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English Question

Write your own words please
Choose TWO of the videos from Listening #1 and answer the following questions in your response. You may use paragraph form or bullet points.
1. What is the purpose the music serves? Is it for entertainment, religious worship, self-expression, something else?
2. Who is performing? Solo singer, orchestra, singer plus orchestra?
3. What instruments can you identify? Don’t worry if you can’t id everything – just try to pick out one or two different instruments.
4. Why did you pick this video? Was there something interesting or compelling about the video?
2001: A Space Odyssey (Links to an external site.)(2001:A Space Odessey is a film directed By Stanley Kubrick (Links to an external site.) (1968); opening music from Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra(Links to an external site.) (1896))
Kol Nidrei (Links to an external site.) for the Yom Kippur (Links to an external site.) service, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Sung by Cantor Buchdahl in 2012.

One idea for how to best complete the writing assignments is for students to use the notes they take

One idea for how to best complete the writing assignments is for students to use the notes they take while reading, viewing, or listening during lecture to more broadly discuss information that is new and relevant to their lives. They may decide to briefly share situations in which this information would have been, currently is, or likely will be helpful for them to know and to put into practice. Furthermore, students may choose to write questions about the materials or general topic and to attempt to answer those same questions prior to class discussion as a way of preparing for each class. Whichever way students choose to go about completing the writing assignment (“journals”), they are expected to demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills. All content is expected to be thoughtful and respectful.
Each part should consist of a minimum of 1 double-spaced page (12 pt font) on each topic presented during the first and second half of the semester. If a course topic includes, for example, more than one assignment (e.g., both an article and a documentary), students should use the 1 page (minimum) to touch on ALL required material.
PSYC 5 Topic List (Writing Assignment, pt I)

Communication about gender
• Documentary: Gender Revolution: A View with Katie Couric

Management Question

English Assignment Help Prepare a 250-word reflection and analysis based on blogs, articles, multimedia etc. of a company that faced an ethical dilemma. Consider the action taken and identify a link with our classroom discussions. Remember find some new article about ethical dilemmas. do not use old articles.

Wordle game

Always Win at Wordle!
Wordle is a game where players try to guess a mystery 5-letter word in 6 guesses or less. The game lets the player know if a letter is in the correct position (green square), in the word but in an incorrect position (yellow square) or not in the word at all (grey square). Players use this information to create their next guess as they narrow it down to the mystery word.
There are roughly 13,000 5-letter words in the English language, but only 2,309 are possible answers in the game. More obscure 5-letter words are excluded. I will provide you a file with all 2,309 possible answers.
Your assignment is to develop this file into a tool that a Wordle player can use to ALWAYS WIN AT WORDLE! Add some formulas to the file and make use of the sorting, filtering, and other features of Excel to develop it into a “cheater tool.”Everyone must download this file Download download this file and develop it into their own tool. You can share ideas, but the tool must be your own creation. This assignment has 2 parts:Part I: Tool and Instructions
After you have built your tool, test it on the daily Wordle game here: (Links to an external site.)
All old Wordle puzzles have been archived so you may find it useful to test your tool on many puzzles by using this site: (Links to an external site.)
When you’re happy with your tool, create a set of clear instructions for the Wordle player. The instructions must contain the following:
1. Tell the Wordle player what to guess for the first word.
2. Tell the Wordle player how to record the results of each guess in your tool.
3. Tell the Wordle player how to use the tool to create the next guess.
I will randomly select 3 words from the list to test your instructions and cheater tool 3 times. If I use your tool to solve each Wordle in 6 guesses or less then you earn 10/10 points for Part I.
Here’s a couple articles that might help: Wordle Strategies and Tips (Links to an external site.) and A Collection of the Best Wordle Tips and Tricks (Links to an external site.)
Part II: Methodology and Reflection
1. Project Methodology (100-200 words): Describe your thought process. Where did you start? What did you do next? What steps did you take to complete this project? Why did you make the decisions you did?
2. Project Reflection (100-200 words): Reflect on this project. You can write about things such as what you found challenging, what you enjoyed, which part of the project gave you the most trouble, how would you approach this project differently next time, what you would change about this project, or any other thoughtful reflection on your work.
Part II is worth 10 points.
Make sure to submit these 4 items:
1. Your Wordle Tool
2. Instructions to use your Wordle Tool
3. Project Methodology
4. Project Reflection

Civil Engineering Question

I attached all the requirements below. please make sure to read it before you bid the question
project Understanding

public health/ health topic 3

For this paper please review the topics/public health issues as seen in the videos and compare them to current health issues. There should be at least 2 different diseases. Please use your textbook, any references, and additional resources as needed. Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages long (750 words).
video link:…

A marketing company based out of New York City is doing well and is looking to expand internationally. The

A marketing company based out of New York City is doing well and is looking to expand internationally. The CEO and VP of Operations decide to enlist the help of a consulting firm that you work for, to help collect data and analyze market trends.

You work for Mercer Human Resources. The Mercer Human Resource Consulting website lists prices of certain items in selected cities around the world. They also report an overall cost-of-living index for each city compared to the costs of hundreds of items in New York City (NYC). For example, London at 88.33 is 11.67% less expensive than NYC.

