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Emergency and Disaster Incident Command

Did they follow the ICS system? What were some mistakes? Make some recommendations.With as much detail as possible answer the following questions as they apply to that event. Be sure to include a summary of the event.Describe the Command and Control Process.Describe the role of the Incident Commander.Define the term “Span of Control.”(If you are having trouble finding an emergency incident to use, think of something like the Graniteville, South Carolina train derailment and chlorine leak, or the Howard Street Tunnel Fire in Baltimore.)For this assignment, write a 2 page APA formatted paper and submit in Microsoft Word (no other formats are acceptable). Use your textbook, the internet as well as professional journals, articles and other academically recognized sources. You must use a minimum of two sources. All sources used must be properly cited. Your references should be formatted in APA style.Please create your paper in Microsoft Word, and upload as an attachment for submission.Use the following file name example when uploading your document as an attachment: YourlastnameEDMG230.doc

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