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Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 10: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.1. Harry

Question: Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 10: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.1. Harry consumes two lunches salads and soup. The price of a sulad is $12.50. Soup costs $2.50 per cup. Harry’s monthly budget for soups and salads is $100. The graph below displays six points. Each point is a pair (or bundle) of salnds and soups. Soap lupa/ 56 43 Gan’t ExactlyShow transcribed image text 100% (1 rating)Since this is a graph bas…View the full answerTranscribed image text: Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 10: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.1. Harry consumes two lunches salads and soup. The price of a sulad is $12.50. Soup costs $2.50 per cup. Harry’s monthly budget for soups and salads is $100. The graph below displays six points. Each point is a pair (or bundle) of salnds and soups. Soap lupa/ 56 43 Gan’t Exactly S Left Point Alford Afford Over 46 39 30 A al A B с D E F XII I XXL H mo D 20 15 10 5 O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (ads/ (@) Carefully draw Harry’s budget line in the graph above. The horisontal interceptis salads per month the vertical intercept s 40 soups per month. The slope of the budget line la 5 salads per cup of soup. Along the budget line, Harry must give up 5 cups of soup to enjoy one more salad. (b) In the table above, use the letter X to indicate whether Harry Can’t Afford, can Exactly Afford (with no money left over), or can afford with $ Left Over each pair of salads and soupe. Problem 92. Harry consumen two good salads and soup. The price of a salad is $12.50, and soup sells for $2.50 per cup (m/ Sep (epem 30 45 40 35 30 . 33 20 15 10 5 35 10 3 ON Salada Falaina) (a) Harry’s weekly budget for sinds and soup is $100. Carefully draw Harry’s budget line in each praph above (b) Harry gets arise. Now he’ll spend $125 per week e sales and soup. Draw his new budget line in the graph on the left, and label the line New Shade the set of points (ie, pain of salads and soup) that Hurry an afford after his raise that he couldn’t afford before his raise (c) Forget the rise, Harry still spends $100 per week on salads and soup. The price of salads, however, jump to $20 endi. Draw Harry’s new budget line is the praph on the right, and label the line New. Shade the set of points (le, pain of salade and soup) that Harry can’t afford after the jump in the price of salads but he could sfond at the lower price Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 9: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.3. The three indifference curves in the graph below illustrate Harry’s preferences over salads and soup. The two connected arrows indicate Harry’s preference direction. Soup! In the table below, indicate with the letter X whether each of the following statements is true or false. (cup/ D 50 65 40 35 30 25 30 A 15 10 5 o 2 6 9 Salala (Salt/ True False Statement Harry prefers more soup to less soup Harry prefers to A Harry prefers B to F Harry prefers F to D. Harry prefers B to E Harry is indifferent between A to F. Between Cand D. Harry is willing to give up 12.5 cups of soup per salad. Harry’s marginal rate of substitution at A is less than his marginal rate of substitution at F. Problem 9.4 Soap Soup em 30 40 25 45 40 33 30 25 20 15 10 S 20 15 10 3 O 1 2 6 T 8 0 3 6 المعاملهم (a) Harry’s budget for salad and soup is $100. Carefully draw Harry’s budget line in the left graph. (b) With the letter X, mark Harry’s preferred bundle of salad and soup that he can afford with $100. Circle his quantities of salads and soup on the two ex () in the right graph, carefully draw Harry’s budget line if he instead spends $125 per month on anlads and soup (d) With the letter Y carefully mark Harry’s new choice. Circle his new quantities of salads and soup on the two ste le responds to the extra $25 per month by eating more salad(s) and more cup(s) of soup per month Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 9: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.5. Harry consumes two goods: salads and soup. The price of salads is $12.50 per salad, and soup sells for $2.50 per cup. His monthly budget for salads and soup is $100. Soep (cupa/) 56 العوادم 1 25 20 15 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 -63 10 5 5 8 Sede Salda/sat) 7 de/ (a) Carefully draw Harry’s original budget line (i.e., with Posted – $12.50) in left graph. Mark Harry’s choice with the letter X, and circle the quantities on the stes. (b) In the right graph, plot the combination of the price of salads and the number of sands that Harry chooses (le, his quantity demanded). Mark this point with the lowercase letter x (e) The price of salads jumps from $12.50 to $20 per salnd. Carefully draw Harry’s new budget line (i…, with Pesiad – $20.00) in left graph. Mark Harry’s choice with the letter Z, and underline (or write) the quantities on the axes (d) In the right graph, plot the point that combines the number of salads that Harry chooses to eat at the higher price of salads. Mark this point with the lowercase letter 2. (e) Draw a line or carve through the points and z. The points and are two points on Harry’s budget line indifference curve demand curve supply curve for salads. 3 Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 9: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.6. Tommy’s budget for hot dogs and chicken sandwiches each week is shown with budget line A in the figures below. Tommy’s initial consumption is at points on indifference curve 14. Det Dep 9 . 3 2 2 COM 1 4 3 (a) It hot dog cost $3 and chicken sandwiches cost 82, what is Tommy’s budget? At his initial consumption point he spends on chicken sandwiches and $ on hotdogs per week (b) The price of chicken sandwiches change so that the new budget line is shown in B. What is the new price of chicken sandwiches? (c) After the price change Tommy’s consumption shift to indifference curve and be consumes at point At his new consumption point he spends $ on chicken sandwiches and boldops (d) On the left figure, decompose Tommy’s change in consumption into the portion due to the change in relative prices (substitution effect) and the loss of purbasing power income effect). Illustrate the decomposition on the graph and show each component on the x-axis. (e) Based on your praphical analysis, the change in chicken consumption due to the substitution effect is und due to the income efect is Indicate /- for whether the effects are positive or negative (Tommy is considering working additional hours so that he can eat more chicken sandwiches and hot dogs. Ilustrate on the right hand graph the amount of extra income needed to make him just as happy As he was before the price in (c) How much extra income must Tommy earn to make him jut a happy with lunch as he was before the price change? How many chicken sandwiches and hot dogs would he come with this higher income? chicken and hot dogs

