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English Question

Write a 1,050 -1,400-word paper that describes the potentially important ethical considerations of beneficence, autonomy, and justice for a study (either a study you used for a previous assignment in this course or your proposed dissertation study).Review the instructions for accessing the IRB Application via IRBNet as a resource to address field requirements. Use the point of view of an IRB reviewer, and discuss the ethical dynamics of decisions you have made, even if they are not yet final decisions, related to the:Choice and definition of the caseChoice of theoretical frameworkChoice of types and sources of evidenceChoice of questions to ask or details to observeChoice of data collection techniques and schedulesChoice of data analysis methodsChoice of methods to maximize trustworthinessChoice of methods to safeguard anonymity and confidentiality and to minimize any negative effects of your investigationConsider the implications in each of these areas for the case as a whole, for individual members of the case, for the field of inquiry, and for the eventual audience.Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

historical critisism

can you please add details about Illmatic by naz, and the Naz documentary, and how they relate to what I have written. I need 4 academic journal sources which you can list at the end
The second draft must use a minimum of four credible secondary sources, correctly cited using in-text citations and a full works cited page in MLA style. The sources should include:
-At least one source dealing with the larger historical and cultural context
-At least two academic journal articles
If it’s relevant to your analysis, I encourage you to use the excerpt from The German Ideology by Karl Marx as one of your sources.
Your second draft should explain the historical and cultural context of your text, and attempt to synthesize your secondary sources in order to build an argument, or central claim, about your text and/or the culture which produced it. You must cite and analyze passages from all four sources and use them to contextualize a close reading of passages from your primary text.
Questions to consider: what does this text tell us about the struggles, conflicts, and contradictions of the time and place in which it was produced? how does the text attempt to address or respond to these struggles, conflicts, and contradictions? what social beliefs and/or values are embodied, promoted, interrogated, or attacked? what is left out or rendered silent or invisible in the text, and what can we make of this?
This draft must be at least 1500 words of research and analysis. If you repeat yourself or stretch out your writing artificially, I will remove these passages from my word count. Please submit your second draft some time before class on Monday, April 4th.

analytical writing compare and contrast social media how it enriches and why has power to ruin our lives

English Assignment Help you will write about a subject that touches our lives each and every day: social media. I am sure you have all heard both sides of social media debate. Some people think it ruins lives and others think that it has brought people together and fosters relationships like never before.
I want you to consider some of the compelling reasons why social media can enrich our lives, and also the very real reasons why social media has the power to ruin our lives, too. I am hoping in our discussion we can give each other ideas, meaning you might think of something a classmate did not, and this will spark your research for future weeks on this same topic.
You can use personal experiences here if you like, just be sure not to give away identities (of friends or family who might not want to be noticed) or any other personal information that may be of concern. Remember, I want you to consider BOTH sides of the story here, so your paragraph should borrow its structure from a COMPARE AND CONTRAST form of development. see attached documents for textbook format information.
You should write a developed paragraph discussing some of the pros and cons of social media and its implications on our lives today. Use the principles of compare and contrast explained in chapter 12(attached) of your text to guide your planning, revising, and posting of the final paragraph to the discussion board.

Writing Question(RW)

In 2 pages address this
Aging Media Review: Description With this assignment students are asked to critically examine an aging related issue portrayed in the current media and incorporate in their analysis the concepts studied in class. Begin by selecting a media piece from any of the following sources – news or journal article (print or web), podcast, video, audio segment, or a movie. The topic addressed in the media piece must be current and directly related to aging. Examples of age-related issues include physical or mental health, religion and spirituality, death and dying, health care policy and programs, economy, retirement, housing, sexuality, ethics, etc. • Clearly articulate the main idea/issue presented in the original source. Remember that the reader of your assignment is not familiar with the specific media piece you have selected. Therefore, be sure to provide a context/background for your paper by including a succinct description of the most salient points of the original piece (i.e., the nature of the issue, prevalence, implications, solutions, etc.) • Describe how the idea/issue relates to the theories or concepts studied in class. Be very specific in drawing these connections and provide a rationale and examples to support your position. • Describe the significance of the main idea/issue for the lives of older adults and provide a rationale for your position. Specifically, what is the positive impact of the issue on older adults? Equally important, what potential or actual drawbacks can you identify relative to this idea/issue? (Remember, every position has its merits and limitations; try to identify what these are for your selected idea). Explain in detail and with examples (Hint: since most of the points of this assignment pertain to this section, focus on placing most of your paper’s emphasis here) • Identify one area related to the main issue that was not addressed by the media piece but that you would like to explore further. What specifically would you like to learn more about and why? Provide a strong rationale using the concepts studied in class (i.e., explain why it is important to know more about this issue) Follow APA style for writing and formatting your assignment, citations, and references. If you are not familiar with APA, use the resources provided on Blackboard to help you. Prior to uploading your file, give it a name using the following format: AGNG200_LastName_FirstName_FileName. Submit your assignment using SafeAssign on Blackboard no later than 11:59 pm on the specified due date. All late assignments will be subject to the 5% grade penalty described earlier in the section “Policy on Late Assignments”. After you upload your assignment but before you exit the menu, be sure the accurate file was submitted; no re-submissions will be accepted.
Requirements: 2pages

