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discussion post 1

According to the opening paragraph of the assigned article, “4 Ways to Make Evidence-Based Practice the Norm in Health Care,” it can take “hospitals and clinics about 17 years to adopt a practice or treatment after the first systematic evidence shows it helps patients.” Discuss why you think many health care practitioners are often unwilling to change practice patterns based on research findings. Some practitioners criticize evidence-based practice as “cookbook care.” Considering these perceptions, how would you utilize your education and experiences in planning the implementation of a major change? Below you will find the assigned article and extra resources to help.
Introduction to Health Research Methods: A Practical GuideJacobsen, K. H. (2017). Introduction to health research methods: A practical guide (2nd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones

Literature review

Present information about the problem area that you have found in the literature. Develop a theoretical understanding of the problem by showing current theoretical perspectives found in the literature and support for chosen intervention(s). Tell why this “target” and interventions were chosen.
State. the purpose of the study, the research hypothesis or question, and the SSD design to be used.
The Client System Give a brief description of demographic information and specific problems of the client. Describe any precipitating event.
Implementation of the Intervention This is an exact description of how the intervention was implemented.
(Remember that this should be transparent so others can replicate your study.) Describe in detail the operational definitions of the independent and dependent variables. Give the intervention plan irrspecific steps that were followed.
Measurement and Recording
Discuss specifically how measurement took place during the course of the work with the client. Discuss issues of reliability, validity and reactivity if necessary.

Global Health Challenge

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Identify and discuss a recent/current global health challenge.
(Water Contamination and Shortage)
The paper should address:
Global patterns of the health problem
Biological, lifestyle/ behavioral and social determinants of the health problem
Formulation of a strategy that could be chosen to tackle this health problem (make sure to offer a suggestion for improvement of current WHO strategies).
Reflection on the ethical and political consequences of addressing the problem in the proposed way
Lessons learned from this paper for you as a future health care leader
Minimum of 750-words, have at least five references outside the assigned text. APA formatting.

Week 2: Discussion 33 unread replies.33 replies. Defamation

Week 2: Discussion
33 unread replies.33 replies.

This week’s discussion board focuses on defamation. Please review the e-text pages on defamation (page 120-122) as well as the video in the Required Resources area of the course. Then, review the below fact pattern and answer the questions provided.

Fact Pattern: ESPN held its Action Sports and Music Awards ceremony in April 2001. At the ceremony, in attendance were then-popular celebrities in the fields of extreme sports and popular music such as rap and heavy metal converged. Famed motorcycle stuntman, Evel Knievel, who is commonly thought of as the “father of extreme sports,” and his wife, Krystal, were photographed. The photograph depicted Evel, who was wearing a motorcycle jacket and rose-tinned sunglasses, with his right arm around Krystal and his left arm around another young woman. ESP published the photograph on its “extreme sports” website with a caption that read “Evel Knievel proves that you’re never too old to be a pimp.” The Knievels brought suit against ESPN for defamation.

Questions: Based on the above fact pattern, answer the following: (1) What type of defamation did the Knievels most likely sue for? Libel or slander? What is the difference?; (2) How would you decide this case? Explain your reasoning.

**Although this is a real world case, try to resist the urge to look up the case results. I’m most interested in your analysis, not necessarily whether your result matches the court’s result. I will publish the results later in the week.

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