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Employee Training Survey| Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Create a 12 question organizational development needs survey using Microsoft®Forms.

Include questions that ask leaders to evaluate their teams, team members, and to rate themselves.

Questions could include items referring to:

specific job skills and competencies
employee qualifications
breadth of training offered and available

Physical Development in Early Adulthood | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Economics 200: Prof. Lisa M. George Exercise 10: Consumer Choice Name Problem 9.1. Harry

The topic is Physical Development in Early Adulthood, one’s environment as a possible contributing factor. The research paper will include a title page, abstract, reference page, 3-5 pages of content, and a minimum of 5 sources. It must be an APA format. The rough draft is due on october 6. Actual final paper is due on Nov 1st.

18th Century Scandals| Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Table of Contents

Presentation-18th Century ScandalsWhat counted as a scandal?Researching the ScandalThe Presentation

Presentation-18th Century Scandals

What counted as a scandal?

The eighteenth-century, as today, had an abundance of scandals and widespread concerns about the spread of information due to the new access that the printing press and cheaper paper options afforded. Some scandals were “star scandals” and involved the lives of famous people. Some were institutional and revealed the underbelly of government, military and business institutions. Finally, as in the Elizabeth Canning trial, “psychodrama scandals” involving unusual events in the lives of ordinary people burst into the media scenes. You will be researching a scandal from the 18th century and making a digital project surrounding the scandal.


Researching the Scandal

To find information on these events, you will want to find a few primary sources using online or tangible archives. You’ll also be looking for more general background as well. To discover more about that, you will need to avail yourselves of the internet and the libraries databases. You should expect to spend a bit of time just slogging through the information to find relevant sources. I would suggest the following as a way to start.

1. GTS: Google That S#*!—odds are no one in the class has even heard of these events before. Find some basic information.

