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Do Dairy Products Prevent Osteoporosis

Are dairy products, specifically milk, an effective dietary source to help prevent osteoporosis or could they cause more harm than good? Should we, as a society, be drinking more or less milk? Are there better dietary choices for calcium or should we all be taking calcium supplements? Please elaborate on your reasoning with your research.

Paper must be double spaced, with one inch margins, 12 point font and include section headers for each of Essay

Paper must be double spaced, with one inch margins, 12 point font and include section headers for each of the paper sections noted below (Effective Campaign Issues, Summary of Formal and Informal Powers, Formal Powers Applied to Issues, Informal Powers Applied to Issues) and at least three full pages long.

Objective: The objective for this assignment is for students to understand the critical linkage between participatory democracy (elections) and public policy in a representative democracy. It is the individual and corporate responsibility of the voters to make sure that elected officials implement public policy beneficial to the public and, if they do not, to remove them from office the next election. Students must explain how elected governors can use their formal and informal powers to influence public policy.

Congratulations! You have recently been elected the Governor of Texas. You built your successful campaign around promises to address four issues that are significant to the voters of Texas: controlling immigration from Mexico, controlling spending on social programs (welfare, food stamps, Medicaid), making sure the death penalty is applied fairly and improving k-12 education. Please discuss each of these issues and focus on the following:

Why these issues likely helped get you elected Governor (refer to Campaign message and campaign strategy from Unit 2)? (Unit 2 Written Lectures, Slide 2-25)
Discuss the formal and informal powers of the Governor Texas? (Unit 6 Written Lectures, Slides 6-5, 6-6, 6-7, 6-8, 6-9, 6-10))
What is at least one formal power (do not use the same formal power all of the issues) that you can use to get each policy passed by the legislature? (Unit 6 Written Lectures, Slides 6-5, 6-6

Course Project Requirements ? Choose a topic from any of the topics from Psychology ? You can also choose

Course Project Requirements

? Choose a topic from any of the topics from Psychology
? You can also choose a subtopic such as a specific disorder or specific treatment.
? Describe about the topic or subtopic you chose and explain what it is, how it occurs, who can it occur to, treatments available, etc.
? Create a powerpoint presentation on the topic consisting of 10-12 slides.
? Use 3-5 resources/references in your presentation.
? Your last slide should be a reference list.

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Choose a fast food establishment for this assignment.What is the name of the restaurant?
Provide a link to the online menu and associated nutrition information.

Describe the healthy meal that you have created.Write a nutritional analysis of the meal you have created. • List out macronutrients for each component of the meal. • How do the values for a single meal compare with the DRI values for a day? • List out essential vitamins and minerals.
Discuss your reaction to the analysis. Make sure to explain why you feel the way you do about this meal. For example, if your meal is composed primarily of fat, discuss that point. If your meal supplies a lot of sugar per serving, discuss that as well. Please also remember to link excess or limited amounts of nutrients with associated diseases or the potential for disease and include resources to support these links. For example, too much fat may put you at risk for heart disease; not enough calcium may not support bone health. Explain thoroughly.
How will this information affect your future food choices? Make sure to explain why you will or will not eat this meal again, and support your answer with the information found in the above sections.

Repeat Step 2 above, for an unhealthy meal that you have created.


Wk 4 – Motivating and Engaging Math Learners Infographic [due Mon]

Assignment ContentMotivating math students can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Whether a student has a specific learning disability or is a gifted and talented learner, keeping them engaged and making progress toward their learning goals is an important skillset to obtain.Review this week’s University Library readings from the textbook, Learning to Love Math: Teaching Strategies That Change Student Attitudes and Get Results.Create a 1-page infographic that highlights strategies for motivating and engaging learners in math at the primary (K-5), intermediate (grades 6-8), and secondary (grades 9-12) levels. Include 3 to 5 strategies per level for a total of 9 to 15 strategies.Include the following for each strategy:Description
Example of how it’s used
Justification for why it’s selected for that level

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