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En102 Activity

Activity 1.8
“Make a list of all of the reasons that you use writing in a given week (for example, to remember things, to argue, etc.). Be sure to remember all the reasons you write, not just the formal reasons you write for school. For each reason on the list, consider audience (who you are writing for) and others who are involved either directly or indirectly (for example, you might be talking on the phone with someone and working together on your fantasy football league list), as well as purpose. How does the presence of others impact what you do, what you write, and how you write?” (Short answer 1 paragraph)
Activity 1.9
“In Activity 1.8, you listed all of the reasons that you write in a given week. Go back to that list and think about kinds of writing (genres) that you might produce for two or three of those purposes — for example, “to remember” might entail lists, notes from class, etc. Pick one of those (for example, notes from class) and ask yourself how you learned to write that kind of text for that purpose. Who else writes like that? Who reads that writing when you produce it? How do you know when that kind of text has been effective, or succeeded? The next time you are asked to write in a new way or for a new purpose, consider how you learned to write in other new situations and what might help you here. Who else writes like this? Who are you writing for and with? What will make writing effective in this situation?” (Short answer 1 paragraph)

Advantages of Augmented Reality of Digital Media in Storytelling buy argumentative essay help Music essay help


The purpose of this research will be in analyzing and interpreting the current augmented reality market, as well as the overall existence of mainstays within the field of augmented reality. Given that technology has developed significantly over the last half century, new and innovative ways to tell stories and narratives have been constructed and developed by people of essentially every field. Storytelling has long been a staple in human history and as implements such as augmented reality have grown and developed, the capacity for people to tell stories and use the world around them for this purpose has grown. The nature of storytelling through augmented reality is one of the prevalent concepts discussed in “The Virtual Showcase as a new Platform for Augmented Reality Digital Storytelling” by Oliver Bimber, L. Miguel Encarnacao and Dieter Schmalstieg. As such, this research will focus on this literature as an extension of ways that storytelling can be achieved in augmented reality, focusing on the applications that were found within the case study. Other areas and devices that have capitalized on this emergent technology are that of the Vivid Festival in Sydney and the Aurasma app. Given how prominently these two have developed alongside augmented reality, I will also focus on illustrating the ways that the concept is being utilized to tell stories within our own world and how they are using elements of the world to tell stories alongside augmented reality devices and installations.

Section 1

Title: Advantages of Augmented Reality of Digital Media in Storytelling

Topic: Augmented reality has rapidly begun expanding the capacities of media to tell stories and transmit information. Where traditional devices would only allow the user to engage with the media to a certain degree of interactivity, devices that capitalize on augmented reality allow the user to actively engage with the media itself in real time and in the prevailing world around them. Augmented reality can be understood as any technology which has the capacity to superimpose digital images onto the real world around the user, creating a sort of composite view of both digital and real images. (Maxwell, 2011) Augmented reality has many different elements which help to present the media in the way that it manifests itself. One particular example of this in action is that of the Aurasma app, which allows the individual to create augmented reality scenarios and situations, utilizing cameras on phones and eventually specially-designed glasses to project images onto the user’s screen and vision. (Aurasma, 2017) As such, it is evident that augmented reality is quickly manifesting itself as a market mainstay, and that it will continue to grow and develop the potential for newer and more intriguing ways to develop narratives and engage with audiences.

Section 2

Research Questions

What types of storytelling opportunities will this new medium provide? In what ways will augmented reality programs and systems be utilized to revolutionize media itself? This research will seek to answer these questions, and provide insight into the nature of the augmented reality field.


