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Efr Call Quality And Nokia Codes University Essay Help

Hacking Nokia Phone Codes

Essay Preview: Hacking Nokia Phone Codes

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NOKIA CODES & TRICKS: To check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) Type- *#06# Information you get from the IMEI- XXXXXX XX XXXXXX X TAC FAC SNR SP * TAC = Type approval code * FAC = Final assembly code * SNR = Serial number * SP = Spare To check the phones Software revision type- *#0000# Information you get from the Software revision- V 05.31 18-02-99 NSE-3 To enter the service menu type- *#92702689# (*#WAR0ANTY#) * Serial number (IMEI) * Production date (MM/YY) * Purchase date (MM/YY) You can only enter the date once. * Date of last repair (0000=No repair) * Transfer user data to another Nokia phone via Infra-Red Clock Stopping To check weather your SIM Card supports clock stopping type- *#746025625# (*#SIM0CLOCK#) Revealing the Headphone and Car-Kit menus Please note that if you do these next tricks, the new menus cant be erased without retoring the factory default settings. To do these tricks you need to short-circuit the pins on the bottom of the phone next to where you plug in you charger. 1. To activate the “Headset” menu, you need to short-circuit pins “3” and “4”. After a short time the word “Headset” will be shown in the display. Menu 3-6 is now enabled. 2. To activate the “Car” menu, you need to short-circuit pins “4” and “5”. After a short time the word “Car” will be shown in the display. Menu 3-7 is now enabled. EFR CALL QUALITY To activate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) Enter the code- *3370# This improves call quality but decreases batterylife by about 5% To deactivate it, Enter the code- #3370# More to come

Haptic Technology And Haptic Devices english essay help online

Haptic Technology

Essay Preview: Haptic Technology

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Haptic Technology

Surgical Simulation and Medical Training.

A touch revolution……


Engineering as it finds its wide range of application in every field not an exception even the medical field. One of the technologies which aid the surgeons to perform even the most complicated surgeries successfully is Virtual Reality.

Even though virtual reality is employed to carry out operations the surgeons attention is one of the most important parameter. If he commits any mistakes it may lead to a dangerous end. So, one may think of a technology that reduces the burdens of a surgeon by providing an efficient interaction to the surgeon than VR. Now our dream came to reality by means of a technology called “HAPTIC TECHNOLOGY”.

Haptic is the “science of applying tactile sensation to human interaction with computers”. In our paper we have discussed the basic concepts behind haptic along with the haptic devices and how these devices are interacted to produce sense of touch and force feedback mechanisms. Also the implementation of this mechanism by means of haptic rendering and contact detection were discussed.

We mainly focus on Application of Haptic Technology in Surgical Simulation and Medical Training. Further we explained the storage and retrieval of haptic data while working with haptic devices. Also the necessity of haptic data compression is illustrated.

Haptic Technology


Haptic, is the term derived from the Greek word, haptesthai, which means to touch. Haptic is defined as the “science of applying tactile sensation to human interaction with computers”. It enables a manual interaction with real, virtual and remote environment. Haptic permits users to sense (“feel”) and manipulate three-dimensional virtual objects with respect to such features as shape, weight, surface textures, and temperature.

A Haptic Device is one that involves physical contact between the computer and the user. By using Haptic devices, the user can not only feed information to the computer but can receive information from the computer in the form of a felt sensation on some part of the body. This is referred to as a Haptic interface.

In our paper we explain the basic concepts of Haptic Technology and its Application in Surgical Simulation and Medical Training.

Haptic Devices:

Force feedback is the area of haptics that deals with devices that interact with the muscles and tendons that give the human a sensation of a force being applied–hardware and software that stimulates humans sense of touch and feel through tactile vibrations or force feedback.

These devices mainly consist of robotic manipulators that push back against a user with the forces that correspond to the environment that the virtual effectors is in. Tactile feedback makes use of devices that interact with the nerve endings in the skin to indicate heat, pressure, and texture. These devices typically have been used to indicate whether or not the user is in contact with a virtual object. Other tactile feedback devices have been used to stimulate the texture of a virtual object.

PHANToM and CyberGrasp are some of the examples of Haptic Devices.


A small robot arm with three revolute joints each connected to a computer-controlled electric DC motor. The tip of the device is attached to a stylus that is held by the user. By sending appropriate voltages to the motors, it is possible to exert up to 1.5 pounds of force at the tip of the stylus, in any direction.


