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Each Student Is Required To Read A Current (within One Week Of Due Date) Affairs A Level English Language Essay Help

Each student is required to read a current (within one week of due date) affairs article dealing with some facet of international importance. The article may pertain travel and tourism or it may relate to some aspect of international affairs which would impact travel and tourism(e.g. crime, terrorism, health concerns, political considerations, etc.). The articles may be found in magazines, newspapers, journals or on the internet. You will be required to share a synopsis of the article with your classmates and with the instructor. Therefore, one copy of the synopsis will be posted as a discussion item and one copy will be submitted to the instructor via the dropbox. The synopsis should be approximately 100 words in length. Class members are also required to respond as a discussion thread to at least one other student’s synopsis during the week the update is due. Each article synopsis is worth 5 points. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Unit 6 DB: Rhetorical Appeals Analysis
In this discussion, you will be analyzing cheap essay helpUnit 6 DB: Rhetorical Appeals Analysis
In this discussion, you will be analyzing a subject for its use of the rhetorical appeals.
Initial Post:
Please begin by selecting an advertisement for a popular product, such as soda, food, clothing brand, or a car. Write one paragraph considering the advertisement rhetorically by answering these questions: How does the advertisement logically (logos) sell the product to the consumer? What emotions (pathos) does the advertisement create in you after viewing it? What makes you trust (ethos) the brand in the advertisement or not trust them? Please include a link to the advertisement in your post. Make sure to review the Readings and Resources on the use of the rhetorical appeals in the unit.
Structured brief policy analysis (20 points):
The assignment is to pick an exist best college essay helpStructured brief policy analysis (20 points):
The assignment is to pick an existing policy that attempts to address your chosen problem in your chosen population and analyze it as discussed in class.
For the full paper, the student should cover policy analysis sections as outlined by Chambers (2009): (1) the health problem, (2) context of the problem, (3) the policy (including its goals and objectives), (4) benefits and services, and (5) consequences. Each of these 5 sections should be clearly identified in your paper.
The paper should be no more than two (2) double-spaced pages of content using 12-point Times New Roman font. A cover page and reference page are required, but do not count toward the page limit.
The student may use AMA or APA format, but must be consistent throughout the paper. I suggest consecutively numbered citations as this takes up much less room in your paper. Pay close attention to the required elements described in the rubric.
READ clear BEFORE ACCEPTING: Rough draft is due on April 21 at 11:50 pm!
Researc essay helpREAD clear BEFORE ACCEPTING: Rough draft is due on April 21 at 11:50 pm!
Research questions made by me :
1) What is the influence of culture on interpersonal dialogue?
2) How can exploring other countries’ cultures help with business communication?
3) How can knowing other cultures help you in your future career?
4) Does speaking another language daily influence your subconscious and your consciousness?
Below is a template that you should follow and also an example from one of the students with teachers comments.
– Please do not make this research essay seem too professional with the words and phrases used and also don’t write it on a “high level”. Use common phrases and words as students would use.
– For rough draft, make some mistakes (not too obvious), so that teacher can correct me and doesn’t suspect that it wasn’t me.
Please let me know if there are any questions,
Thank you!
Needs to be a 4-7 minute speech
3 body paragraphs
the topics in the body paragra essay help site:eduNeeds to be a 4-7 minute speech
3 body paragraphs
the topics in the body paragraphs are knowledge, music and games, and online school through covid 19.
Research proposal must be turned in by May 12th for professor to approve. Then t writing essay helpResearch proposal must be turned in by May 12th for professor to approve. Then the research paper is due on the 15th.
BURIAL: Compare the burial practices of two of the civilizations discussed in Chapter 1. What do these burial practices tell us about each civilization, about how it viewed and valued individual human lives and/or human life in general?Copy of your proposal
• 1st page of writing
• 2nd page of writing
• 3rd page of writing
• 4th page of writing
• 5th page of writing • Works Cited page
Your employer would like your advice on appropriate
compensation for the job tha writing essay helpYour employer would like your advice on appropriate
compensation for the job that you previously
selected and considered for consultation. Use the job
description that you prepared for this course as
the basis for this assignment.
• Obtain relevant pay data for the job from several sources.
• Display the pay data in a way that is useful for
comparison. (see form provided)
• Provide information about aspects of total compensation
for the position.