2. Wikipedia: there’s a references and external sources section. Maybe start where they did?

3. Letters and Journals: Frances Burney wrote INCREDIBLE letters and journals meant to share with one of her sisters. Samuel Pepys diary is CRRRAAZZZY. James Boswell wrote the Life of Johnson, which reads more like 1000 pages of gossip about Samuel Johnson and his friends than a biography; he also wrote several travel “journals” which are much the same. Most of these are easily accessible in book form with detailed indexes. There are many others also available in published forms or through archives.

4. ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online): May contain things on your scandal but also may not. Go check.

5. Gentleman’s Magazine (through the Hathi Trust): It’s probably got something mentioned in the Chronicle section. Find relevant months and do a search.

6. Other online archives: the Hathi Trust also includes editions of Town & Country, which included an incredible Tete a Tete section that is straight gossip but often in coded terms (; the Old Bailey archive gives proceedings for lots of court cases (; Hannah More’s letters are searchable online (; I’m also looking for access to the Bon Ton but have been unsuccessful so far.

7. Library databases: Project Muse and MLA are my favorite databases of secondary sources on literature; they may or may not be useful, depending on your scandal.

8. Library book search: many of these individuals have their own biographies written on them. Many of the events have books about them. Check them out.


The Presentation

The presentation itself should tell us a story about the scandal but also include some interpretation of what that scandal tells us about the 18th century and the literature we’ve been reading. While the length of these will vary a bit, the basic rule of thumb will be 12-20 minutes per paired group and 7-8 for a single presenter. The format will be some sort of audio-visual that can be shared digitally. My suggestions are a prezi with voiceover OR a youtube video using screencast-o-matic. Both are quite easy to navigate and I have included links to videos below. I have used both of these previously with very few issues. I am also open to other options but I would be of less help should a technology problem arise. No matter what form, your presentation should include a bibliography of sources.

Assignments for research:

1.John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

Options for presentation:

1. A prezi with voice over. Pros: make slides very similar to any powerpoint, many templates to pick from, free “education” subscription, makes separate voiceover options for each slide (so less worry about “messing up” the audio), easy to make those voiceovers on your phone in notes (I just make voice notes on my iPhone and email those files to myself to save on a computer).

a. Basic idea of prezi:

b. How to add voiceover:

2. Adding a voice over to powerpoint. I haven’t actually done this but it seems really easy and has some of the same pros of the prezi.

a. Powerpoint:

3. Adding voiceover to google slides also seems somewhat similar.


4. Using screen-cast-o-matic with whatever you want on your computer screen. This might be a little trickier to figure out but is a super useful thing to know how to do. Go to and make a free account. There’s a video about how to use it right on the front page.

5. Podcast: you’ll need to make a recording of your voice(s). Audacity is the easiest and best way to do this, imo.


6. If there is an additional option you’d like to pursue, please request approval from me.

Eric Erickson’s Development Stages | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

1. List and define Eric Erickson’s development stages. In your answer ensure that you identify the psychological and social issues (including effects of trauma etc) that may impact a positive or negative developmental stages.

2. What would be a personal beliefs or value that you may potentially impact on your ability to work with clients and how will you ensure that it doesn’t

DNP and a PhD in Nursing| Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Comment 1

The main difference between a DNP and a PhD in nursing is one is research based and the other is more practice based.  “The Ph.D. is research- and science-oriented, and it prepares graduates to develop new, evidence-based knowledge for the nursing profession. (There is also a DNS, which stands for doctor of nursing science, and it is roughly equivalent to a Ph.D. in terms of its scope and focus.) Ph.D. graduates can lead research teams and design and implement studies that address disease trajectories and care systems. They are well versed in statistics, data analysis, and scientific theory; and they will find jobs either in research or in education.  The DNP is focused on advancing an understanding of nursing practice. The curriculum emphasizes both clinical and leadership skills. Graduates will be poised to translate nursing research into evidence-based standards of care – allowing them to lead interdisciplinary care teams, improve care systems, and evaluate outcomes among specific patient populations” (The Sentinel Watch, 2014).