The CyberGlove is a lightweight glove with flexible sensors that

accurately measure the position and movement of the fingers and wrist. The CyberGrasp, from Immersion Corporation, is an exoskeleton device that fits over a 22 DOF CyberGlove, providing force feedback. The CyberGrasp is used in conjunction with a position tracker to measure the position and orientation of the fore arm in three-dimensional space.

Haptic Rendering:

It is a process of applying forces to the user through a force-feedback device. Using haptic rendering, we can enable a user to touch, feel and manipulate virtual objects. Enhance a users experience in virtual environment. Haptic rendering is process of displaying synthetically generated 2D/3D haptic stimuli to the user. The haptic interface acts as a two-port system terminated on one side by the human operator and on the other side by the virtual environment.

Contact Detection

A fundamental problem in haptics is to detect contact between the virtual objects and the haptic device (a PHANToM, a glove, etc.). Once this contact is reliably detected, a force corresponding to the interaction physics is generated and rendered using the probe. This process usually runs in a tight servo loop within a haptic rendering system.

Another technique for contact detection is to generate the surface contact point (SCP), which is the closest point on the surface to the actual tip of the probe. The force generation can then happen as though the probe were physically at this location rather than within the object. Existing methods in the literature generate the SCP by using the notion of a god-object, which forces the SCP to lie on the surface of the virtual object.


Regional Company And Halloran Metals my essay help uk: my essay help uk

Halloran Metals Is a Regional Company Located in the Northeast U.S.

Essay Preview: Halloran Metals Is a Regional Company Located in the Northeast U.S.

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MANAGEMENT OF SERVICE AND MANUFACTURINGCASE STUDY  – 1  ( HALLORAN METALS)Levent KubilayHalloran Metals is a regional company located in the northeast U.S.In summary, company profile is as follows.Metal industry  ( steel and aluminum)The company has acquired in the last 36 years7 warehouses  , metal facilities ( Lynn, Concord, Worcester, Woonsocket, Newburg, Binghamton, Wilkes- Barre )  and allied steel- aluminum facility (Lowell) More than 10,000 customers  (each warehouse specialized in a certain group of products.)Almost $170 million ( 2001 revenues)  on sales and $6 million on operating profit Organization chart  Board of directors → Presedent → Vice presedent  ( finance )                                         (Finance,IT,Accounting )                                          →Vice presedent  (operations )                                         7 Regional Manager                                         (Sales M.,Controller, Purchasing,

operatians Superintendent )Customers are divided by three categories, the ones that their purchases are more than $80,000, and the other ones that are between $20,000 and $80,000, and the small customers that placed orders with less than $10,000. Approximately 40% of total revenues are represented by small customers. To maintain its promise of high service levels, the company offers overnight delivery and rarely turning down an order, no matter the size of the order. The company operates its own fleet truck where no more than two hours are driven from the warehouse to the customer. Also Halloran does not charge for special customers requirements needed to modify the product. The 30% of company trucking is for transfers made by warehouses.Halloran has a big competitor named Allied who has revenues of $180 million by selling 40% product categories less in the same region. Allied managed 3,000 customers and it focus in large-volume customers as well as full truckload quantities. In the last two years the company has invested more than $20 million in equipment to process the steel. Allied owns just one warehouse located near Lynn warehouse, but the difference is that Allied facility is six times larger than Halloran warehouses. Allied also operates its own fleet, but instead of delivering the product overnight, they have a 3 to 5 delivery time since the order is generated.

Theory Of Marxism And Marxist Theory professional essay help

Theory of Marxism and Sports

Theory of Marxism and Sports

The paper that is about to be presented is about how a theory invented by Karl Marx can intertwine with sports as we know it. The Marxist theory mainly affects how people

can participate in different sports depending on their class status. In the first two paragraphs, the paper will describe the basic intentions of the Marxist Theory and its background. The next two paragraphs will explain how the the theory and spoats coincide.

The Marxist theory is used all over the world. In fact, it is used moer than any other social theory. His thoughts have been used for for diffent political, military, and academic views and studies. Karl marx lived from 1813-1883 in Germany.

His theory covers the culture, politics, economics and industrialization of his time. He called the leading role of the social parts of each individual societies superstructures. In Marx’s eyes there were two classes: The Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat. The upper class, more wealthy, Bourgeoisie, had the smaller more powerful aristocratic class. On the other hand, the Proletariat are less skilled lower class workers that are the majority. Do to the separation of these two classes the Bourgeoisie own all the means of production and have the rights to all the riches. They have the power to influence there thoughts and beliefs in society because of their economic and social dominance (Rigauer, 2000).