Assignment steps:
Identify several potential sources for pay data. For
example, the textbook mentions O*Net (from
the Department of Labor); is another useful
1. Using the job description that you wrote, look for
comparable jobs in published pay
surveys (ones you identified for this assignment). Job
titles may not be identical, but the job
content should be similar (again, not always 100%
identical). Example: Your job title
might be Entry-Level Accountant. At another company, the
title might be Accountant 1.
Match up job content and experience.
2. Make sure that you identify at least three different
sources for comparative pay data.
Example:, IISE,, a company website,
and [Caution:
Do not provide three different job titles from the same
3. For each source of pay data, gather the following data
(or as much as you can obtain):
• Job title
• Indicate whether the form of pay data is presented as an
hourly rate, a weekly rate,
monthly rate, or annual.
• Minimum pay (or 10th percentile, or 25th percentile, or
whatever is provided—
indicate which percentile)
• Average and/or median pay (indicate which one)
• Maximum (on 90th percentile or 75th percentile, or
whatever is provided—indicate
which percentile)
• Source of the survey (what organization sponsored the
survey) and any addresses or
website address (and date you retrieved the data)
• Date when survey was conducted/data gathered
• Any information about other aspects of total compensation
such as benefits
Page 2 of 2
4. Job comparisons: in a separate paragraph, comment about
how similar or different the job
you found is from the one you wrote the job description.
Note if there are multiple levels
for the job; for example, you might find Engineer I,
Engineer II, Engineer III. In this case,
you have to figure out which one fits better.
5. Pay survey comments: in a separate paragraph and using a
chart (see suggested chart
below), comment on the similarities and differences in the
pay survey data from the three
sources you used.
6. Benefits options: lastly, after looking at a minimum of
two company websites (companies
that would have jobs such as the one you described), create
a list of potential employee
benefits that you might expect to find as part of a total
compensation package for the job.
Cite the sources used (required).
The following is a suggested format for displaying the pay
Your Name:
Job Title from Job Description:
Job title from survey
Form of pay data (hourly, weekly, monthly, annual)
Minimum pay $
Percentile of minimum pay
Average or median pay $
Maximum pay $
Percentile of maximum pay
Source of pay data
Date of pay survey
Date you obtained the pay data
Any additional information about pay and/or benefits
Job Comparisons:
Pay Survey Comments:
Potential Employee Benefits Package:
Sources for Potential Employee Benefits:
Finally, cite your sources used in reference section, and
number them accordingly within the body
of your consulting report.
Read the entire lab manual: Lab 3 – Manual.pdf
Page 1: Introduction. Read this college essay help onlineRead the entire lab manual: Lab 3 – Manual.pdf
Page 1: Introduction. Read this to understand the purpose of the lab and the data sets involved.
Pages 2-5: Practice. This will show you how to read the data sets and which sort of commands you should use in StatCrunch to complete the lab. I recommend following these instructions to learn how to use StatCrunch.
Pages 6-8: Example Lab Report. These show parts of what a lab report might look like. When you work through the practice section, double-check that your practice output looks like this output here in this section.
Pages 9-10: Instructions. This is the list of tasks you must complete and turn in for the lab report. Follow its directions closely.
You can start your lab report by using the following template:
Word: Lab Report 3.dotx
NOTE: The link to the StatCrunch data sets involved in the Lab is listed below. (The link located in the footnotes of the Manual is incorrect.)
Before you submit your report, you should double-check your work against the rubric: Lab 3 – Rubric.pdf
Project: The Great Resignation: Managing Retention
You are required to write abo a level english language essay helpProject: The Great Resignation: Managing Retention
You are required to write about a current issue/event
related to a human resources management topic.
style is required for the paper (See
Article Date Requirement: The selected article(s) should be
published within one year (12 months) of
the due date. Articles will be provided.
Article Source: Potential sources include a daily newspaper,
Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal,
Inc, Fortune, Business Week, Money, HRMagazine, Compensation
and Benefits Review, Worldatwork
Journal, Training & Development Journal, Society for
Human Resource Management (SHRM) website,
etc. (remember to cite ALL your sources). Relevancy is important.
