. 31. Which of the following is correct regarding the forms of market efficiency? I. In an efficient capital market stock prices provide an unbiased estimate of the true value of an enterprise. II. In an efficient capital market, stock prices do not reflect the present value of the firm’s expected cash flows. (Points : 3) 

    Only statement I is true

    Only statement II is true

    Both statements I and II are true

    Both statements I and II are untrue.

Question 32. 32. If a firm’s Return on Investment (EAT/TA) is 7%, and the firm has no preferred stock financing, it is: (Points : 3) 

    possible that ROE is 10%

    possible that ROE is 5%

    not possible for its debt to equity ratio to be 1.0.

    not possible for its net profit margin to be 7%

Question 33. 33. When you multiply net profit margin with fixed asset turnover and the equity multiplier ratio you get ROE. (Points : 3) 



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Merhabalar tekrar Tansel bey. fiyati daha dusuk koymayi deniyorum simdi. Geri kalanini bahsis seklinde yapabiliriz. Simdiden tesekkurler. Bilgisayar basinda olacagim. Sanirim soruyu birazda uzun yazmam gerekiyormus onun icin biraz daha fazla kelime ekliyorum buraya. Dedigim gibi ikinci chapter yani ikinci dosyaya baslamistim bir kac yanlisimda var ve tekrar o yanlislari duzetirmem izin vermiyor o yuzden submit yapiyorum simdi. En bastan tekrar baslatir sonrada 5 submit hakki daha var 90 uzeri olursa yeterli benim icin detaya takilmaniza gerek yok. Eger bazi kucuk seyleri kabul etmezse gecebilirsiniz soruyu. Bazen bug yapiyor cunku similasyon. 

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Yield to Maturity & Yield to call

Kauffman enterprises has bonds outstanding with a $1000 face value and 10 years left until maturity. They have an 11% coupon payment, and their current price is $1175. The bonds may be called in 5 years at 109% of face value (call price = $1090)

a)     What is the yield to maturity?

b)     What is the yield to call if they are called in 5 years?

c)      Which yield might investors expect to earn on these bonds? Why?

d)     The bond’s indenture indicates that the call provision gives the firm the right to call the bonds at the end of each year beginning in Year 5. In Year 5, the bonds may be called at 109% of face value; but in each of the next 4 years, the call percentage will decline by 1%. Thus, in Year 6, they may be called at 108% of face value; in Year 7, they may be called at 107% of face value; and so forth. IF the yield curve is horizontal and interest rates remain at their current level, when is the latest that investors might expect the firm to call the bonds?

Assignment: Application – To Call or Not To Call

Part II. In reviewing the accounts in 2014 after the books for the prior year have been closed, you find that the following errors have been made in… Assignment Help

Part II. In reviewing the accounts in 2014 after the books for the prior year have been closed, you find that the following errors have been made in summarizing activities:

                                                                                                        2011         2012            2013     

Overstatement of ending inventory                                               $42,000     $51,000          $29,000

Understatement of accrued advertising expense                               6,600     12,000            7,200

In addition, during the 2014 year-end audit, the following items come to your attention:

Dyke bought equipment on January 1, 2011 for $294,000 with a $24,000 estimated salvage value and a six-year life. The company debited an expense account and credited cash on the purchase date for the entire cost of the asset. (Straight-line method)

(a) Prepare the journal entries necessary at December 31, 2014, to record the above corrections and changes (ignore tax effects).

  • Inventory:
  • Accrued Advertising expense:
  • Depreciation expense:

(b) Compute the total effect of the errors on 2014 net income (show your works). Part II. In reviewing the accounts in 2014 after the books for the prior year have been closed, you find that the following errors have been made in… Assignment Help

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You are the practice manager for a four-physician office. You arrive on Monday morning to find the entire office suite flooded from overhead sprinklers that malfunctioned over the weekend. Water stands ankle-deep everywhere. The computers are fried and the contents of all the filing cabinets are soaked. Your own office, where most of the records were stored, has the worst damage.

The practice carries valuable papers insurance coverage for an amount up to $250,000. It is your responsibility to prepare an estimate of the financial loss so that a claim can be filed with the insurance company. How would you go about it? What would your summary of the losses look like?

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Your firm is contemplating the purchase of a new $590,000 computer-based order entry system. The system will be depreciated straight-line to zero over its five-year life. It will be worth $62,000 at the end of that time. You will save $220,000 before taxes per year in order processing costs, and you will be able to reduce working capital by $77,000 (this is a one-time reduction). If the tax rate is 34 percent, what is the IRR for this project? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answer as a percent rounded to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.) 

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a-2 Should the firm accept this project?

  • No
  • Yes

b. This project has two IRRs, namely____ percent and ____ percent, in order from smallest to largest. (Note: If you can only compute one IRR value, you should input that amount into both answer boxes in order to obtain some credit.) (Do not round intermediate calculations. A negative answer should be indicated by a minus sign. Enter your answers as a percent rounded to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)

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So I’m trying to find the “+/- current asset change” on the Cash flow utilization sheet, and I’ve tried multiple times to calculate it, but I honestly have no idea what I’m looking for. The professor didn’t really help in clarifying how to find it.

So I’ve posted the Cash Utilization Sheet below as well as the financial statements that I’m basing my calculations on.

(some of the cash utilization sheet is already filled out below).

Hope someone can clarify this for me

thanks in advance 🙂

(feel free to note out any corrections on the rest of the sheet).

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