I need to write a 1 page essay on the history of wheelchairs. The file I attached is the

I need to write a 1 page essay on the history of wheelchairs. The file I attached is the information I can only use for this essay. I copied and pasted important information from each link that I would like to be in the essay. But I did include the links to add more information into the essay. I’m only allowed to use the links I provided. I also need a bibliography for the links. Please don’t use too many complicated words, keep it simple and straightforward.

make code computer media

You need to submit two files on 2 links :
1. A word file that contains answers to required questions
For questions asking to write a code, your answer has to be:
– a copy of the code (as text not as a screenshot)
– screenshot of the output
2. Zipped file contains code.
The code must end with number 1or 0 like the cat picture and it must e a cat

Create a Linear Optimization Model using Excel and Solver tool

Create a working broad Linear Optimization Model from the Case Study provided using Excel and the Solver tool.
– List out all the constraints.
– Explain how you got the solution.
I just want a Linear Optimization model to be created in excel and then calculate its prediction using the Solver tool provided by excel. I also want all the constraints to be listed out and a possible explanation of how you analyzed the model and how you received each formula/solution.
Please watch this video for a detailed explanation and look especially at the Methods section as that’s how I want the methods for the case study to be listed.

Also, feel free to use the attached excel sheet to create the Linear Optimization model in it using the Solver tool.

Complete the Crayfish Heartrate Lab Report

Complete the Crayfish Heartrate Lab Report. Remember that you are not to present raw data. You should be calculating averages of the change in heartrate for a particular treatment over all of the specimens for which you have data that fits that particular treatment. For example, find the difference in heartrate between the baseline and the serotonin treatment for all specimens that were treated with serotonin. Take an average of the change in heartrate over all of those specimens and report that number in your table. Make sure that you also report the number of specimens used to calculate each average.

Topic: The Arrest Policies Project Program in Greenville, Mississippi (** This was just a topic of interest). The assignments

Topic: The Arrest Policies Project Program in Greenville, Mississippi

(** This was just a topic of interest).

The assignments in this course build on one another to culminate in your Program Evaluation Plan. In order to plan a program evaluation, we must first understand the program and the needs of the population served. You may use the elements in bold below as headings in your paper. For this assignment, you will compose a 3 to 4-page paper (paper MUST be in APA) with the following components:

· Identify and describe a criminal justice program in your community (you may use the program described in Discussion Post #2).

· What is the mission of the program and the specific population served?

· What services does this program provide?

· In what way does this particular program address a significant need in the community? Make sure to cite the relevant information source to support the need for the program.

· In what way(s) would the program benefit from an evaluation?

· What are some ethical considerations in the planning and implementation of this program evaluation?

· If you were hired as an external evaluator to evaluate this program, what are some initial steps you would take to plan this evaluation?

The Rubric for Assignment 1 (Evaluation Framework Paper)

Criteria: Effectively selects a relevant criminal justice program in the community, with accurate descriiptions of the program, services provided, the community impact of the program, and the theoretical basis of the program.

0-2 points- A program is introduced; however, is not relevant to the field of criminal justice, and/or is not described in sufficient detail.

3-5 points -A relevant program is selected and supported; however, is not described in sufficient detail to best understand the purpose, function, and impact of the program. The theory behind the program is briefly described.

6-8 points-A relevant program is introduced and described in sufficient detail so that it is clear the student has a solid understanding of the program, including its purpose, function, and impact in the community. The theoretical basis for the program is explained in detail.