Comment 2

The Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] is research and science-oriented, and it prepares graduates to develop new, evidence-based knowledge for the nursing profession. They are well versed in statistics, data analysis, and scientific theory; and they will find jobs either in research or in education. The Doctor of Nursing Practice [DNP] is focused on advancing an understanding of nursing practice. The curriculum emphasizes both clinical and leadership skills. Graduates will be poised to translate nursing research into evidence-based standards of care – allowing them to lead interdisciplinary care teams, improve care systems, and evaluate outcomes among specific patient populations (American Sentinel University, 2014).

The type of nursing that I am passionate about is direct contact with the patients and their families. Now that I have a better understanding between DNP and PhD, I would continue my education journey towards obtaining my DNP. While I appreciate what the PhD nurse will provide to the future of nursing through research, I feel that my strong suit is putting that research into practice to improve the delivery of health care. I chose nursing as a career to serve people in their suff

Bike-sharing | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Follow the APA format as described in the “Guidance on Referencing in APA Format”. Appropriate in-text citations and an accurately formatted Reference section are expected. FIVE (5) marks have been allocated for this component.

Part 2: Short Essay

Using the following article as a starting point, discuss how bike-sharing companies could tackle the real-world problem of illegal bike parking, using the principles of reinforcement and punishment.

Clinical Psychology | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Design and validate a new test or a new battery of tests for differentiating people in the domain of your choice Design and validate a new test or a new battery of tests to select the best applicants for entry into a postgraduate training program for clinical psychology.

Gratitude, Optimism, Mindfulness Paper | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

For this assignment, you will expand on the topic area you selected for the Assignment Plan:

(a)    Gratitude

(b)     Optimism

(c)     Mindfulness

(i) Literature Review: To what extent is this concept related to subjective well-being, based on empirical literature?

You have been provided with one starter reading on each topic area on [email protected]

(While there is no set number of references, better assignments will include more than the textbook & starter readings)

(ii) Integration: In the Assignment Plan (submitted in week 4), you indicated which intervention you were going to implement in your own life. Briefly summarise this intervention (outline the intervention & how frequently/consistently it was implemented).

Provide pre & post self-assessment scores of your chosen intervention.

Discuss these findings (with reference to the literature) to address the following questions:

Did your intervention result in a change in assessment scores? Discuss the extent to which this is consistent with the findings from empirical research.

If there was no change in your scores from pre to post-assessment, discuss some possible reasons for this.

Behavioral Intervention Plan | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

In a clinical case study, the assessment component is often the largest and most comprehensive section. The better you understand a behaviour, the more able you are to plan an intervention that will accurately target it.

We are not expecting a highly detailed or comprehensive assessment component here as you have not been taught how to go about this process at a professional clinical level. As you are the subject here, we are also not expecting you to engage in any formal assessment procedures such as interviews, behavioural observations, or psychometric tests. However, we DO want to see a clear understanding of the range of factors that you need to explore in order to understand the CURRENT FUNCTION AND CONTEXTUAL FACTORS for the chosen behaviour. That is, in this section you will need to provide: A detailed description and analysis of the behaviour which includes discussion of: Contextual factors in which it occurs. This should cover the following (where appropriate): History (when did the subject start having problems with this behaviour? Is the problem always there since it first started, or have there been periods when it gets better/worse?) Situations (does it only occur in certain situations?) People (is it influenced by any other people?) Frequency (How often does it occur?)