The content of this paper should include four parts:
1. Review of Important /Major Content offered in the
one page in length. This page should be a well-written, concise, and
complete synopsis
of the important elements of the article(s). One short
article will not work because they will not be able
to be summarized into one page in length! If you select two
articles, the two articles both should be
related to ONE current issue in HRM.
2. Deep Look at the Relevance to Course:
three pages in length and fully cited. This should specifically
describe the chapter(s),
chapter topic(s), and key concept(s) the current issue/event
article(s) specifically pertain(s) to and how the article(s) expand(s) your
understanding of the content.
3. Two In‐depth Questions Not Fully Answered by the
List two course-relevant questions that this article raised
in your mind, which you believe serve as a
discussion vehicle when this article is presented in class.
4. Reference Page:
Provide a full APA “References” page at end of the paper and
check to assure those in‐text citations
coordinate to a reference – and those references coordinate
with in‐text citations utilized in the paper.
Assessment Description
Write a critical appraisal that demonstrates comprehensio cheap essay helpAssessment Description
Write a critical appraisal that demonstrates comprehension of two qualitative research studies. Use the “Research Critique Guidelines – Part 1” document to organize your essay. Successful completion of this assignment requires that you provide rationale, include examples, and reference content from the studies in your responses.
Use the practice problem and two qualitative, peer-reviewed research article you identified in the Topic 1 assignment to complete this assignment.
In a 1,000–1,250 word essay, summarize two qualitative studies, explain the ways in which the findings might be used in nursing practice, and address ethical considerations associated with the conduct of the study.
You are required to cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years, appropriate for the assignment criteria, and relevant to nursing practice.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide
The essay question requires the use of ONE primary source – a peer-reviewed ar college admissions essay helpThe essay question requires the use of ONE primary source – a peer-reviewed article detailing the results of a relevant study.
To demonstrate your understanding of empirical research, you will want to report an explanation of the numerical data retrieved from the article you’ve chosen. Please be sure to cite your source(s) and to incorporate terminology from our course.
See question below:
Consider a social situation that you have personally experienced or witnessed. Use at least 300 words to apply a minimum of three social psychology principles from our course to your scenario. Consider the role of attitudes, aggression, prosocial behavior, prejudice, and/or interpersonal relationships in the social situation.
**Please demonstrate your understanding of our course concepts by using terminology and information that we covered this semester.
**Remember to include the numerical data from at least one primary source.
**Your source should be cited in the body of your writing AND listed at the end of your essay response.
The Marketing Plan
a marketer, you’ll need a good marketing pla cheap essay helpThe Marketing Plan
a marketer, you’ll need a good marketing plan to provide direction and
focus for your brand, product, or company. With a detained plan, any
business will be better prepared to launch a new product or build sales
for existing products. Non-profit organizations also use marketing
plans to guide their fundraising and outreach efforts. Even government
agencies put together marketing plans for initiatives such as building
public awareness of proper nutrition and stimulating area tourism.
The Purpose and Content of a Marketing Plan
a business plan, which offers a broad overview of the entire
organizations mission, objectives, strategy, and resource allocation, a
marketing plan has a more limited scope, it serves to document how the
organization’s strategic objectives will be achieved through specific
marketing strategies and tactics, with the customer as the starting
The Role of Research
develop successful strategies and action plans, marketers need to up
date information about the environment, the competition, and the market
segments to be served. Marketing Research helps marketers learn more
about their customers’ requirements, expectations, perceptions, and
satisfaction levels. This deeper understanding provides a foundation
for building competitive advantage through well-informed segmenting,
targeting, and positioning decisions.
The Role of Relationships
marketing plan shows how the company will establish and maintain
profitable customer relationships. The relationships affect how
marketing personnel work with each other and with other departments to
deliver value and satisfy customers. It also affects how the company
works with other stakeholders that include suppliers, distributors,
strategic alliance partners, government regulators, media and the
community at large to achieve the objectives listed in the plan.
From Marketing Plan to Marketing Action
generally create yearly marketing plans, but some plans may cover a
longer period. Marketers start planning well in advance of the
implementation date to allow time for marketing research, thorough
analysis, management review, and the necessary coordination of
effective implementation and control, the marketing plan should define
how progress toward objectives will be measured. Managers typically use
budgets, schedules, and performance standards for monitoring and
evaluating results. With budgets, they can compare planned expenditures
with actual expenditures for a given week, month, or other period.
