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End of Term Class Reflection

2, Section 2.1.2 of your myBook, Powered by zyBooks) in which you were asked, “As you begin at the University of Phoenix, what do you think is your biggest challenge?” Reflect on this challenge and what you have learned over the past 5 weeks.Write a 150- to 200-word response to the following questions:• Explain how this course has helped you with challenges.• What actions have you taken during the past 5 weeks to work toward overcoming challenges? What are your plans moving forward?• What resources (including University or otherwise) have you used to help overcome challenges?Part 2: Goal SettingWrite a 150- to 200-word response to the following questions:• How does setting goals lead to success?• What are the benefits of both short- and long-term goals?• Think about your long-term goal of graduating. What specific short-term goals do you need to meet to achieve your long-term goal of graduating?Part 3: Time ManagementWhen you started this course, what was your initial estimate, in general, for the time required each week to spend on schoolwork?Write a 150- to 200-word response to the following questions:• Was your initial estimate of time needed for this course accurate? Why or why not? Discuss the schedule you developed for this course, GEN/201. What worked well with your schedule?• Using the content taught in class, what time management skills can you implement to ensure success in future classes? (Be honest about your schedule, noting strengths and areas for growth).• Are there areas where you struggled with time management? How do you plan to overcome these challenges? What resources are available to support you?Part 4: CommunicationWrite a 150- to 200-word response to the following questions:• How has this course helped you develop more effective communication skills that you can use in future courses and in the workplace? Provide 2 specific communication methods and academic and workplace examples.• Which of the 5 steps in the writing process (prewriting, organization, drafting, revising, editing) do you anticipate will be the most challenging for you? What is your action plan for overcoming this challenge?• Share a resource from the Center for Writing Excellence that will support you in the writing process.• How do you plan to network both academically and professionally during your degree program? 

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