Clinical Intervention used in Mental Health Problem | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Critically analyse a psychological, pharmacological, social or other clinical intervention currently used in the treatment of older adults with a mental health problem. Your discussion should draw on research based evidence to support the benefits and risks of the intervention for the older adult. It should include some discussion on one or more of the following areas, physiological, psychological, socio – political and epidemiological implications of the chosen intervention

Microsoft company| Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Table of Contents

What is Microsoft Company doing to improve?Microsoft commitment and approachMicrosoft cultureTraining and developmentCompensation and benefitsWellness and safetyMicrosoft PhilanthropiesDiversity and inclusionThe Microsoft Affordable Access InitiativeCity NeXTFocus areas

Pre-phase and edit a paper that contain some points about Microsoft company

APA cations

What is Microsoft Company doing to improve?

Microsoft commitment and approach

· Microsoft strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment that enables their employees to create products and services that help others to achieve more.

· Microsoft Empowering every person and organization on the planet to thrive in a resource-constrained world.

· Microsoft work to drive greater economic opportunity, inclusion, and empowerment of people around the globe.

Microsoft culture

Perhaps the most important driver of the company success is culture. They fundamentally believe that they need a culture founded in a growth mindset. It starts with the belief that everyone can grow and develop; potential is nurtured, not predetermined; and anyone can change their mindset.

Training and development

Microsoft support their growth mindset culture and meet the learning needs of the employees around the world, they offer a diverse range of learning and development opportunities. Microsoft believe training is not limited to formal instruction, and their training philosophy focuses on providing the right learning, at the right time, in the right way. With Opportunities include which is training in the classroom, online, and through videos, mobile apps, podcasts, and other formats in multiple languages.

Compensation and benefits

Microsoft performance and Development program applies to Microsoft employees globally at every level of the organization to the extent permitted by local law. Stock-based compensation is a key component of their rewards programs at Microsoft, as it provides an ownership stake in the company’s success. Over 85 percent of Microsoft employees are eligible for an annual stock award. In addition, 90 percent of Microsoft’s employees are eligible for a cash bonus. Bonuses focus on an individual’s business impact over the past year.

Wellness and safety

Microsoft is committed to supporting the employees’ well-being with comprehensive benefits to help employees maximize their physical, financial, and social wellness. In addition, Microsoft’s Health and Safety program integrates appropriate practices into our operations, and works for continual improvement in employee health and safety.

Microsoft Philanthropies

Microsoft believe in technology that is a powerful force for good in a rapidly changing world, and through Microsoft Philanthropies, they working to ensure that everyone has access to the economic opportunities it provides

Diversity and inclusion

For more than two decades, Microsoft Global Diversity and Inclusion Office has evolved and enhanced the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives so that we can continue to meet the changing needs of their workforce and business. Microsoft are deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment where all employees can do their best work. The commitment is based on strengthening their diversity and inclusion acumen; deepening leader and manager understanding of the diversity strategy and its value proposition; and increasing senior leader accountability for their diversity plans.

The Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative

The  Microsoft Affordable Access Initiative (which is software program) seeks to empower the billions of people worldwide who do not have affordable access to the Internet.

City NeXT

One of intelligent program is  city Next, Microsoft and its partners empower cities and citizens to unlock their potential by delivering innovative digital services that can help them lead safer and healthier lives, enriched by high-quality education.

Focus areas

Microsoft focus their environmental sustainability work in the five areas where Microsoft believe they can have the greatest positive impact—carbon, energy, water, ecosystems (including food, agriculture, and biodiversity), and circular economy (including waste reduction).

Social Identity and Power | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

“Language is a medium of social change.” Critically discuss in relation to social identity and power.

The essay title requires that you have a ‘good understanding’ of the each of the following areas as taught in the module:

1. A thorough understanding of social constructionism

2. Linking the relationship between language and psychology, specifically to social groups

3. Use of published research to support statements and 0bservations

4. How is language an important tool in social psychology

Language as a mode of change

Domestic Violence & Socioeconomic Factors | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Domestic violence is a global issue that negatively impacts mental health and wellbeing. Examine how socioeconomic and psychological factors influence the incidence of domestic violence.