The Marixst theory is set up on economic factors and puts to much considertion on

them. According to Marx he thinks money is everything within society and social life. Marxism tries to identify which sports are accessible to whom. A recent example: in contemporary British society class differences regarding participation rates in different sports can be found. The higher the social class, the more likely the individual is to be more active and to attend a sports event. The explanation therefore: a lack of resources in finances and availability of those in the working class.

Affected sports are walking, jogging, swimming, weight-lifting, snooker and soccer. Even though polo, golf, and equitation were not listed in the research, those sports should be regarded also, even if they are considered upper-class sports. This is very hard though because equipment and availability for the working class is limited due to lack of resources, especially financially. A Marxist focuses on the distribution of power in sport: Who has the power and why? Inequality can again be identified. Sport is determined and shaped by the economic system in the powerful Bourgeoisie and again promotes the interest of those: increasing capital, maintaining power and privileges (Abercrombie et al, 2000).

A very recent example of money and its impact on sports is

The England and Wales Cricket Board’s decision to send its players to a World Cup match in Zimbabwe in 2003, regardless of political concerns due to the dictatorship of President Mugabe and the possible propaganda impact the match might have Fearing a severe financial penalty in the forms of lost

sponsorship, the monetary aspect proved to powerful for them to

decline a match of such importance

Existence Of Contract And Classification Of Contracts essay help: essay help



“The Rain Maker”        The two and a half hour movie was worth watching, having the story of a fresh graduate of law and at the same time a newly passed lawyer in the bar exam. As the story goes on obviously it encompasses the Art.1305 which indicates the existence of contract where in agreements and obligations to be fulfilled were shown. Art.1306, Rudy the main character has establish an agreement with the Black’s about the case of their son Donny which were clearly not contrary to law or other illegal means. Art.1307 on classification of contracts existed because the contract with the Great Benefit of the insurance benefactors was a nominate contract for it has a specific designation in law. Art.1308 says that contracts must bind both contracting parties, in Rudy’s case with the Black’s and Kelly he made a contract with them which they both agreed upon and fulfilled without one party being left behind. As to the contract of the Black’s with the Great Benefit insurance they both accepted it’s validity and complied to all the stipulations therein but for the insurance company it was only when the contracts begins because as time goes by the company did not comply with their dealings, equality was questionable at this point. Art.1311 specified that contract affects the party, their assigns and heirs as to the contract with the insurance company it was between the parents of Donny but it will take effect on him for he was the benefactor of the said insurance. Art.1315 the contract with the Black’s and Rudy was perfected because of the consent given by the family where he acted in good faith and keeping it tied up with law. Art.1327 applies since Donny is an unemancipated minor his mother was the one taking contracts and giving consent. Although we know that Rudy’s intention of helping the Black’s was good Art.1330, Art.1335 and Art.1337 were seen not in his act but with the act of Mrs Black’s intimidation and undue influence  to her husband to sign the paper and give his consent but nevertheless it was worth it at the end. Art.1332 was seen in the part when Mrs Black will sign the paper Rudy gave, but she didn’t understand and ask why the simple meaning of the paper appears in three pages but then Rudy immediately explained thoroughly the terms therein. Art.1338 the contract between the Great Benefit and the Black’s was affected by this article because they use enticing and deceiving words to convince the Black’s to invest in them where they know that a planned anomaly is binding the contract therefore fraud is existing particularly the causal one. These anomalies go with the Art.1339 because the company failed to really expose every detail of their service they only enumerated their good points. Art 1370, talks about literal meanings that over rule when the contract leaves no doubt. Going back to our past semester’s lesson using stolen evidences without authority or the fruit of the poisonous tree as the law termed it would be inadmissible but in this movie it was shown with a proof that it could be admissible. I noticed that it was contrasting to what we have studied about.

Word Hacker And Educational Sport free essay help online: free essay help online

Hacking Tools

Essay Preview: Hacking Tools

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The word hacker is used in two different but associated

ways: for some, a hacker is merely a computer enthusiast of any kind,

who loves working with the beasties for their own sake, as opposed to

operating them in order to enrich a company or research project –or

to play games.

This book uses the word in a more restricted sense: hacking is a

recreational and educational sport. It consists of attempting to make

unauthorised entry into computers and to explore what is there. The

sports aims and purposes have been widely misunderstood; most

hackers are not interested in perpetrating massive frauds, modifying

their personal banking, taxation and employee records, or inducing

one world super-power into inadvertently commencing Armageddon in the

mistaken belief that another super-power is about to attack it. Every

hacker I have ever come across has been quite clear about where the

fun lies: it is in developing an understanding of a system and

finally producing the skills and tools to defeat it. In the vast

majority of cases, the process of getting in is much more

satisfying than what is discovered in the protected computer files.

