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Click to read the article (Links to an external site.), “The Nation: And There Was Light, and It Was Good?” What is your reaction to this article?
Saulny, S. (2003). The nation: And there was light, and it was good? Introduction to Sociology. Retrieved from…

a significant correlation and association between attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and substance abuse among young adults and teenagers?

You completed the ADHD and Substance Abuse annotated literature review for me on the 3rd. I have reattached it . ( Thnak You for a wonderful job! Now I need the discussion and the responses. I do not understand how to get the hypothesis and the independent and dependent variables.

Post your descriiption of the hypothesis’s function in the research process. Then, share the hypothesis you have generated for your research question. Identify the independent and dependent variables in your hypothesis.
Note: If your research question is qualitative, for the purposes of this Discussion, consider how you would change the question to use a quantitative approach. Then develop a hypothesis that would be generated from that question.

By Day 6
Respond to two colleagues by providing constructive feedback on their hypotheses. Use the Learning Resources on hypotheses to inform your feedback (i.e., cite and reference).

Social Work Question

Sociology Assignment Help Cultural DiversityProfessionals in all areas from business to counseling commonly anticipate possible cultural differences with clients. At the same time, they inevitably encounter cultural differences with clients as well as with other professionals or with the views of organizations in which they work. These differences can compromise the services that clients receive unless effectively resolved.
For this discussion question, provide at least two examples from within your profession of situations in which the policies of real or fictitious organizations seem contrary to the best interests of a client due to cultural differences.
Discuss the implications of this for ethical practice. Your initial post should be at least 300 words in length.

We all develop feelings and attitudes toward people, groups, and institutions in our environment. Often, we are unaware of Essay

We all develop feelings and attitudes toward people, groups, and institutions in our environment. Often, we are unaware of these attitudes and feelings. In your intellipath® lessons for the unit, you read about implicit bias and a recent test (the Implicit Association Test [IAT]) that was developed to measure this.

For this paper, you will complete 1 of the IATs available, and you will answer some questions about the experience (see below).

For this assignment, do the following:

Take the test here: {}.
Then, write a paper to respond to each of the following assignment questions. Your response to each question should be 1–2 paragraphs and supported with examples or information from the textbook or intellipath.
1.) Describe the difference between implicit and explicit biases.
2.) Discuss how you believe people develop implicit biases. Be sure to consider social constructs and socialization.
3.)Describe the purpose and process of the IAT, why you believe this process was used, and your overall thoughts and experience on taking the test.
4.) If implicit attitudes are subconscious, how do you think such negative implicit attitudes can be reduced?

The assignment references Chapters 9, 11, and 12 in the “Introduction to Sociology 2e” textbook by Heather Griffiths.
Here is an online link to the textbook:
{ } Please let me know if you require anything else.

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