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Discussion Questions Essay

Start your discussion by responding to this question using the company for which you currently work, a business with which you’re familiar, or the dream business you want to start:
What are some key fixed and variable costs for this business? Remember, fixed costs do not change when output changes. That is, fixed costs remain even if the company is producing nothing. Variable costs increase as output increases.

My job title: Patient Service Rep Physical Therapy Company.

Two questions of Economics

It is very easy question give it fast only you have time if today
(a)Explain the impact of rise in exchange rate on national income.
(b) Explain the concept of ‘deficit’ in balance of payment.
Explain two questions in 100 words each without plagrism

answer the question around 250 words

Economics Assignment Help Please read article belowed to answer the question
According to our textbook author Dr. Towse a lot of cultural/heritage events or sites need to be subsidized by a government. Why is this the case? If there is a market for these activities shouldn’t the market be enough to provide for the culture under consideration?

Economics Question

Instructions:The final research paper will consist of a full analysis of a topic covered in class. Topic I chose is Transportation Management.The paper should be written from a transportation management approach. The paper should be written using APA format. The word count for the research paper should be a minimum of 2000 words with a minimum of 5 references to your work. Articles selected for references should be peer-reviewed and from the University library, Government websites, and/or GAO Reports. The paper will be graded on contents, grammar, and format. the grading rubric is attach.

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