In this respect, the hacker is the direct descendant of the phone

phreaks of fifteen years ago. Phone phreaking became interesting as

intra-nation and international subscriber trunk dialling was

introduced, but when the London-based phreak finally chained his way

through to Hawaii, he usually had no one there to speak to except the

local weather service or American Express office, to confirm that the

desired target had indeed been hit. One of the earliest of the

present generation of hackers, Susan Headley, only 17 when she began

her exploits in California in 1977, chose as her target the local

phone company and, with the information extracted from her hacks, ran

all over the telephone network. She retired four years later, when

friends started developing schemes to shut down part of the phone


There is also a strong affinity with program copy-protection

crunchers. Most commercial software for micros is sold in a form to

prevent obvious casual copying, say by loading a cassette, cartridge

or disk into memory and then executing a save on to a

** Page VII

blank cassette or disk. Copy-protection devices vary greatly in

their methodology and sophistication and there are those who, without

any commercial motive, enjoy nothing so much as defeating them. Every

computer buff has met at least one cruncher with a vast store of

commercial programs, all of which have somehow had the protection

removed–and perhaps the main title subtly altered to show the

crunchers technical skills–but which are then never actually used

at all.

Perhaps I should tell you what you can reasonably expect from this

handbook. Hacking is an activity like few others: it is semi-legal,

seldom encouraged, and in its full extent so vast that no individual

or group, short of an organisation like GCHQ or NSA, could hope to

grasp a fraction of the possibilities. So this is not one of those

books with titles like Games Programming with the 6502 where, if the

book is any good and if you are any good, you will emerge with some

mastery of the subject-matter. The aim of this book is merely to give

you some grasp of methodology, help you develop the appropriate

attitudes and skills, provide essential background and some

referencing material–and point you in the right directions for more

knowledge. Up to a point, each chapter may be read by itself; I have

compiled extensive appendices, containing material which will be of

use long after the main body of the text has been absorbed.

It is one of the characteristics of hacking anecdotes,

Man And High Balance college essay help

Essay Preview: Hae

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If I had a husband, I could blame him for all of what my in laws have done and have said that I didnt like. I could also blame him for anything else that I didnt like such as the unbelievably high balance on my credit card bill or the big number at the bottom of the telephone statement, although all of the long distance items show the numbers that I know by heart. However, he is my man and men are good at being taken responsible for anything that is not good enough, high enough, low enough or, in certain cases, sturdy enough. If I saw a cockroach or anything that was alive and moved, I could get him run fast at my high-pitched scream to get the slipper and execute the frightening, hairy and ugly animal with on deadly stroke. Then he would get the dustpan and the broom and perform the funeral taking the smashed body into the toilet basin and flushing it down into no-come- back one-way- only destination. In the meantime I would be screaming and jumping up and down while hiding behind him and wrinkling my nose to imply how disgusting the scene is and how cruel you should be to do change a little harmless insect into a paper-thin film of organic material. If I had a husband, I could talk about all his weaknesses and stupid actions to all my friends and to his friends, as well , making him blush to the back of his ears. After all, men look more handsome when they are red or even better when they are bluish red. Briefly, I would feel safer, more comfortable and freer if I had a husband. After all, who doesnt want a company who is easy to manage and ready to do anything for you just to win a smile, a hug or a kiss on the cheek and a tap on the shoulder?

Young Offenders Act And Custody Positions essay help fairfax: essay help fairfax

The Young offenders Act

The Young offenders Act

The Young Offenders Act

This essay was written to show the advantages and

disadvantages of the Young Offenders Act over the previous Juvenile

Delinquents Act. Also it should give a theoretical underezding of

the current Canadian Juvenile-Justice system, the act and its

implications and the effects of the young offenders needs and mental

health on the outcome of the trials.

In the interest of society the young offenders act was brought

forth on april second 1984. This act was created to ensure the rights

and the needs of a young person. Alan W. Leshied says “On one hand

the justice and legal objectives of the act are being effectively

realized while on the other hand the needs and treatment aspects of it

leave much to be desired.” The research of the Young offenders act is

still ongoing but Leshied says that it is becoming clear that the

custody positions have been in dispute since the act came into effect.

