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Edgar Allen poe

The main objective of this course was to explore how popular culture has affected social values and created an American self-identity. For your final projects YOU will be choosing the topic. You MUST answer the following: How has your topic influenced American popular culture in the past and carried down to today? Topics:You may choose any topic we covered in class or may explore something we did not discuss. When choosing your topic you can expand on a class reflection you handed in, project, or choose a brand new topic. Choose a topic you like! 12 pt. font, New Times Roman Essay:35 pts. Must be 6-7 pages. The paper MUST answer the question stated above. In addition, the final essay should be proofread and contain proper grammar, including proper citation using MLA or Chicago Style. A proper bibliography containing at least 3 internet sources and 3 texts is required. Any paper with major grammatical issues, lack of proper citation, or a bibliography, will severely impact your grade. 12 pt. font, New Times Roman MLA Style (Jefferson)

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