Performance standards track the outcomes of marketing programs to see
whether the company is moving forward toward its objectives.
The Major Parts of the Marketing Plan
The Executive Summary
section summarizes the main goals, recommendations, and points as an
overview for senior managers who must read and approve the marketing
plan. Generally a table of contents follows this section, for
management convenience.
Current Marketing Situation
this section, marketing managers discuss the overall market, identify
the market segments they will target, and provide information about the
company’s current situation.
Market Description
describing the targeted segments in detail, marketers provide context
for the marketing strategies and detailed action programs discussed
later in the plan.
Benefits and Product Features
Clarify the benefits that the product features will deliver to satisfy the needs of customers in each market segment.
Product Review
product review should summarize the main features for all of the
company’s products. The information may be organized by product line,
by type of customer, by market, or by the order of product introduction.
Competitive Review
purpose of the competitive review is to identify the competitors,
describe their market positions, and briefly discuss their strategies.
Distribution Review
this section, marketers list the important channels, provide an
overview of each channel arrangement, and mention any new developments
or trend
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis
Strengths are internal capabilities that can help the company reach its objectives.
Weaknesses are internal elements that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives.
Opportunities are external elements that the company may be able to exploit to its advantage.
Threats are current or emerging external elements that may possibly challenge the company’s performance.
Objectives and Issues
company’s objectives should be defined in specific terms so management
can measure progress ad if needed, take corrective action to say on
track. This section describes any major issues that might affect the
company’s marketing strategy and implementation. Be sure to include the
first year and second year objectives. Generally we are using unit
sales volume for the first and second year.
Marketing Strategy What’s the Plan?
positioning built on meaningful differences, supported by appropriate
strategy and implementation, can help the company build competitive
advantage. How is your product different? How is your product viewed
by your target audience?
Product Strategy
all the features described in the earlier product review section.
Describe the warranty. Describe what you will do to build the brand?
Describe the brand, its logo on the product as well as its packaging.
Pricing Strategy
your pricing strategy. What will you charge at retail, etc? Will it
be a penetrating pricing strategy, like WalMart? Will it be a skimming
policy like Mercedes automobiles?
Distribution Strategy
your channel strategy. How will you get your product from the producer
to the consumer? Who you will use for distribution to market your
product? What retails will you use? What channels will be used as
coverage and what markets you plan on entering. Will you use the
internet and or catalogs as well?
Marketing Communication Strategy
all messages (IMC) in all media uses, will reinforce the brand name and
its main points of product differentiation. Will you use all five of
the elements including: advertising, sales promotions, public relations
and personal selling? Direct marketing in some circles is also one of
the communications as well.
Marketing Research
can identify specific features and benefits that our target market
segments value. Feedback form market tests, surveys, and focus groups
will help us develop new products and services. You can also measure
and analyze customer attitudes toward competitive brands and products.
Marketing Organization
Explain who would be hired to handle various aspects of the marketing organization.
serve two main purposes: to project profitability and to help managers
plan for expenditures, scheduling, and operations related to each
action program. Be sure to include a break-even point.
help management assess results after the plan is implemented, identify
any problems or performance variations, and initiate corrective action.
There is a need for tight control measures to monitor quality and
customer service. This will enable you to correct any problems that may
occur. Other early warning signs include monthly sales and monthly
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There are many sociological theories on crime and deviance. For this particular cheap essay helpThere are many sociological theories on crime and deviance. For this particular assignment; I want you to adopt the arguments of CONFLICT THEORY and critically analyze the Criminal Justice System of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) based on the PBS Documentary FRONTLINE: SAUDI ARABIA UNCOVERED (
What type of people are accused as “criminals” in Saudi Arabia by the Criminal Justice System? Outline each case of the ‘accused’ and their alleged “wrong doing”?
2. Discuss the role of the “religious police” and discuss ALL the “forms of punishment” you witnessed in the documentary”? How is that different from the United States?
3. Write your concluding remarks about the state policing and justice system in KSA as a CONFLICT theoretician.
1. This assignment should be a minimum of FOUR (4 ) pages and maximum of SIX (6) pages
2. Twelve (12 )Font Sized and Double Spaced paragraphs
3. Number the Pages
4. Write your Name, and ID No on the First Page
Here is a link about research and referencing you can use for bibliography.
