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ECE 624 Physical Development

Part 1
According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Obesity as a young child is associated with poor health and emotional well-being in childhood and may lead to an array of health problems later in life including a higher risk of being an obese adult” (as cited in Weissman

Supervision in Social Work Field Placement

Considering the Worden School of Social Work’s mission, what are your goals for field placement?
What can you do now to be intentional about achieving the goals you identify?
Explain the nature and purpose of field education supervision and how you will effectively use supervision to promote your professional development.
Write a page and half- 2 about the above topic.

Discussion on Stress

Political Science Assignment Help Week 2 readings address some health changes that can be associated with stress and result in chronic or life-threatening conditions. Individuals cope with events in different ways; for example, someone diagnosed with diabetes may express frustration and anxiety about her condition, indicating emotion-focused coping. Another person may demonstrate problem-focused coping by asking the doctor and a nutritionist what regimen to follow and also begin taking prescribed medication.
You have just been designated a licensed counselor/therapist (by me) and are to contribute to a person’s resources for more positive coping with a health condition. Review one health condition/disease discussed in the readings, then discuss what your general tactics would be in working with a client with cancer, high blood pressure, PTSD, or another condition often connected with stress. You should do some research on the chosen illness via a UMUC library database such as PsycINFO or MEDLINE and include information from these references (in proper APA format) in your response. (Since we are still quite early in the term, I don’t expect your responses to include a thorough delineation of various coping strategies; nevertheless, you should write several paragraphs reflecting the general treatment approach reflected in the literature.) NOTE: Use your imagination here and try to pick a condition that others haven’t picked.
Respond to the postings of at least two of your classmates for full credit.

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Part 1— Discussion—-Select one featured current event article from the local paper or other news outlet. Read the article completely. Then respond to this discussion thread explaining the article you read and the bias or unfactual evidence that was presented. Tell us why you think this was presented that way? Please be sure to tell us the title of the article and who presented
Part 2—-=Your political views will often determine which newspaper or news channel you prefer. For example, people with more conservative views tend to prefer Fox News while people with more liberal views tend to prefer MSNBC. It is normal to have a preferred source for news, but challenge yourself to frequently read or watch news stories from opposing viewpoints. This will allow you to develop a well-rounded, informed opinion where bias is limited.
Go to the All Sides Website (Links to an external site.). This site provides news from multiple perspectives to allow you to receive more balanced news.
At the top of the webpage, click on “Topics

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