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discussion question and reply a peer’s question

Watch the THAI 21 video in slide 19. What should each team’s strategy be? Is any player guaranteed to win? (30 points)
Go to slide 24. At the end of the slide there is an open question: why none of those NE satisfy backward induction? Explain. (30 points)
Comment on at least one of your peers’ thread. (40 point)
when you give me the answer of discussion I can give you the discussion that need to reply

HS101 Medical Law and Bioethics

Please answer the following questions in reference to Euthanasia:
State your chosen topic.
What is one specific legal issue related to your chosen topic?
What is one specific ethical issues related to your chosen topic?
Share a court case related to your chosen topic. Why did you choose this case?

simple human services question

Religion and Theology Assignment Help Complete an essay 1-2 pages beginning with the Elizabethan Poor Laws and then follow it through Colonial America and the multiple reforms. You can use internet sources but be sure to cite. Be sure to describe the worthy and the unworthy poor. This can be written in essay format but references should be cited in APA format.
Here is the citation for the textbook. Woodside, M.R. (2015) Introduction to Human Services (9th ed.). Brooks Cole.

Topic: professional purpose

Write about the professional dream that you have always had in your medical carrier
1.state the dream you have always wanted
2.state the key requirements required to fully attain this dream
3.state the main aim in the task 2
4.explain the main purpose in task3
5.explain further about what you would take into account if you had the chance to attain this dream carrier

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