Sociology Research Guide –
I’ll let you know once the essay post it, and remember I’ll have 1 and half hour best college essay helpI’ll let you know once the essay post it, and remember I’ll have 1 and half hour to complete these two pages best on article
Answer any 3 out of the 8 questions below. The answer to each question should n essay help site:eduAnswer any 3 out of the 8 questions below. The answer to each question should not exceed five double-spaced pages. (This bound is not meant to suggest that there will be a penalty for a longer response, but only to provide a ballpark idea of how much effort should be expended). Each question requires some thought, but any reasonable effort to engage with the matters raised by the questions will earn partial credit: you might think of a good answer to any of the questions as worth 50 points, where a total of 90 points counts as an A. (Naturally, the more coherent and insightful the thought, and the more strongly connected are the answers to the material presented in the lectures and in the readings assigned for the course, the more points will be earned).
1)The ancient Greek philosopher and sophist Protagoras agreed to teach law to an impoverished student Euathlus, with the firm understanding that Euathlus would pay Protagoras his teaching fee after Euathlus had won his first case in court. After completing his education, Euathlus decided not to to pursue a career in law, in favor of entering politics. After a long time had elapsed, Protagoras became impatient and asked for his fee. Euathlus refused, stating that according to their agreement, he was obligated to pay his fee only after he had won his first case, and that this condition had not yet been fulfilled. Thereupon Protagoras sued Euathlus for payment; both argued their own cases in court.
Taking into account the terms of the agreement between Protagoras and Euathlus, and the fact that this case is in fact the first Euathlus is arguing in court, sketch (utilizing the kind of reasoning involved in Russell’s Paradox and the Liar’s Paradox as your model)
a)an argument that Euathlus — both in the event he wins the case and in the event he doesn’t — is not legally obligated to pay the amount of the agreed fee to Protagoras
b)an argument that Euathlus — both in the event he wins the case and in the event he doesn’t — is legally obligated to pay the amount of the agreed fee to Protagoras.
2)Summarize the argument developed in Sections 1-5 of Carl Hempel’s Studies in the Logic of Confirmation, specifically that part of the paper than deals with Nicod’s characterization of the confirmation relation and the example of the Ravens that undermines it. Discuss the following situations:
a)The urn in front of you either contains 100 white balls (H1), or 75 white balls and 25 black balls (H2). Assume that these are the only two hypotheses that are at play. Does the blind extraction of a white ball confirm H1? H1 and H2? Neither? Discuss.
b)Granted the logical equivalence of “All ravens are black” and “All non-black objects are non-ravens”, what accounts for our intuition (or illusion) that the observation of a white piece of chalk, or a green leaf, or a blue pen, confirms the latter but not the former statement?
c)Granted that any observation that confirms one of the two universal generalizations must confirm the other, why is it that the observation of a white piece of chalk confirms (or perhaps just seems to confirm) the two logically equivalent generalizations to a lesser degree than does the observation of a black raven? Can you define a universe in which the observation of a white piece of chalk confirms “All ravens are black” to a greater degree than does the observation of a black raven?
3)Summarize (using your own words) Keynes’ analysis of the conditions under which it is appropriate to attribute the occurrence of an event to chance. Consider, in particular, the difference between the way we think of the problem of predicting the outcome of a coin toss and the way we think of the problem of predicting the position of Mars in the year 2050.
4)Summarize and discuss Keynes’ critique of the notion that “a law [or hypothesis] is more probable if it is proposed before the examination of some or all of the available instances than if it is proposed after their examination”.
5)There are three desserts A, B and C, where it is assumed that the agent X prefers both A and B to C.
Suppose a coin in our possession is biased 2-to-1 in favor of Heads (i.e., it has a 2/3 chance of landing Heads and a 1/3 chance of landing Tails when tossed), and that (concerning this coin) the statement “The coin lands Heads” functions as an ethically neutral proposition for X (that is, a proposition, whatever its probability, to whose truth or falsity X is indifferent).
a)Design a series of pairs of lotteries (utilizing this biased coin) that demonstrates that X’s preference for A over B is more than two times but less than ten times his preference for B over C.
b)What role is played by the supposition of the existence of an ethically neutral proposition in the employment of a scheme of lotteries in calibrating an agent’s preferences?