Digitally-integrated media has been developing and growing for decades now and more traditional means to convey information or stories have grown exponentially alongside the users and individuals who enjoy these experiences. Video games came around in the early 1970s and by the 1990s, companies were creating cellular phones which could play games on them as well. Now, the present media market has introduced such implements as those that are based around virtual and augmented reality. While it can be said that the virtual reality has taken the primary stage of interest in the immediate sense, augmented reality has shown the capacity to grow and develop significantly as well. Originally, technologies were not sufficient enough for the utilization and implementation of virtual reality but this issue has been reduced by the integration of more seamless, convenient types of virtual reality-related technologies. One significant detractor from the implementation of virtual reality has come in the form of the fact that the devices require the user to completely engulf themselves in the digital world of the media, and that they rely on headsets to integrate into this type of entertainment. (Azuma, Baillot, Behringer, Feiner, Julier, MacIntyre, 2001, 34) Augmented reality has grown in conjunction with virtual reality, and in turn, the industry has exploded into a $1.1 billion trove, rife with creative possibilities. Mixed reality headsets and integrated platforms for appreciating the medium have given it an extensive amount of life, as it has expanded since the late 1960s. The development of cellular devices has further integrated augmented reality in an applicable, efficient way, allowing people to tell stories and receive information quickly and efficiently at the palm of their hands. (Bimber, Encarnacao, Schmalstieg, 2003, 4)

The nature of storytelling through augmented reality is one of the prevalent concepts discussed in “The Virtual Showcase as a new Platform for Augmented Reality Digital Storytelling” by Oliver Bimber, L. Miguel Encarnacao and Dieter Schmalstieg. This analysis showcases the capacity of augmented reality as a device for constructing narratives, in which the authors integrate a customized augmented reality system called “The Virtual Showcase” to help define and integrate new ways for constructing narratives. Interactive storytelling techniques are being explored in both virtual and augmented reality, as this study illustrates. As such, the emphasis on the technology is in the interactivity that it provides and the dynamic of it being presented in the third dimension, as well as the overall actual physical world. As this study discusses, this provides an advantage in storytelling in that it gives the “possibility to communicate information more effectively with digital means by telling stories that can be experienced directly within a real environment or in combination with physical objects.” (Bimber, Encarnacao, Schmalstieg, 2003, 4) The overall prevalence of certain real-world elements and attributes such as historic sites or points of interest provides a proper platform for the user to instantly engage with the medium of the digital narrative on a level that extends deeper that simply the limitations of the digital system itself. The authenticity of the real-world can not be integrated or simulated in mere digital constructions, given the limitations of the technology of today.

Section 3

Significance of Study

This study is interesting in that it shows many of the limitations that have also manifested themselves in the augmented reality systems specifically. There are many technological shortcomings which have manifested themselves in ways that limit the storytelling capacity of modern augmented reality devices. (Rolland, Baillott, Goon, 2009, 32) This study focused on using augmented reality devices for storytelling within a museum setting, and for the implementation of scientific research and ascertaining of scientific information. This in itself comprises the overall purpose of “The Virtual Showcase” augmented reality device that these individuals constructed. Interestingly, the system itself uses non-conventional methods to display the digital images that the users had created. It is essentially a see-through optical-based augmented reality system that displayed images and digitized representations of real world content that is displayed within the unit itself. For this unit, the designers combined half-silvered mirror beam splitters, which allowed for a projection of three-dimensional displays that were then overlaid upon the actual physical artifact. (Rosenberg, 1993, 78) With this system, the original was able to account fro the viewing of four head-tracked spectators at a time, allowing them to engage with the augmented reality installation together.

This system showed a more basic approach to showcasing the extensive capacities of augmented reality applications and devices. As such, it merely highlighted many of the attributes of the system but there are a significantly larger number of ways that similar devices or systems could be utilized by designers and augmented reality users. The significance of this research is in the notion that it is helping to catalog and account for many of the ways that augmented reality is expanding, and how storytelling itself can be revolutionized by the existence of augmented reality-related devices. (Raskar, Welch, Fuchs, 2012, 11) Technology has facilitated a new wave of entertainment and a more personalized, engaged approach to digesting and appreciating stories as they are presented to us in real-time. (Migram, Takemura, 1994, 290) With the existence of augmented reality, a person can actively engage with the story that they are interested in or the experience to which they are invested, and in turn, they can allow the user to fully interact with the media as an extension of their current reality and within the system itself.

