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English Question

the chapter is “Pollution and the summary shall include the following.
1- How does Garrard approach that particular concept?
2- What are some of the key ways he discusses pollution?
3- Beyond that concept, identify what seem to you to be some of the other important ideas in the chapter and briefly summarize them.
4- What strikes you as important about these particular ideas?
the link for the book “: ”

English Question

Essay 1—Arguing about Causes and Effects
In your essay, I first want you to form a hypothesis about the cause(s) and/or the effect(s) of a phenomenon concerning our diets/consumption. Single out an eating trend or social consumption behavior and choose to 1) explain why it started; 2) why it has stopped; 3) why it has increased in popularity or prevalence; 4) why it has decreased in popularity or prevalence; 5) or, explain the widespread consequence(s) of a trend or behavior. You might look at causes and effects impacting areas of life such as public health, the economy, the marketplace, and culture.
Your paper, 3 full pages minimum (though stronger papers might need to be longer), depends on your use of credible outside research as evidence to support your central claim. Please cite at least four professional journalistic and/or academic sources.
Description of your highlighted subject: do you clearly describe a singular trend or phenomenon? Do you give it the necessary history and context? Do you make it seem significant, that is, worthy of our consideration?
.5—The description and contextualization are missing from your paper or too superficially presented.
1—The description and contextualization are presented adequately.
1.5— The description and contextualization are presented well.
2—The description and contextualization are presented masterfully. Your audience will have a rich understanding of the trend or phenomenon and its larger significance.
Supporting evidence: do you employ current and reputable academic/journalistic evidence to support your own thesis? Do you use at least four outside sources to support your explanation?
.5—No outside sources are used, or some are used but not as critically as needed for college-level work.
1—You use four sources at least, and you use them adequately to develop your explanations and examples.
1.5— You use four sources at least, and you use them keenly to develop your explanations and examples.
2—Your masterfully incorporate outside research to develop your explanations and examples. The distinction between those critical voices and your own is clear, and you cite them to support your work without letting them overpower your own voice and argument in the paper.
Responding to alternative judgments and objections: do you anticipate objections and respond with carefully made counterarguments?
.5—You don’t really address other ideas about what caused or what are the effects of your subject.
1—You adequately discuss some of the most obvious and/or important alternative theories and respond adequately to possible objections to your own thesis.
1.5—You deftly discuss the most obvious and/or important alternative theories and respond insightfully to possible objections to your own thesis.
2—You expertly introduce differing hypotheses about cause and effect, tactfully refute and/or concede their points,
but finally, you still work to justify your own stance in response.
Style, clarity, grammar, and mechanics: are you communicating clearly sentence-by-sentence? Are you paragraphs well organized and well connected to one other?
.5—No, your sentences may be more often than not grammatically challenged or slightly confusing. Your ideas, even if they are good, are a little bit of a mess!
1—Yes, you communicate fine, even if you might still have some issues to work on. Your ideas are organized well enough to follow.
1.5—You are in pretty good shape as a writer and sound in control of your thoughts. Your ideas are logically organized and easy to follow.
2— Your writing shows a nearly professional ability to control word choice, structure, style, and tone. The structure of your essay—its use of forecasting, topic sentences, and transition—compels us through your writing with ease.
Does your essay adhere to MLA guidelines, including a properly formatted works cited page in alphabetical order that uses hanging indentations?
No [0] Kind of [.5] Perfectly [1]
Did you post a rough draft on time and complete the peer review workshop? Did you give useful feedback to three peers per my directions?
No, you didn’t complete either task [0] You did one of the two requirements [.5] You completed both aspects of peer review [1]
___/ 10

English discussion activities

English Assignment Help These are pretty simple activities for an english 102 class.I uploaded 4 activities to do for discussion 1. I also uploaded the character analysis chart needed for one of the activities. For discussion #2 and #3 Here are the links to the videos.
In the videos everything is explained and all the activities are mentioned. Please let me know if anything is unclear. the answers can be simple

Create a well-developed second paragraph that would follow the following paragraph.

Read the paragraph below:
Create a well-developed second paragraph that would follow the following paragraph
Governments are working tirelessly to ensure that its’ citizens have health insurance. Unfortunately, millions of people have never been insured. Drastically has this number grown over the past years and is feared to rise even more. The level of poverty in many countries is to be blamed for this as many citizens cannot afford to insure themselves and their families. They, therefore, have very limited or no access to health services. This has caused a tremendous increase in the number of illnesses in these countries.

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