More specifically, if you choose to explore the website further you will find a lot of fun and interesting data. You can explore the website more on your own after the course concludes. cost-of-living-rankings#rankings

Assignment Guidance:
In the Excel document, you will find the 2018 data for 17 cities in the data set Cost of Living. Included are the 2018 cost of living index, cost of a 3-bedroom apartment (per month), price of monthly transportation pass, price of a mid-range bottle of wine, price of a loaf of bread (1 lb.), the price of a gallon of milk and price for a 12 oz. cup of black coffee. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

You use this information to run a Multiple Linear Regression to predict Cost of living, along with calculating various descriiptive statistics. This is given in the Excel output (that is, the MLR has already been calculated. Your task is to interpret the data).

Based on this information, in which city should you open a second office in? You must justify your answer. If you want to recommend 2 or 3 different cities and rank them based on the data and your findings, this is fine as well.

Deliverable Requirements:
This should be ¾ to 1 page, no more than 1 single-spaced page in length, using 12-point Times New Roman font. You do not need to do any calculations, but you do need to pick a city to open a second location at and justify your answer based upon the provided results of the Multiple Linear Regression.

The format of this assignment will be an Executive Summary. Think of this assignment as the first page of a much longer report, known as an Executive Summary, that essentially summarizes your findings briefly and at a high level. This needs to be written up neatly and professionally. This would be something you would present at a board meeting in a corporate environment. If you are unsure of an Executive Summary, this resource can help with an overview. What is an Executive Summary?

Things to Consider:
To help you make this decision here are some things to consider:

Based on the MLR output, what variable(s) is/are significant?
From the significant predictors, review the mean, median, min, max, Q1 and Q3 values?
It might be a good idea to compare these values to what the New York value is for that variable. Remember New York is the baseline as that is where headquarters are located.
Based on the descriiptive statistics, for the significant predictors, what city has the best potential?
What city or cities fall are below the median?
What city or cities are in the upper 3rd quartile?

I will attach the excel file mentioned in the expanation and any other links.

Follow instructions from the PDF Add some of my opinions to the essay- I would recommend this book to

Follow instructions from the PDF

Add some of my opinions to the essay-
I would recommend this book to others if they enjoy a slow starting book that eventually dives into the main plot, but if not i wouldn’t recommend.

Liked the main characters

Pacing was pretty slow to start

Authors writing style isn’t what i’m used to but made it interesting to read.

Use at least one quote from the book

Management Question

Learning Outcomes:
Explain and apply critical thinking and cognitive psychology as it pertains to analyze and synthesize information for problem solving and decision making. (C.L.O :2.1)
Demonstrate decision tools and employ appropriate analytical business models to break down complex issues. (C.L.O :2.2)
Demonstrate effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity for efficient decision making with the problem owners and other stakeholders as either a team member or a team leader.. (C.L.O :3.1)

Assignment Question(s):(Marks 10)
Assignment Instructions for Part-I:
Log in to Saudi Digital Library (SDL) via University’s website
On first page of SDL, choose “English Databases”
From the list find and click on EBSCO database.
In the search bar of EBSCO find the following article:
Title: “Better Brainstorming”
Author: Hal Gregersen
Date of Publication: March-April, 2018
Published: Harvard Business Review

Read the article titled as “Better Brainstorming” by Hal Gregersen, published in Harvard Business Review, and answer the following Questions:
Summarize the article and explain the main issues discussed in the article. Discuss the three steps of ‘Question burst’ in brainstorming in relation with the text you learnt in the course.

Part-II- Critical Thinking Question
“Critical thinking is the opposite of creative thinking.” Do you agree? Provide examples of why you agree or disagree.
Suppose you are a member of a group asked to find ways to cut costs throughout your organization for the upcoming year. Sales have fallen sharply, and the company is in danger of going out of business. After gathering information, your group concludes that the company will save the most money by freezing pay for a year, despite a tradition of annual salary increases. How can you make sure this is a fair decision? How can you make sure that others in the organization will see it as a fair decision?

Attached are the instructions. Please be thorough and in-depth when addressing each prompt and pay close attention to the

Attached are the instructions. Please be thorough and in-depth when addressing each prompt and pay close attention to the highlighted sections. I have included 4 files as a guide when completing the annotated bibliography. Please ensure to review the grading rubric for maximum points.

Thank you!

Instructions For this assignment, you will read a case and answer a series of questions concerning an analysis of Essay

For this assignment, you will read a case and answer a series of questions concerning an analysis of ethical considerations governing marketing practices, as leaders are responsible for such endeavors. Begin by reading the attached case,
Datamonitor. (2010, July). Ambush marketing case study: Successfully leveraging high-profile events to raise brand profile.

Then, draft a two-page paper by addressing each of the following items:
? In your own words, how would you describe “ambush marketing”? Include two examples with your descriiption.
? What are the advantages and disadvantages (risks and consequences) of ambush marketing?
? What was Bavaria Beer hoping to achieve through its ambush marketing tactics?
? Would you consider Bavaria Beer’s ambush marketing an unethical practice or simply a competitive strategy? Explain.
? Can ambush marketing be both intentional and unintentional? Explain.
? As a leader of an organization, would you allow the practice of ambush marketing? Explain.
Be sure to demonstrate a clear analysis as you address each question. Use APA style to format your assignment. For assistance in formatting your paper, refer to the Citation Guide. You are not required to complete additional research for this assignment; however, if you do, use APA Style to cite your sources.

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