Criteria: Effectively outline a program evaluation at the chosen site, including potential benefits of an evaluation, evaluation model best suited for the program, ethical considerations relevant to the specific site, and initial steps to plan the evaluation.

0-1 points: Paper does not address and/or does not describe in sufficient detail the benefits of the evaluation, an appropriate evaluation model, ethical considerations, and initial steps to plan the evaluation.

2-3 points: Paper contains relevant information regarding the benefits of the evaluation, an appropriate evaluation model, ethical considerations, and initial steps to plan the evaluation, but does not describe these in sufficient detail.

4 points: Paper presents a clear and descriiptive outline for the evaluation, including strong support for the benefits of the evaluation, the proposed model to be used, ethical consideration, and initial steps to plan the evaluation.

Criteria for APA: Adheres to APA format; well-written.

0-1 points: Multiple errors in APA format; errors from previous papers not corrected in subsequent papers. Writing poorly edited; awkward construction and/or poor flow of ideas.

2-3 points: Some APA errors. Writing shows evidence of self-editing with some construction and/or flow problems.

4 points: Accurate use of APA format with minimal errors. Coherent development of the ideas using well-formed sentences and flowing paragraphs.

HR Homework

Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).

M g t 4 0 2 (as2)

Entrepreneurship and Small Business
ASSIGNMENT -2 Submission Date by students:Before the end of Week- 11th
Place of Submission: Students Grade Centre
Weight: 10 Marks
Learning Outcome:
Utilize strong analytical skills and tools to formulate an effective Bootstrap Marketing Plan on which a small business can build a competitive edge in the market place. (Lo 1.8).
Deliver and communicate marketing massages in coherent and professional manner. (Lo 4.4).
Assignment Workload:
This assignment is an individual assignment.

The founder of Almarai is HH Prince Sultan Bin Mohammed Bin Saudi Al Kabeer who recognized the potential to transform the traditional dairy farming in Saudi Arabia in order to meet the needs of a growing domestic market. Numerous agricultural projects were developed under his guidance to achieve the objective of the company. Almarai stepped into the market with the processing of fresh milk and laban into the modern dairy farms.
The Company has invested heavily in technologically advanced production facilities and recruiting the right person for the right job. Almarai is considered to be the second and the larger Central Processing Plant with a new cheese plant along with it. On a daily basis, Almarai is capable of serving high quality and hygienic products to more than 43,500 customers within the GCC countries. In 2007, Almarai entered the bakery products market by acquiring Jeddah-based Western Bakeries. Two years later, Almarai started the construction of a new bakery facility in Al Kharj. In the same year, Almarai established a joint venture with Chipita and Olayan Finance Company under the name of the Modern Company Industries to launch 7DAYS brand.
In 2009, Almarai added poultry products to its portfolio through the acquisition of Hail Agricultural Development Company (HADCO). After investing in an excellent production facility, Almarai launched the new premium poultry brand – Alyoum. During the same year, Almarai made acquisition with Mead Johnson Nutrition to form a 50-50 joint venture known as the International Pediatric Nutrition Company (IPNC).
In 2010, Almarai entered the infant nutrition market with the construction of the region’s first infant nutrition plant at Al-Kharj. Recognizing that the best way forward involves working with acknowledged experts in this field, Almarai formed the International Pediatric Nutrition Company (IPNC), Almarai has recently acquired the entire project and now offers its products under the brands Nura.
The success of Almarai is because of its unique infrastructure, which includes farms, dairy, juice and bakery processing plants and also determined by the marketing and distribution expertise, all of which are working towards delivering a quality product to the consumer.
Product / Services Details
Juices: Almarai always uses the best fruit to make the juices that the customers love. It maintains good balance between good health and great taste. Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, Alphonso Mango, Orange with Pulp, Orange, Orange and Carrot, Apple, Mango, Mango Mixed Fruit, Fruit Cocktail, Mixed Berry, lemon with Mint, Guava with Pulp.
Home Snacks: Snacks products are the tastier and the simple one which would give relishing taste. Tinned Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Mozzarella Cheese, Feta Cheese, Whipping Cream, Tomato Paste.
Yoghurts and Desserts: Pure and calcium-rich favourites for the entire family. Desserts are made from 100% natural, fresh cow’s milk. Yoghurt, Fresh Cream, Labneh, Layered fruit Yoghurt, Stirred Fruit Yoghurt, Sterilized Cream, Desserts.
Culinary Products: Almarai provides the tastiest cheeses, and richest creams which makes mother’s work easy in the kitchen. Cream Jar Mix, Cheddar Jar Cheese, Sliced Cheese, Square Cheese Portions, Block Cheddar, Halloumi Cheese.
Dairy Liquids: There is a complete range of delicious laban and milk based dairy products for the entire family. Fresh laban, Fresh Milk, Flavoured Fresh Milk, UHT Milk, Evaporated Milk, Advanced Nutrition.
Kids Products: Kids products prove to be a fun and a healthy bunch for kids. Triangled Cheese, UHT Flavored Milk, Zady Drinking Yoghurt, Zady Flavored Yoghurt, Zady Jelly Custard, Zady Fruit Dairy Snack.
Almarai ensures that all its products are properly packed and refrigerated in proper temperatures so that the products maintain its fresh nature and quality. Liquid products are transported in those transports which has refrigerator facility so that it does not get spoiled by over time. Almarai mainly emphasis on quality. Packaging is done in a very clear and uncluttered way so that it is easily recognizable. The company distributes its products annually which covers more than 110 million kilometres in delivering dairy, juice, bakery and poultry products reaching up to 43,500 customers across six GCC states.
Almarai has long-haul fleet which transports raw milk from dairy farms to the Central Processing Plants and then it transports the finished goods from the production site to different designated sales locations. Almarai reaches to more than 42,000 shops within the GCC countries on daily basis. It ensures that the products are properly packed with appropriate temperatures for different products. The transports are specially designed so that the products are not spoiled and last for longer time.
Almarai transports the finished to small grocery stores and supermarkets. Almarai enjoys increasing incomes and demands that come from supermarkets where one shop for one’s weekly requirement in a single visit.
Critical Questions.
Conduct a SWOT analysis for Almarai based on the information given. (2.5 Marks)
Examine the 4 P’s of Almarai based on the information given. (2.5 Marks)
Critically analyze the competitive structure of the organization. (2.5 Marks)
Critically evaluate the product portfolio of Almarai along its USP (Unique selling prepositions). (2.5 Marks)

