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Emerging Practices in addictions

John Gallagher, LCSW, LCAC, and write a reflection on emerging practices in the field of addictions treatment. the five articles above, watch Dr. Gallagher’s lecture, and then reflect on emerging trends within the field of co-occurring disorder treatment, using the prompt below. Your response can include a combination of opinion, lived experience, practice wisdom, and/or research.  Hence, your answer can be written in first person, but please make sure to cite outside sources. Your original response should be a minimum of 1000 words.PROMPT – Answer question 1 in 1000 words or more AND then respond to two (2) of your classmates (300 words EACH).1. “The field of mental health and addictions treatment is dynamic, with neuroscience dramatically changing the field’s understanding of the onset, presentation and treatment of mental illness and addiction. Based on these articles, as well as your own experience, evaluate the field’s current state as it relates to the treatment of co-occurring disorders.”

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