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ECON 3473 PGI Question

In this question, you will need to calculate the Head Count Ratio and Poverty Gap Index using the data provided below.

Poverty Gap Index (PGI) =
Where the variables are defined as follows:
N = Total population
z = Income at the poverty line
j = household number (if there are 4 households, j = 1, 2, 3, 4)
yj = Income of individuals below the poverty line
q = Number of people below the poverty line
Consider the county Vernon with 8 households, hence j = 1 to 8. The income poverty line (z) = $45/month. The incomes (yj) of the 8 households are:
y1 = $40/month
y2 = $35/month
y3 = $30/month
y4 = $25/month
y5 = $20/month
y6 = $15/month
y7 = $10/month
y8 = $5/month
Answer the following questions:
a.Calculate the Head Count Ratio (HCR). Show your calculations.

b.Calculate the PGI using the formula and the data in this question. Show your calculations.

c.Calculate the Squared PGI.

bias in simultaneous equations

Simultaneous equation bias in economics
?? = ?0 ?1?? ??
?? = ?? ??
?? = ?0 ?1?? ?? ??
1) Proof that the explanatory variable is collated with the error term.

You are to illustrate shifts of a supply and demand graph via PowerPoint or video evaluating the impact of

Economics Assignment Help You are to illustrate shifts of a supply and demand graph via PowerPoint or video evaluating the impact of market and non-market forces on supply and demand.

Directions: You may use your preferred drawing tool such as Paint, Word, Sway, PowerPoint or you can use pencil and paper. Capture your work it a presentation tool such as a short video or PowerPoint. The market for your graph is tennis balls. You are to show the following in the graph progression:

Draw and label the Y and X axis for this market

Draw a supply and demand ?curve/line, making sure to properly label the lines

Label the equilibrium e1

Now consider the effect of the following two events on the? market for tennis balls:

*An increase in the cost of labor

*A decrease in the price of a tennis racquets

Draw the new supply and demand curve/lines

Label the new equilibrium e2

Inventory control

Inventory refers to stock of goods, commodities, or other economic resources that are
stored or reserved at any given period for future production or for meeting future
What is inventory management?
It is the function of directing the movement of goods through the entire manufacturing
cycle from the requisition of raw materials to the inventory/stock of finished goods in
such a manner as to meet the objectives of maximum customer service with minimum
investment and efficiency.
Question 1. A manufacturer has to supply his customers with 1200 units of his product per annum.
The inventory carrying cost amounts to ? 1.2 per unit. The set-up cost per run is ? 160.
i) EOQ
ii) Minimum average yearly cost
iii) Optimum no of orders per year
iv) The optimum time between orders (optimum period of supply per optimum order)
Question 2. The annual demand per item is 6400 units. The unit cost is ? 12 and the inventory
carrying charges 25% per annum. If the cost of procurement is ? 300 determine:
i) EOQ
ii) No. of orders per year
iii) Time between 2 consecutive orders
iv) Optimal cost

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