Your essay should address the following:

domestic violence & socioeconomic factors – a discussion that includes reference to international and Australian sources; • domestic violence & psychological factors – a discussion that includes factors affecting psychological development in infancy and childhood, psychological trauma and stress, fear and control. • your discussion may include evaluation of these factors for the perpetrator or victims of domestic violence.

Statistics programming| Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Determine Letter Grades

C Programming for Beginners

Summary: Write a program that determines letter grades for students in a class, using your

understanding of control flow, arrays (and/or pointers, structures), disk files, and error conditions in C.

Description: Your program accepts two command line arguments. The first argument is the name of a

disk file that contains the names of students, and their test scores, separated by commas followed by

one or more spaces. Each line in the file will contain scores for one student. The second argument to

your program is the name of an output disk file. Your program creates a new output disk file using that

name. You will write grade information of all students whose information was read from input file, in a

sorted order into this output file. You will be writing one line in the output file for one student. You will

write name of one student and the letter grade he/she got in the class in each line (you should format

the texts in the output file). The format of the data in the input file is fixed, however the number of

students in the input file is unknown during compile time. The name of input and output files could be

anything and only known during run time. Besides writing to the output file, you will also need to display

the averages of scores along with minimum and maximum scores for each test in the screen/console.

Calculation: The test scores are weighed. There are four quizzes, 40% total, midterm I is 20%, midterm

II is 15% and the final is 25%. All scores in the input file are recorded out of 100. You need to apply the

weight for each score in the program to calculate the final score. The final score is tabulated as follows:

Final Score = quiz1 * .10 + quiz2 * .10 + quiz3 * .10 + quiz4 * .10 + midi * .20 + midii * .15 + final * .25

Determination of letter grade is according to the following logic:

Final Score >= 90% then letter grade is A, 80%-89% B, 70%-79% C, 60-69% D, <= 59% F

Sample input data file: input_data.txt (the input data format is: name, quiz1, quiz2, quiz3, quiz4, midi,

midii, final – Assume that data will be correctly formatted as described.), e.g.:


Thui Bhu, 100, 90, 80, 100, 89, 99, 88

Ariana B. Smith, 90, 90, 100, 100, 99, 100, 95

Emily Gonzales, 100, 90, 100, 70, 78, 78, 80

Jennifer L, 80, 90, 90, 100, 89, 99, 85

Maria Jones, 65, 72, 77, 68, 62, 70, 65

Bill Gates, 60, 54, 38, 62, 65, 60, 50

Escobar Morris, 83, 77, 88, 76, 79, 72, 76

Anne Latner, 80, 80, 85, 95, 90, 95, 90

<more if there are more students>>

Sample output file: output_data.txt (the output format is: Name: letter grade, sorted by name), e.g.

Letter grade for 8 students given in input_data.txt file is:

Anne Latner: B

Ariana B. Smith: A

Bill Gates: F

Emily Gonzales: B

Escobar Morris: C

Jennifer L: B

Maria Jones: D

Thui Bhu: A

more if there are more students>>

Sample Run of the program (name of your program is Lettergrader): Remember that there are two sets

of outputs. Letter grade is written in the output disk file (which is not shown in the screen), only score

averages are displayed on the console (and are not written in the disk file).

Example Run 1:

C:>lettergrader input_data.txt output_data.txt

Letter grade has been calculated for students listed in input file input_data.txt and written to

output file output_data.txt

Here is the class averages:

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 MidI MidII Final

Average: 82.25 80.38 82.25 83.88 81.38 84.13 78.63

Minimum: 60 54 38 62 62 60 50

Maximum: 100 90 100 100 99 100 95

Press any key to continue . . .


Sample Run 2:

C:>lettergrader data1.txt data2.txt

Letter grade has been calculated for students listed in the input file data1.txt and outputted in

the output file data2.txt.

Here is the class averages:


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Mid1 Mid2 Final

Average: 82.25 80.38 82.25 83.88 81.38 84.13 78.63


Minimum: 60 54 38 62 62 60 50

Maximum: 100 90 100 100 99 100 95

Press any key to continue . . .