6)In their paper Picking and Choosing, Edna Ullmann-Margalit and Sidney Morgenbesser argue that i)that there are no fundamental impediments to the existence of picking situations proper; ii)that picking situations are quite common; iii)that there are no systematic rules for the transformation of a choosing situation into a picking situation that do not involve the pick of one rule rather than another. Summarize their argument and evaluate their position.
You might consider, in particular, the following questions: Is there any reason that the chance device suggested by Nicholas Rescher for selecting among alternatives among which one is indifferent need to be unbiased? Can one argue that any selection situation, whether a choosing or a picking situation, invariably resolves at some stage of implementation into a picking situation?
7)In Russell’s “On the Notion of Cause”, Russell makes the famous claim “The Law of Causality, I believe, like much that passes muster among philosophers, is a relic of a bygone age, surviving, like the [British] monarchy, only because it is erroneously supposed to do no harm”. Russell’s argument for this claim proceeds by a demonstration that the succession of events in nature fails in general to satisfy the conjunction of conditions associated with any of the standard definitions of the relation of cause and effect. After summarizing his argument, discuss Russell’s notions of “relatively” and “practically” isolated systems, and how the prevalence of the latter in our environment helps explain the utility of the language of “causes” and “effects” in making sense of the regularities we normally encounter.
8)This is a question about “Newcomb’s Problem”.
Two boxes, one transparent and visibly containing $1,000 (A), and one opaque (B) are placed before an agent X at time t. The contents of A are supposed fixed, the contents of B known by the agent to have been determined by the prior action of a highly accurate Predictor that has placed $1,000,000 in box B if it predicted that X will select only box B and has placed nothing in box B if it predicted that X will select both boxes.
A)Assume (for the sake of argument) a universal acceptance of the in fact completely discredited hypothesis that the strong statistical correlation between smoking and a host of serious diseases including lung cancer is accounted for by a genetic factor that is the common cause of both. In your view, can someone who believes that these statistics should not in themselves present a deterrent to smoking reconcile this view with an advocacy of the “one-box” solution to Newcomb’s Problem?
B)Suppose that the back of box B is transparent, and that a completely trustworthy and reliable friend of X is able to see whether $1,000,000 is in box B. Assume that the Predictor can predict what if anything the friend will say and what X will hear, and that it has factored this into its prior analysis and decision. If the friend were able to communicate with X, does it matter whether i)the friend simply recommends a selection (“Take both boxes!”) or ii)reveals the actual contents of box B to X (e.g., “Box B is empty”)? Why or why not? If the friend were able to announce out loud the contents of box B, would it be advantageous for X to place himself in a situation in which he is unable to make out what his friend says? Explain.
the professor did not provide any details but he did provide an example. no sour best essay helpthe professor did not provide any details but he did provide an example. no sources needed. below is the information from the survey I took.
3.0 Marketing Research
3.1 Methodology
We created a descriptive research study to determine what consumers within our target market
look for in an athletic clothing brand. Our team came up with ten interview questions that would
inform us about the prices our target audience is willing to pay, how often they work out, and
their influences from social media, which can help guide our marketing strategies (Figure 2). The
criteria for choosing who we interviewed aligned with our target market: female college students
in their early twenties who go to the gym to relieve stress or get into shape.
3.2 Key Findings
All respondents described their reasons for exercising as either relieving stress or maintaining a
healthy lifestyle. Most interviewees buy their gym clothes from our competitors: Target, Nike,
and Gymshark. 50% of our respondents positively described Nordstrom as a department store
with good quality clothing. 33% percent of our respondents are neutral towards Nordstrom, with
the remaining respondent saying Nordstrom is too pricey. Most respondents said they shopped at
Nordstrom once a month or once every other month.
Their budgets for exercise clothing also varied, with $60 being the average price they were
willing to spend on an item. Furthermore, 66% of our respondents value trendy styles over price
when purchasing exercise clothing. When asked if they wear athletic clothes as “athleisure”
wear, all of our respondents said they often wear gym clothes casually due to convenience and
comfort. Another influential factor the respondents attributed to their purchasing choices was
social media. Half of our respondents agreed that social media influencers or celebrities
influenced their style and clothing choices.
