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Economics Question

Media Paper: Select a media piece from the past 60 days which addresses some aspect of the arts/cultural/creative economy. Analyze very critically this piece in light of the readings and other materials in the course and come to a conclusion about the central theme of the article. Is it well founded? Does it make sense? How could it have been more informative or insightful. This paper is not to be a ‘plot summary’ of the article but rather an analysis of methods and conclusions with an eye to improvement. This is not intended to be a research piece, but a thoughtful analytical one employing critical thinking.
Length: no more than 3 pages’ double spaced.
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Economics Question

Instructions: You are to write a 2-page essay in reaction to the following question. Please note that one page equals 250 words, please use the word count function in your word processor to measure the length of your papers. Please indicate your TA and your discussion section in the cover sheet.
Question: We saw in preparation for our lecture the first minutes of René Clair’s A nous la liberté and of Charles Chaplin’s Modern Times . The idea of “alienation of labor” is very vividly portrayed in both films. We have also read Marx’s piece on labor alienation, entitled “Estranged Labor.” Can you connect the two notions of alienation expressed in these two different media? Does Clair’s portrayal (manufacture) of the alienation of labor have anything to do with Marx’s writings on alienation? Does Chaplin’s portrayal (machinofacture, converyor belt) correspond to Marx’s writings? Is Marx referring to what we see in the Clair and Chaplin films? If yes, then how so? If no, how so?

Globalization discussion

Economics Assignment Help Imagine that you are a CEO with exposure to markets all over the world, based on what you heard and read, what is your biggest worry for 2022. You can describe any issue and it doesn’t have to be included in the above media.
Describe the issue and why you, as a CEO, are very worried about it.
Write half to one page
I think we can all agree that the past couple of years has seen incredible swings. We had a contested presidential election, a sticky trade situation with China and Europe, the U.K. leaving the European Union, and on top of all that, we had and are still feeling the impact of a coronavirus pandemic.
One thing that has been consistently debated through all of this is the acceptable level of globalization and the growing number of countries that have emerging nationalistic views. I would like for you to watch the video and read the article at the links below:

barriers to entering/exit

Examples of barriers to entering/exit.
Entry barriers for customers.
Exit barriers for customers.
Entry barriers for producers
Exit barriers for producers.
the examples, naturally, have to differ from the examples we discussed in class. Importantly, I would like your examples to come from the Saudi economy. It would be great, but is not a must, if you write about barriers that you have encountered in your professional career. For each example, make sure that a reader is convinced that your example fits a particular category.

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