(MacIntryre, Bolter, Moreno, Hannigan, 2001, 201) Much like virtual reality though, there are still many factors to consider regarding the way that stories are conducted in augmented reality. Augmented reality requires similar forms of manipulation of reality and of the perspective and perception of the user. As such, this research is important because it also details many of the limitations and proposes ways to step forward out of these attributes of augmented reality as it currently is.

Section 4


Given that this research will focus on augmented reality’s structure and the developments of narratives within augmented reality, there will be a few points of reference in the current augmented reality market that will be discussed. First and foremost, the primary point of my analysis will be in creating a video that promotes the Vivid Festival in Sydney. This festival is a 23-day event which combines revolutionary elements of music, lights and different ideas that are circulating in the media landscape. There are many different elements about the festival, including different forums from industry leaders showing their creative assets off. Many of the urban spaces in the city will be reinterpreted and transformed to help showcase the creative vision that these individuals have, and to showcase the extensiveness to which augmented reality is already being showcased. (Graham, Zook, Boulton, 2012) As such, I will produce a video first to illustrate the extent to which augmented reality is already manifesting itself in the real world, choosing to focus on this festival as a semblance to the creative possibilities that are present already. Much emphasis will be conducted into showing the actual event itself and the ways that augmented reality are taking shape, and how they are being integrated into the real world. From there, I will create a detailed brochure which indicates the different elements of the event and the ways that the promoters have orchestrated it. The purpose of the brochure will largely be to focus on the interactive art exhibits and demonstrations, such as those that are displayed on the buildings throughout Sydney.

The last phase of this project will be in demonstrating the presence and creative applications of the Aurasma app. The app allows people to turn different everyday objects into interactive augmented reality installations and exhibits, giving them opportunities to engage with customers and fans alike through implementing graphics, audio, animation and different forms of 3D content. The focus of this app is in connecting the real world to the digital world by displaying infographs and other digital elements that define and bring life to the individual elements of reality itself around the user. As such, this is important because it shows the extent to which augmented reality has facilitated an integration of both the real and the digital, and the last phase of my project will be in showing how storytelling and information transmission have both become more integrated into real life through this app and devices that are similar.

Project Plan

The purpose of this project is in providing insight into the growing augmented reality market and the developing technologies that exist to help further this evolution. As such, the project will introduce the history of augmented reality and showcase many of the innovative points of emphasis within the augmented reality market, culminating in a presentation about the Vivid Festival in Sydney as a point of growth for the platform and the Aurasma app, which has sought to further innovate the mobile augmented reality market. Given that this project will rely on information about the Vivid Festival in Sydney, the first point of emphasis will be in detailing the characteristics of the festival itself and gaining insight into what the festival does and how. The festival itself, being a 23-day event, will have a significant amount of information on what happens and what types of exhibits are present. As such, the importance of documenting this festival will be in seeing how previous years were conducted and what installations and exhibits are planned for this current year. This will take a day or two to conduct and will lead me into the collection of the data and the planning of the presentation. From there, the video will be produced using different clips and pieces from the Vivid Festival, used largely to show the characteristics of the festival as an extension of the augmented reality field itself. This overall editing process of the video should take two to three days as well. Then the brochure will be compiled and created using the elements from the video and from my research, and should take approximately a day to complete. Lastly, given the importance of the Aurasma app, there will be a significant portion of time that is dedicated to finding information about and researching this company and the app itself. This should take approximately a day or so.

Contingency Plan

If all else fails and there is no other way to detail the information within this given timeline, then I will focus on established literature such as the one mentioned above and others in the field to gain an understanding of the ways that storytelling are being integrated into augmented reality in various other fields. The overall purpose of this is to show the capacity of augmented reality as a device for storytelling so essentially any literature on this subject would help to serve the point of understanding the narrative construction within the medium itself.

Section 5

Needs Analysis

The facilities that are present in the Vivid Festival, as well as the equipment that they use will be important in conducting a thorough understanding of how the different narrative structures are woven into the real world applications of augmented reality itself. Furthermore, the Aurasma app and its elements will be important to understand and analyze, given the presence that this particular app has throughout the rest of the analysis. As such, I will conduct as much thorough examination as possible into the hardware and software that is given within the app and its devices.