3.3 Application to Marketing Plan
The results from this descriptive research study showed us how to effectively tailor Kora
products and advertising to best serve our target market. The main desires of this market are
trendy designs, quality, the ability to wear the clothing as athleisure wear, and a mid-range price
point around $60. Kora will meet all of these needs with our brand and further cater to any price
sensitivity by offering student discounts. There is clear evidence that social media heavily
influences their decision-making, which means Nordstrom will need to rely on social media as a
primary source of marketing communication for Kora products. As stated by a few respondents,an obstacle we face is Nordstrom not being regularly shopped at or being too pricey. We will
need to create incentives for consumers within this demographic to shop more at Nordstrom and
inform consumers about the lower price point of this brand relative to other Nordstrom brands.
Essay Assignment:
• Choose a poet featured in the selection of the Norton Introd essay helpEssay Assignment:
• Choose a poet featured in the selection of the Norton Introduction to Literature.
• Choose two poems written by the poet and identify the style (narrative, dramatic, or lyric), setting, subgenre.
• Research reviews and analyses of the poems online, then compare them with your interpretation of the poem and write your own analysis. Does the poet effectively set the mood to reflect the words? Does the poet succeed in evoking an emotional response in the reader?
Is this a timeless poem that will touch readers through the ages?
Carefully avoid plagiarism and use your own words except to quote the poems.
I’ve attached the paper requirements sheet. Use the cases that directly relate t online essay helpI’ve attached the paper requirements sheet. Use the cases that directly relate to the two constitutional issue areas that I’ve chosen, which are: Commerce Clause and Due Process. Also, the Supreme Court justice that I’ve chosen is Chief Justice Taft. Also, it is necessary that a clear thesis statement is applied in the first paragraph. All the required details are provided in the instructions sheet that is attached and if you have any more questions, feel free to message me.
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I need a really good essay to receive a high score so I can bump my grade up. I college essay help near meI need a really good essay to receive a high score so I can bump my grade up. I really just need this essay to be the best. My topic is on social and personality development in early child hood. I applied the power point we had in class!
Directions: Choose 4 essay topics listed below to complete for your midterm. Eac custom essay helpDirections: Choose 4 essay topics listed below to complete for your midterm. Each question is worth 50 points. Questions should be answered in full (approx. half of a page each, minimum). Answers should be written completely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or any other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your textbook.
1. Describe fundamental distinctions between three different perspectives on the self: the self as actor, agent, and author.
2. Explain the ways that our attributions can influence our mental health and the ways that our mental health affects our attributions.
3. Explain how and why racial inequality takes a hidden toll on people of color. Then, provide two examples of white privilege.
4. Describe how a person’s environment and culture helps to shape their development.
5. Discuss prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination and provide examples of each.
6. Explain how society and culture shape the way that we view and treat the aging population.
Read the two attached journal articles, titled “Cookie Monster” and “Fighting An argumentative essay helpRead the two attached journal articles, titled “Cookie Monster” and “Fighting Anorexia.” Then, in a 3-5 page** APA format paper, answer the three questions listed on the attached document titled “Questions to Answer.”
Note: The “Cookie Monster” article is the column along the left hand side of the document; the other two articles one the page are not needed for this assignment.
Your paper should be in APA forma: 1 inch margins, 12 pt font, double line spacing. I’m also attaching a sample paper for you to follow the formatting, but you can also get help with APA at the Purdue University OWL site.
**3-5 pages of text; does not include title page, reference list, text of the questions, or abstract; if you include the text of the questions in your paper, these do not count towards the page requirement. An abstract is not required for this assignment.
Project :
The goal of
this final project is to design a simulated automate custom essay helpFinal
Project :
The goal of
this final project is to design a simulated automated teller machine (ATM) for
a bank.
For this
project, you can think that all the customers who are using the system will be
associated with the bank (i.e. the ATM system will not recognize an ATM card
which is not associated with this bank). As soon as customer open an account
with this bank, they receive a valid ATM debit card. The machine will be able
to read from magnetic stripe reader of the debit card, will have a customer
console (keyboard and display) for interaction with the customer, a slot for
depositing envelopes, a dispenser for cash (in multiples of $20), a printer for
printing customer receipts, and a key-operated switch to allow an operator to
start or stop the machine.
for this project is to:
Highlight the major project
features as part of BRD and go into the details of project scope in FSD
Justify of what software
development method should be used to resolve the problem and
why? Would you outsource any of the component and if so, which
outsourcing model you will use.