Note: You will be able to run this application with your choice of IDE as well, including Visual Studio by

providing command line arguments in the settings. All IDE allow you to enter the command line


Score: Maximum score you can receive is 100 and based on the following criteria:

1) The program compiles, runs, and provides the correct answers (70%)

2) The program design is modular which includes good choices of functions and data

structures. (20%)

3) The program has properly formatted output, and error checking (10%)

Design Hint: You are free to use your own design however; here is a guide to make it modular design:

Storing data into memory using suitable data structures will help you write code which will be

modular. You then need to calculate the averages by going through all the data for each test

score for all the students and divide by the number of students (you will only know the number

of students during run time).

You are free to use any data structures you want. Parallel arrays for all the scores is one easy

way (for simplicity you can assume maximum number of students to be 100). Alternatively, you

can create an array of structures to store data, one structure will hold one student‘s all the

scores and name.

If you want to explore pointers, then a linked list would be the best choice. This is especially

helpful, as you do not know how many student records are in the input file until you have read

all the data in it.

I will not penalize you for choosing one data structure vs. another, or if you assume 100 to be

the maximum number of students, as long as you make sure to calculate the average using the

actual number of students during run time (you need to keep a running total in that case).

Make a decision on your own regarding data structures; that in itself is good experience.

You need to choose (or write your own) sorting algorithm to sort the data so that you can

display in sorted order by name. Also, you need to write proper functions to give you minimum,

maximum, and the average scores in each class.

Submission requirement: Submit your source code (a *.c file) through UCSC web portal (as an

attachment) before the deadline. You can write your application spread out in multiple .c and .h files

(remember that there is only one main in any application, even if you have multiple .c and .h files for

that application). Follow this naming convention for your files: If functions are written in a separate file

then give it a name: utility_johndoe.c file and then write a driver program as

testlettergrader_johndoe.c file which uses functions from utility file, by replacing johndoe with your


I do NOT need your test data files I will write my own data and will compile and run your code using my

data file with different names. Your code needs to handle the sample data shown above. You can be

certain that the data file will not have junk and it will have correct data.


Qualitative Report | Online Assignment Help essay help websites

Assignment Brief Psy002-1: Assessment 3 Qualitative Report TYPE Essay WORD LENGTH 2000 words for the whole report TITLE Make your own title OVERVIEW This report allows you to relate the contents of the course, such as self-affirmation discussed in Foundations to Psychology to research methods and analysis discussed in the Introduction to Research Methods unit. GENERAL CRITERIA ABSTRACT Summary of all other sections. INTRODUCTION Describe the theoretical underpinnings of self-affirmation theory in the context of self-enhancement. Include details of, empirical studies and reviews that have previously explored this theory. You can use both qualitative and quantitative research to form your rational for this study. End your introduction with a research question (see tutorial slides). Research Question: Who self-affirms more on Twitter, celebrities or politicians? DISCUSSION Begin by providing an answer to the research question. Relate this study and its findings back to previous studies, theories, etc. Include evaluation of previous studies, theories, and present study. Include ideas for future studies. Provide an overall conclusion to the study. This should just be a paragraph or two long. ADVICE To start writing this report read about self-affirmation theory (Hint: Steele, 1988). Make sure you attend every tutorial as we will go over different sections of the report in the tutorials. Please read the Assessment section on BREO for detailed information. Then start to read more broadly. Look for specific journal articles from academic sources, NOT Wikipedia or similar sources. Write in your own words. Most typical comments from previous years: • The abstract is missing. • The introduction is often too similar to previous sources. • No evidence that any research has been carried out to write the report, students do not always find journals beyond those given. • The method section sometimes sounds like a shopping list rather written in prose. • In-text references aren’t in the Reference section and vice versa. • Too many quotes. • Quotes don’t go with the themes. • Not enough links between current study and previous theories, empirical studies or new ideas for research.

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