The Answer must follow the outline points below:
Each answer should be within 300 to 500 range of word counts.
Note: You can support your answer by the course book.
You can use secondary source available on internet.

English Question

The lipid panel of a blood test measures the total cholesterol in blood. This consists of the four types of lipids in blood, which include those considered as “good” and “bad” cholesterol. Besides, the body stores excess calories by creating triacylglycerols, which are stored in fat cells. The amounts of lipids in the human body are very important since researchers suggest that saturated fats and cholesterol are associated with diseases. Prepare a research paper in MLA style (at least three pages long and two reliable sources, including the textbook and LIRN) on the following topic:
“Types of lipids, their structures, functions in the body, and health effects”

according to the teacher feedback: Question 2: the answer is a no, unless you are sure that someone with

according to the teacher feedback:

Question 2: the answer is a no, unless you are sure that someone with learning difficulties is actually going to be one of your interviewees.
Question 4: again, another no, unless you are targeting children, sick patients in hospitals etc as interviewees. Minority groups providing basic needs to their families are not vulnerable groups.
Question 10: again, answer must be no. You will be very careful to avoid that any harm would be caused to you and others by for example avoiding venues where there is the risk that accidents might occur or any issue of safety would make it too risky for you and others to meet your interviewees there (by for example meeting a particular respondent in safe environment or online).

Public Health Question

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) form allows a private insurer in Saudi Arabia to assess an individual’s health and lifestyle. You have been tasked with drafting a memo to the CEO addressing how an HRA could help your insurance company. Be sure to address the following components:
Frequency and purpose of an HRA;
Examples of questions asked on an HRA;
The impact of an HRA on risk and premium cost;
Negative implications of HRAs on those with chronic illness; and
Best practices involving HRAs.
Your memo should meet the following structural requirements:
The memo should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the cover sheet and reference page.
Formatted according to APA and Saudi Electronic University writing standards.
Provide support for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly articles. Two of these sources may be from the class readings, textbook, or lectures, but two must be external. The Saudi Digital Library is a good place to find these references.

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