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earth science lab- Field trip report

The Instructor wants us to write a field trip report, earlier he wanted us to write a field trip proposal and I picked to go to Wyoming state. I will attach below the copy of the proposal I did earlier and also the field trip paper requirement and generally what he wants from the paper. And after I submitted my field trip proposal he said I was covering a lot of areas and I should focus on one area I visit while writing the report. let me know if you don’t understand or need anything else.

Do NOT use outside research, particularly not the Internet. Write an essay of four [4] to five [5] double-spaced

Do NOT use outside research, particularly not the Internet. Write an essay of four [4] to five [5] double-spaced pages answering ONE of the questions presented. Indicate by number at the beginning of your essay which question you are answering; DO NOT repeat the full question in your essay. Use endnotes (NOT footnotes and NOT in-text citations) so that your documentation will not count as part of your text.

The date is 15 July 1829, twenty-five years after the Burr-Hamilton duel. You have been asked to write an article for a British newspaper commenting on three examples of leading American political actors. The newspaper editor thinks that they were behaving irrationally – but you recognize them as exemplifying interactions between honor culture and politics. Explain the role of honor culture in American political culture. Address the role that public opinion plays in forcing leading political figures to engage in honor disputes, and explain what honor means in this political context.

Lab reports done – fix the mistakes

Political Science Assignment Help There will be 2 lab reports, Professor graded them and giving me chance to fix them for higher grade. Will need those ASAP.
Lab 2: Shadow sharpness should be y axis and object distance should be x axis. Also mention the unit. Wrong labeling of the axis. As the angular size of the source increases the sharpness of the shadow should decrease . The conclusion that you arrived at is wrong. Angular size increases with the decrease of the distance of the light source from the wall.
Lab8: 1 Intro
1 Methods
2.5 Results, you brightened the image, but you could have stretched it more, than you did. The mean and median filter results don’t look correct. The baboon image is not processed correctly, blurring each grayscale channel then recombining to color.
2 Discussion, lacking discussion of noise reduction, lack of discussion for baboon and TEM images

Time Series Analysis

Full instructions attached
Another way to analyze fiscal data over time is via Time Series Analysis. Time series analysis enables public administrators and policy analysts to examine values of a variable over equally spaced intervals of time (e.g., income figures monthly or yearly). Using times series analyses, administrators and analysts can discern patterns in the values that then enable them to forecast future values based on historical and existing patterns.
A time series plot allows an analyst to look for (1) outliers and sudden shifts in data patterns, (2) unusual observations or shifts, and (3) long-term increase or decrease in the data values. A trend plot also will show whether the data pattern is linear, or nonlinear, as the time series plot. Then, the question to be asked is, why?
• To successfully complete this assignment, please refer to the Research Paper: Simple Time Series Analysis Assignment Guide found on the Research Paper: Simple Time Series Analysis Assignment page.
• For this assignment, you will compute and interpret a Simple Time Series Analysis called “Exponential Smoothing” and write a four-page report stating your findings, including chart(s).
• Once the plot is completed, you will write a four-page report, including chart(s), interpreting the findings.
• This is a Doctoral-level research assignment designed to test your ability to carefully research, effectively organize, and concisely communicate a nuanced understanding of the concepts and issues raised in the assignment. While the minimum page limit is short (as is often the case in public policy/public administration briefings), students are expected to craft efficient, highly substantive papers. You are expected to comport with the highest writing, research, and ethical standards.

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