The old Juvenile delinquency act states in section 38 “The care and

custody and discipline of a juvenile delinquent shall approximate as

nearly as maybe that which should be given by his parents, and as

far as practability every juvenile delinquent shall be treated, not as

a criminal, but as a misguided and misdirected child . . . needing

aid, encouragement, help and assiezce.”(Page 72)

If a youth is close to the adult age of 18 years they could be

transfered to the adult justice system. This means that they would be

given the same sentences as an adult including and up to life in

prison. Many people have tried to correct this problem that they see

as a weakness. Yet, so far their attempts have failed. Another

weakness they find, is that the courts are expensive and

unsatisfactory methods of dealing with crime that is not very serious.

Before the fabrication of legal aid most young offenders were

not able to obtain legal services. “Subsection 11 (4) provides that,

were a young person wishes to obtain counsel but is not able to do so,

the youth-court judge shall refer the young person to the provincial

Theory Identification Paper And Different Sociological Perspectives essay help

Theory Identification Paper – Term Paper – lgobinnp



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/Social Issues

Theory Identification Paper

Theory Identification PaperJessica GobinWichita State UniversityOctober 4, 2016Theory Identification PaperSociologists focus on the environment and the social aspects of human behavior in order to answer why people act the way we do. When observing a society there are different sociological perspectives that can be used, and as people can look at matching things in different ways more than one perspective could be used at any time. In this paper four theories, functionalism, conflict, symbolic interactionism and feminism will be discussed, they will be evaluated for differences and similarities, also the theorist associated with each theory and how conflict theory applies to socialization.Sociological TheoriesWhat we know about groups has been revealed through the studying of society. Over time sociologist have come up with theories that have added to the understanding of society, relationships, and social behavior. Learning about sociological theories, provides a deeper understanding of sociologys past, present, and future.FunctionalismThe functionalist perspective, also known as functionalism, it interprets each part of society in sections of how it contributes to the stability of the whole society. Society is more than the sum of its parts; rather, each part of society is responsible for the stability of the whole group. This theory evaluates the different parts of society that are primarily composed of social institutions, each of which is originated to fill different needs, and each has consequences that form and shape the society being studies. The parts of the society depend on each other. The main institutions are defined by sociology and  are important to understand for this theory. According to functionalism, an institution only exists because it serves a role in the functioning of society. If it no longer serves a role, the institution will disappear. When needs change or appear, new institutions will be created (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016).Functionalism highlights the order that exist in society, focusing on social stability and shared values. This perspective when it lacks proper planning in the system, such as deviant behavior, will lead to change because societies parts must change to create stability. When one part of the system is not working, it affects other parts and creates social issues, which leads to social change. It does not encourage people to take an active role in changing their social environment, even when doing so may benefit them. Instead, functionalism sees social change as unwanted because the various parts of society will make up what is needed in a natural way for any problems that may appear (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016).

ConflictConflict theory states that strains and struggles arise when resources, status, and power are not equally divided among the groups in society and that these struggles become the reason for change. Power can be understood as control of resources and acquired wealth, politics and the institutions that make up society. A person’s social status related to others is not determined just by their class but by race, gender, sexuality, religion, among other things (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016).Symbolic InteractionismThe symbolic interaction perspective, also called symbolic interactionism. This perspective relies on the symbolic meaning that people develop and rely upon in the process of social interaction. It evaluates society by addressing the meanings that people decide for objects, events, and behaviors. The meanings are given because it is believed that people behave based on what they think and not just on what is true. Thus, society is thought to be socially constructed through human interpretation. People interpret one another’s behavior and it is these interpretations that form the bonds of society (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016).Critics of this theory claim that symbolic interactionism neglects the macro level of social interpretation the “big picture.” In other words, symbolic interactionists may miss the larger issues of society by focusing too closely on the “trees” rather than the “forest”. This perspective also is criticized for the influence of society on individual interactions (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016). Feminism        Feminist theory examines the status of women and men in society. The knowledge gained is used to better womens lives. The theory looks at the differences among women, including how race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, and age interconnect with gender. Feminist theory is concerned with giving a voice to women and stressing the numerous ways women have given to society. The four major areas that are studied: gender differences, gender inequality, gender oppression and structural oppression (Henslin, 2016; Boundless, 2016).

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“Theory Identification Paper” 10 2016. 2016. 10 2016 <
“Theory Identification Paper.”, 10 2016. Web. 10 2016. <
“Theory Identification Paper.” 10, 2016. Accessed 10, 2016.
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