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Discussion post

Please select one of the three prompts and write one post on the topic.
Find an example of a company that blew up around the time of the dot-com crash.Summarize the incident in a couple paragraphs that cover:The name and background of the company;
The company’s intended value proposition;
Some of the reasons for initial optimism among investors;
Some of the reasons for the company’s eventual failure.

Talk about your own experience with a service or product that used a freemium revenue model. Did you ultimately convert to a paying customer? Why or why not? In your opinion, what is the key to making a freemium model work?
What is meant by the term ‘first-mover advantage’? What are some pros and cons associated with being a first-mover in a market? Find a historical example of a first-mover who dominated a market, as well as an example of a follower who wound up dominating a market. In a paragraph or two, describe the circumstances that surrounded each of the examples that you found.

watching a video and answering few questions

In this episode of the PBS series, The Mystery of Mental Illness [Episode I: Evil or Illness (Links to an external site.)] you will learn about the history of psychological disorder – including early models of mental illness, and the resulting treatments.
What are some examples of biomedical or physical explanations of mental illness – ancient and more modern – described in this episode?
How was mental illness, for example hallucinations, understood from a religious or spiritual perspective.
What treatments are associated with these “models of explanation”?
How do cultural norms impact our ideas of mental illness? Give at least one example.

Writing Question

Review the
sample weekly progress note provided and develop your own progress note for
this week using the template provided. Listed below is this weeks expectations
and resources.
Week 1: Thesis Expectations, Outline, Formatting, and Timeline
Review the resources provided this week to understand better the expectations for developing your outline, paper formatting, and timeline. Begin your research of the literature and include evidence that supports your topic. This week will also be used for developing your Thesis topic. The topic must be related to the human services field and must be clearly defined. Your thesis topic must add to the body of research that is currently available. Please also explain why you chose your topic.
Several resources are provided in week one to assist you in understanding the elements that will make up your thesis. Again, careful consideration must be given in developing your thesis topic.
Objectives and Learning Outcomes:
Identify and develop a research topic related to Human Services into a manageable focus.
Develops a realistic timeline for completing Master’s Thesis
Develops an initial Master’s Thesis Outline in Accordance with APA 7 Guidelines
Understands the Elements required for Developing a formal Master’s Thesis
Activities and Assignments:
Discussion Board: Introductions
Weekly Progress Report
Independent Research: the student must show evidence in the Weekly Progress Report of 2 readings specifically related to their thesis topic.
University of Idaho – Master’s Thesis Proposal Tips
Please read the following:
AHS 8300 Thesis Sample Outline (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR DOC)

intro to programming

Writing Assignment Help Discussion Points:
One of the advantages to writing a program that is subdivided into methods/modules is that such a structure allows different programmers to write separate methods, thus dividing the work
What is the advantage to this?
How did you document/comment your program (Provide examples)
Provide an example of a ‘list’ and explain how it would be used as part of a problem solution.
Provide examples of other data structures such as (tuple, dictionary) and explain how it would be used as part of a problem solution
One of the advantages to writing a program that is subdivided into methods/modules is that such a structure allows different programmers to write separate methods, thus dividing the work
What is the advantage to this?
Some advantages of subdividing a program into methods/modules is it could help to organize code for one individual working on a more complex code. The modules can be organized into smaller parts, be self-contained easily, and be reloaded and run multiple times. When working with multiple developers on the same code, dividing methods into multiple parts allows the needed flexibility for developers. Dividing the code into parts also helps developers understand parts of the code easily since the code is less complex when separated.
How did you document/comment on your program (Provide examples)
I have not personally commented much outside of the necessary comment blocks needed in our programs, i.e. (Name, Class, Professor, Date, Etc.) but I can see how it would be more useful than keeping notes in your head, especially if you are working with more complex code. I think using comments would be another huge benefit when dealing with methods/modules and working with other developers. If multiple people work on the same code they would hopefully better understand what the intent was through the comments left by another developer. The majority of the examples I have are the comments needed for our assignments thus far.
# My Name
# Payroll Calculation
Provide an example of a ‘list’ and explain how it would be used as part of a problem solution.
list = [ “Apples”, “Pears”, “Bananas”, “Oranges” ]
# prints all items in list
Lists are great to help programmers manage similar items and to organize them in one place. The lists are much easier to access and change versus various lines of code that may be out of order and difficult to keep track. Lists allow programmers to search easier if there are multiple lists and no matter where it is in the lists. This can help programmers solve problems with the organization that is offered through the use of lists.
Provide examples of other data structures such as (tuple, dictionary) and explain how it would be used as part of a problem solution
Dictionaries are essential and can hold an unlimited number of items in the dictionary key. It helps to read the code more clearly but they can use a lot more of the available space. Tuples are another option to store data but are more finite in nature. These could be used as a standard because the stored data doesn’t change. Tuples can make problem solving quicker and more efficient because they are intended to be constant in comparison to lists.
Tuple = (“apple”, “pears”, “bananas”, oranges”)
#Prints all standard items, unchanging items
thisdict = { “name”: “apple”, “type”: “fruit”, “color”: “green”}
Thanks for reading. Hopefully this all makes sense and feedback is always welcomed. Have a great week.

Article analysis

Assignment #1: Review the paper in the link below on sci/tech writing, and review the course syllabus. Create a 750-word memo to me explaining how the paper on sci/tech writing expands your ideas/notions of the topic and how it relates to your current academic and future professional plans. The key analysis here:
1. Expands your ideas/notions
2. Relates to current academic/professional plans
You may use headings and sub headings to further enhance the format and readability of your memo. (Links to an external site.)
Use Memo format and type single space with a space between paragraphs; 12 point font, Times New Roman. Remember, there is no salutation nor closing in a memo.
Example of multimodal approach to assignment: (Links to an external site.)
Read Chapter 1

Design Challenge

The purpose of this assignment is to create a design challenge that highlights various problem-solving techniques. This assignment will build on the concepts in your Topic 2 “Hypothesis Statements – Overview and Template” assignment (attached).
To complete this assignment, create a PowerPoint presentation that is 10-12 slides (including title and reference slides). Include a minimum of two scholarly sources in your presentation. Address the following:
What problem are you trying to solve based on your problem statement and hypothesis from Topic 2?
Who is most affected by the problem (i.e., your target customer) and where/when does the problem affect the customer?
Identify the key demographic factors of your target customer.
Consider what new technologies are being developed and are emerging through the hype cycle. Imagine three of the emerging technologies within the next 2-5 years that might enable a solution to your problem. Conduct research on companies or groups that are working on these emerging technologies. Discuss how human-centered design and technological advances could offer possible solutions to the problem you are trying to solve.
What are some of the initial constraints that may limit or hamper the introduction of your new technology? For example, does the target customer segment have money to pay for it? Is a particular resource too expensive? Does the target need to be educated about how to use the product?
What are some possible variants to the design challenge? For example, are there substitute resources, different adjustments to the value property, or other modifications to the business model that could make it viable?
Describe the value your solution has created for customers.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.

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