Ethics Risk Analysis

Given that this research relies heavily on the existence of established businesses, software and hardware, there could be a significant ethical situation involved in documenting these different elements. As such, I will make sure to research the rules regarding distribution of or dissemination of media relating to these devices and Vivid Festival. Furthermore, there could be some ethical situations regarding how these different areas and technologies are documented, and if the process has any legalities through systems such as Youtube or other digital platforms.

Section 6


Augmented reality has rapidly begun expanding the capacities of media to tell stories and transmit information. Where traditional devices would only allow the user to engage with the media to a certain degree of interactivity, devices that capitalize on augmented reality allow the user to actively engage with the media itself in real time and in the prevailing world around them. Augmented reality can be understood as any technology which has the capacity to superimpose digital images onto the real world around the user, creating a sort of composite view of both digital and real images. As such, this research will look to understand ways that this medium is currently being utilized and expanded upon, as well as introducing and discussing systems that are in developments that seek to further illustrate the narrative capacities of the medium itself.


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  • Aurasma. (2017)

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If you have you been involved with a company doing a redesign of business processes, discuss what went right during the redesign and what went wrong from your perspective. Additionally, provide a discussion on what could have been done better to minimize the risk of failure. If you have not yet been involved with a business process redesign, research a company that has recently completed one and discuss what went wrong, what went right, and how the company could have done a better job minimizing the risk of failure. Your paper should meet the following requirements: ¢ Be approximately 4-6 pages in length with no plagiarism, not including the required cover page and reference page. ¢ Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion. ¢ Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.

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What are intangible assets? How do they relate to training and development?. What are intangible assets? How do they relate to training and development?
What are intangible assets? How do they relate to training and development?

Complete Your Paper Abstract, Highlighting The Key Findings And Conclusions. On The Movie Antwone Fisher