What type of management
organization you would prefer to have to successfully implement this
project on-time and on-budget? How would you handle any scope
Detail design document using UML
diagram (you can choose which models to choose)
Detail test cases for the
project based on your design document
Conclusion (preferably an
implantation/communication plan/other recommendations)
1. Must
CITE all the sources in APA style.
2. Must
use SCHOLARLY Sources (peer-reviewed, research articles, journals, books, etc.)
3. The
above mentioned Deliverables and Diagrams must be present in the project.
Techoology Project Management,
By Kathy
Module 03 Course Project – Outline and References
Module 03 Content
Part 1: Outl essay helpModule 03 Course Project – Outline and References
Module 03 Content
Part 1: Outline
Based on the mental disorder that you have chosen to research, draft a basic outline detailing how the topic synopsis will be extended into a paper form. This outline should be very basic, and follow the general format of the paper.
Remember, your final project will need to include:
A brief history of the origins of the disorder
A description of the typical manifestations and symptoms of the disorder
Information regarding the most effective treatments to date
At least 4 academic sources cited in proper APA format
Your outline should be formatted similar to the example below:
IntroductionTopic Sentence – what the paper will be about?How the essay will proceed.Section onePoint APoint BPoint CSection twoPoint APoint BPoint CConclusionSummary of the paper.Parting comments regarding current directions/state-of-affairs for the mental disorder you chose.
Part 2: References
You must use and cite at least 4 credible sources in your course project. Provide an APA formatted References page containing the sources that you are currently planning to use.
Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:
Black Entrepreneurship History in the United States (FYE)
Biographical Presentat best college essay helpBlack Entrepreneurship History in the United States (FYE)
Biographical Presentation Assignment (100 pts)
During the semester, you and a classmate will be expected to do a 10-15-minute biographical presentation about an African American entrepreneur. (You will be assigned a partner.) Though the presentation is biographical in nature, it is not meant to be a timeline but a summary of one’s career and impact in a few points.
During the first week of class, the pair of you will be expected to sign up for a particular entrepreneur from the list below and a presentation day as shown on the syllabus. You will create a video and a PowerPoint presentation that will be posted on a forum for your classmates to view and comment on.
A good presentation:
a. Has a clear structure with an agenda at the beginning,
b. Covers 3-4 main points, with supporting facts,
c. Has no spelling or grammatical errors,
d. Must use 2 sources beyond the required readings in the class,
e. Has enough details on the slides that a third party can pick up the slides and understand the topic and points, and
f. Has a clear summary at the end.
A good presenter:
a. Knows the material so well that he does not read from the presentation,
b. Makes eye contact with the audience, but knows who the primary audience is,
c. Dresses professionally and exhibits a professional demeanor,
d. Is engaging and interacts with the audience, and
e. Is prepare answer questions, and
f. Knows how to say, “I don’t know”, never bluffing about information.
Write at least one to two-page paper using APA format, cite references and submi essay help freeWrite at least one to two-page paper using APA format, cite references and submit a reference page.
Name the 4 types of sampling. Explain each one and give an example of the type of research you would use with each sampling method.
use that websi essay helpObama’s Economic Mythology

use that website when needed. Just fix whats in blue not to hard.

Inbreeding is the practice of breeding two animals that are related to each othe essay help onlineInbreeding is the practice of breeding two animals that are related to each other. It tends to increase the
probability of producing homozygous offspring. Inbreeding has been used by animal breeders who are
seeking to produce breeds with particular traits. It sometimes occurs in human populations as well.
There are unintended genetic conditions that are exacerbated by inbreeding, however.
Using the media available to you, research and describe genetic problems in the organisms below that
are attributed to inbreeding.
• A pure-breed of a dog (you choose the breed)
• A pure-breed of a cat (you choose the breed)
• A pure-breed of a horse (you choose the breed)
Explain why inbreeding increases the likelihood of genetic disorders in offspring. Why do you think inbreeds are so popular and the animals usually have more health-related issues? Which animal did you find most interesting and why?

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