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Chuck, a CM graduate from BSU lands an internship with a large Regional contractor.  His first position in the company is that of “Owners Representative” for a new public library project.  The City building the library hired the firm Chuck works for as CM.
At the first meeting with the City Librarian (Joan), it became very evident that she did not have any knowledge in how a project gets designed or built.  During the meeting, there were many different questions she needed to answer before Chuck could get to work with the many preconstruction service tasks required.  Questions such as:  Where would the new library be located?  Would the library district need to buy land or could they use land they already owned?  How big should the new library be?  How would most visitors get to the new library – walking or car?  How would they pay for the library?
Chuck realized he needed to develop a summary or a checklist of those activities to guide Joan as the “owner” through the project inception and throughout the life of the project.
Problem 1 (25 points):
Develop a ‘detailed’ checklist for Joan which includes the early project life cycle phases (i.e. concept to bid).   This checklist may be organized by Project Phases.  Each phase could include a list of  ‘responsibilities/decisions for the owner’.  When necessary each decision could include factors or criteria to consider.
Include a brief description of each activity included.  Insure the checklist provides the order in which the general categories should occur.
SCENARIO (continued)
As Joan worked through her Owner checklist, it became apparent from the early planning considerations that the library project was feasible.  The library board thought the project would pass the required vote on the bond issue two months from now.  This would be an important step needed to secure financing of the project.
It was now time to move from the initial concept to consider procurement strategies.  Joan called Chuck, her point of contact for the CM company hired by the library board in CM agency relationship.  She liked the ‘check list’ Chuck had provided but was confused about several of the items noted on the list.  In particular, under the item titled, Select Procurement Method, Joan did not really understand the various options that were presented.
She asked Chuck for clarification and he responded:
In construction Joan, you typically have three options for your procurement strategy: Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Design-Build (DB), and Construction Management at Risk (CM).  DBB is a very common way to deliver a construction project using a traditional organization.  DBB calls for a complete design before site work begins and then a single general contractor assumes all the responsibility for constructing the entire project usually on the terms of a lump-sum contract.  I guess that you would like to fast track your project delivery.  Both Design-Build and CM allow this process.
This answer did not really help Joan understand contracting enough to make a decision, so she asked Chuck if he could prepare a detailed comparison of the alternatives.
PROBLEM 2 (25 points):
Imagine you are Chuck.  Write a memorandum w/ appropriate attachments for Joan including the following information:

List the pros and cons of each of the three contracting strategies.
Which contracting strategy do you recommend to Joan?  Why?
Should Joan use competitive bidding or contracts on a negotiated basis?  Why?
Should the agreement with the contractor be a lump sum, cost plus or a unit-price contract?  Why?
Draw a diagram showing the organization of the management and contracting relationships for DBB, DB, and CM.

The Market Valuation of Outsourcing New Product Development essay helpThe discussion paper should summarize and analyze the main points put forward in the paper/article. Must include additional research and thoughtful synthesis of the authors’ ideas with your ideas. Must focus on financial management/accounting with a valuation component.
Reading summary college application essay helpThis week you will read the Chapter 7 about Communicating Effectively with Key Publics in the Kotler and Lee textbook.
Prepare a summary of a portion of this week’s readings. Reading summaries will have six parts:
Prepare a reference for the summarized section in APA format.
Statement describing the thesis or theme of the reading.
Write 150 – 200 word summary of content in point form.
Comment on how another reading applies to the topic of your summary. Provide a reference for the other reading.
Apply the reading to your work (or future work) situation.
Summary must be a minimum of 250-300 words.
Use academically acceptable references in APA format.
You must post your reading summary before seeing other student summaries.
Follow this example when doing your reading summaries. The section name and page numbers change each week and correspond to the section of the reading that you summarize.
Reference: Kotler, P. & N. Lee. (2007). Improving public sector performance by seizing opportunities to meet citizen needs. In Marketing in the Public Sector: A Roadmap for Improved Performance.  (pp. 3-13). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publishing.
Theme: By meeting citizen needs, public agency performance can be improved.
Performance in the public service may be measured in terms of how well the agency meets the Common Good, which is creating the “greatest possible good for the greatest possible number of people.”
Good in the public sector can be defined by three measures often referred to as the triple bottom line – social good, economic good, and environmental good. Kotler and Lee show how fundamental, proven marketing principles can achieve these goals.
When public agencies show they offer quality programs and services, they receive increased public interest, revenues and satisfaction.
By reporting on public performance, they get more support for programs.
By communicating effectively, they motivate the public to comply voluntarily to regulations and requests.
By providing easy access to services, they get more citizen participation and decrease operating costs.
By working with the private sector, they can expand services and make them more convenient.
Other reading:
By working together public sector agencies can surpass the level of services delivered in the traditional way of offering solitary programs. Developing mutual understanding among concern agencies and a healthy relationship between practitioners and the public go a long way in promoting the common good.
International Politics best college essay help
From the second e-Activity, propose two (2) outcomes that you believe offshore drilling would have on the global usage of non-renewable resources overall. Support your rationale with two (2) specific examples of non-renewable resources likely to be affected.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the U.S. government in managing multiple environmental concerns, such as energy security and food security. Justify your response.

Explain why loneliness is a major theme in 20th century American literature. college application essay help
How politics changed literature in the nineteenth century? essay helpWrite an argumentative essay expressing your point of view. Support your ideas with proper citations. Make sure the introduction and conclusion are though-provoking and ideas are presented in a logical manner.
Ethics Case Study: To Rescue Others at What Risk? scholarship essay helpACME Medical Center has been damaged seriously by a recent hurricane. A helicopter that is trying to rescue people stranded by the hurricane has crashed, hitting the wing of the building where the pediatric unit was located. In the midst of the explosion, fire, and confusion, five people make their way to the roof and wait for rescue. They are Mary, a mother who is carrying her ill infant who was a patient on the unit; Joseph, her husband and the baby’s father; John, a pediatric resident who had been caring for the baby; Margaret, the RN, who was on duty in the pediatric unit; and Peter, a transport employee who was helping to prepare patients for rescue and evacuation.
Mary says to the group, “I think I hear someone crying. Yes, I can hear cries for help. We’ve got to go back down the stairs and help those people!” Dr. John says, “You women stay here. Joseph and I will go back down and see what we can do.” Joseph looks first at his own ill infant and then down the smoke-filled stairs and replies, “I’m not going back down. It’s too risky. The smoke is too thick. We’d never make it through and survive.” Margaret the RN says, “We’ve got to do something; we can’t just let people die. I’d never be able to live with myself. Those are my patients and I need to help them.” Margaret runs down the stairs and disappears. Peter says, “You’re all crazy! In a situation like this it’s every man for himself!”
What is the ethical dilemma?
What is your value and ethical position related to the case? Include discussion of theory and principles on which your position is based.
What are some other alternatives for resolving the problem?
What are the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives?
How would you prioritize the acceptable alternatives?
What is your plan of action?
The Doctrine of Revelation−General Revelation college essay help near me1. Using the articles by the theologians in the assigned readings in addition to two or three credible sources from the GCU eLibrary, compare and contrast the various theologians’ positions on general revelation.
2. Use a list format for this paper, listing the various points of comparison and correlation.

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