Abnormal Psychology: Antwone Fisher The Antwone Fisher is a movie that offers a narrative of one of the characters struggling with his past. The movie features the name of the main character, Antwone Fisher. He serves as a Navy petty officer and exhibits challenges getting over his past. The killing of his father before his birth and abandonment by her mother are seen as having adverse impacts on his life. Moreover, Antwone Fisher is Brough up in an abusive environment by Ms. Tate and Reverend Tate. After having an argument with Ms. Tate, the foster parents push Antwone Fisher to the streets. The event subjects him to a life of homelessness and problems. Nonetheless, he later joins the navy. While in the ship, Antwone Fisher engages in a confrontation with other crew members. Consequently, he is sent to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Davenport. However, the first session with the doctor does not start as he fails to talk about his condition. After some period, the two develop close ties and working relationships, and Antwone Fisher opens up about his condition. The first scene of the movie presents the main character reflecting on his early years as a boy. He is standing in solitude in a ban (Searight et al. 2014). A man takes his hand and leads him inside the ban where there is a table of food. Before starting to eat, gunshots and the sounds of a cow disrupt him. The part is of great importance in understanding the issues facing the character. While sitting at the table, he is sounded by all his ancestors. The part signifies that Antwone Fisher yearns to have a sense of belonging and acceptance. On the other hand, taking the lead position in the table points that he wish to feel proud of his family. However, the lack of familial upbringing creates a feeling of shame. There are many recollections that offer the views a glimpse of Antwone Fisher’s life. After waking up, he progresses to the bathroom where he washes his face. While wiping his face, a Caucasian asks Antwone Fisher is there something on your face? While the question is not offensive, Antwone Fisher becomes violent and punches and chocks the shipmate. The incidence is one of the indications that the main character has mental problems. It is central to understand the factors that drive the anger and its link to different mental conditions. During some of the visits to Dr. Davenport, Antwone Fisher recounts some of the past abuses and neglection. Despite her release from prison, her mother fails to come to claim him from Mr. and Mrs. Tale. Antwone Fisher explains that the event is hard to bear and has adverse implications on his life. During the second session with the Doctor, he highlights instances where Mrs. Tale would psychologically abuse him. Mrs. Tale often made racial remarks that are derogatory to him. The events point that the main character suffers from the lack of affection from his parents and family (Searight et al. 2014). There are chances that he is suffering from dispersion due to the persistent stress. In a typical setting, children are availed with support and security from the parents. Antwone Fisher explains that his best moments as the times when Mrs. Tale would prepare pancakes. These movements are a representation of the times that Antwone Fisher felt free from the depression and the cruel world. However, these moments are rare. In the events that led to him being kicked out of the house, he had taken the shoe that Mrs. Tale often used to beat him. During these moments, Antwone Fisher feels a sense of pride and control. It creates the impression that since his birth, he did not have control over his life. The lack of freedom and the depressing moments are the trigger factors to the mental condition. Moreover, as time progresses, the session changes into a father/ son moment. The doctor makes the discoing to cross the patient/ therapist boundary. It is a conscious move by Dr. Davenport as it serves to give Antwone Fisher a sense of belonging. Although the therapist makes efforts to change the patent’s behavior, he is engaged in another fight whole on liberty (Searight et al. 2014). After enquiring the trigger factors of the incidences, Antwone Fisher reveals of past sexual harassment by a babysitter. The incidence points that Fisher has points that create dissonance with his only reaction being violence. Nonetheless, the trigger factors stem from his past and mental condition. His past increases the vulnerability to anger and creates a feeling of shame. It is thus critical to focus on the past events as this would allow for healing. The abandonment by his parents, the racial discrimination and sexual abuses are some of the incidences that darken his past. He also lacks a family structure which would serve his support. Anything that reminds him of the past causes a confrontation with other people. It implies that he is ashamed of the past. Although the doctor pushes Antwone Fisher to find his parents, Fisher is of the idea that he only required the doctor. Although the doctor breaks the news that the session will not continue anymore, Fisher is not aggressive (Macfarlane, 2004). Rather than being violent, he recounts the events that led to the killing of his best friend Jesses. After some time, Antwone Fisher is able to locate his family and wants to show his mother the man he had become (Fisher, 2003). He later retrains to the ship and informs the doctor that he had met his family members. The story is about self-determination and mental conditions that may impact on one life. In this case, Antwone Fisher suffers from depression due to the prolonged stress. During his early years, he had undergone many ordeals. The lack of a family stricture implies that he was venerable to discrimination and other harassments. After finding his family and having a sense of belonging, Antwone Fisher reduces the aggressive episodes. On the contrary, he engages in meaningful activities. The counseling services with the doctor provide an avenue where Fisher can share envies that troubles. By recollecting the events in the past and locating his parents, he undergoes some healing. The mental condition, in this case, is triggered by environmental factors. As the environment changes and Fisher gets love and reassurance from his family, the mental condition begins to fade. The prevalence of the condition among many people is tied to the inadequacy of support services. Fisher case points that access to quality and regular counseling services can change one’s life. Mental condition subjects patients to a low quality of life and lower the productivity levels. The movie indicates that Fisher has issues getting along with other shipmates thus complicating teamwork and productivity. Mental conditions such as depression come with many dangers. Fisher has violent episodes which put his life and those of the shipmates to danger. There is the risk of self-harm and constant conflict. However, there are many ways of resolving mental conditions and reducing the occurrence of violent episodes. Therapy is thus an ideal way of coping with the condition. It allows the affected persons to undergo gradual healing. I would still propose counseling services from a therapist. While there is medication to deal with the episodes, counseling is more effective. My argument is based on the fact that such sessions allow for the understanding of the trigger factors as opposed to the episodes. There is thus an increased chance of permanent healing and attaining an improved quality of life. References Fisher, Antwone Quenton, and Denzel Washington. Antwone Fisher. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2003. Macfarlane, S. (2004). Antwone Fisher: how dangerous is ?dr Wonderful’. Australasian Psychiatry, 12(2), 176-178. Searight, H. R., & Saunders, D. (2014). Teaching Psychology through Popular Film: A Curriculum. International J. Soc. Sci. & Education, 4(4).

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