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English Question

Required : 1) Revision 2) one page memorandum 3) add a secondary or primary source to draft
Please follow feedback !!!!! which was :I really like your argument for this essay, and your reasoning makes a lot of sense. What’s missing from the essay is the specific moments from the film that can support your claims. It gets stronger when you discuss Max, I think, but you need to talk about precise details to strengthen this. There are a number of scenes where you could draw on the dialogue of the film. Look at my notes, but think some more about those moments where you were thinking that one character was trying to show they had control over another. It seems that, by the end, you are really arguing that Hollywood has the most control, so you might want to give that part of the essay a little more space. I think you could definitely revise this essay for Essay #3 and make it stronger. We can talk about that if you choose to take that route. SO MAKE CORRECTIONS BASED ON FEEDBACK PROVIDED ABOVE
Description of Assignment:“Do not expect your first draft to be the finished product,” the MLA Handbook reminds its readers. Successful papers are usually the result of many drafts; while some writers may write slowly and approach a finished draft upon the first sitting, others work in stages—outlining, taking a lot of notes, working in stages and drafting several attempts. Whatever your particular writing style, the more drafts you’re able to craft, the more honed and precise your writing will be. Revising, though, means a great deal more than simply correcting mechanical errors—you will re-vision your work.For this assignment, you will select an essay that you have already written for this class to revise and extend your argument. Choosing either Essay #1 or Essay #2, you will revisit your argument and incorporate two scholarly, secondary sources which support your suggestions. In this essay, you will not simply place quotations in what you’ve already written, but vigorously and substantially extend, rework, and revise your previous draft while incorporating outside research. Digital Option: You may even revise it into another format, entirely. There are academic (somewhat) videos, podcasts, etc., that exist, and you could revise your essay into one of these digital formats.Specifications: Each written paper should be 5-7 pages in length, roughly.No paper should be shorter than 5 full pages.  Digital Option: Videos should run 8-10 minutes; podcasts should run 10-12 minutes. If you have another format in mind, talk to me to work out the parameters. Written papers must be typed, double-spaced, and with MLA format for in-text citations. Include page numbers. Please submit in MS Word or a similar format.  This “paper” should state a compelling and narrow thesis early in the paper. The support for this thesis should come from the text itself and your secondary sources, so be sure to use in-text citations. If you create a digital revision, you

will still need to be citing these sources and pointing readers to where this information comes from in the texts.  You must include a works cited page for this assignment, providing both primary and secondary source information. If your project doesn’t have a visual component, you can submit a written works cited to me, separately. You must extend the arguments, in some way, that you made in the first draft.  You will hand in a one-page memorandum, detailing why you selected the essay for revision you chose and how you approached the global revision process.Rhetorical Situation:The intended audience for this assignment is a part of the academic community. Imagine that you are writing or communicating to the members of our class. While this includes students, it also includes an instructor. We will have engaged in a great deal of class discussion by the time you submit your project, so be sure to go beyond any close reading we do in class. Further, every member of this class is different from every other member. Choose your tone and word choice accordingly.For the revision, however, your reader will not be familiar with the secondary sources and scholarship that you’ve found. Incorporate this information in a way that your reader will understand and appreciate.Required Supporting Materials: Peer Review Draft with the comments of your peer(s) New, final draft

Technological Mediation

DescriptionIn a two- to three-page essay reflect on the effect a specific technological change has had on your life. Review Peter-Paul Verbeek’s video about “technological mediation” in which he explains how technology both creates new ways for us to act in …
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Week 5 Discussion

English Assignment Help Description-What does the recent economic history of Brazil tell you about the relationship between price inflation and exchange rates? What other factors might determine exchange rates for the Brazilian real?
-Is a decline in value of the real against the U…
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Music Question

Using Soundtrap and your MIDI controller, create an original composition between 1 and 3 minutes that relates to or was inspired by visual elements (video or still images). Use a DAW of your choosing to create the audio and sync the video elements through Camtasia or another video editing solution.

Post lab and report

I need help completing the table and calculations for table 1 and 2 only. I also need help with the lab report and post lab questions. I have included the lab procedure, data. I will include the lab report guidelines as well as the post lab questions.

child dev 39gexech

Develop a ProcedureThis assignment speaks to getting results and outcomes:
Design a procedure to help staff understand the situation as the issue arises again.
Develop a procedure to provide guidance to fulfill that goal
Develop a procedure to communicate for action
OverviewYou will refer to the previous assignment in unit 8.3, where you were told to reflect on: What is the difference between having unwritten rules at home and at work?
Now that you have stated that problem in unit 8.3, you can continue to create a procedure for it. You may also write a procedure on something else. I caution you NOT to just copy off anywhere because canvas Turnitin will.
Ask yourself these questions when developing your procedure.
Is it about a requirement to follow?
Meal and Snack Times in Preschool Programs (Links to an external site.)
Is it about a method that should be followed?
How to write your lesson plan? Children’s end-of-the-year report.
Admission and Enrollment procedure (Links to an external site.)
Is it regarding a protocol?
Talking to media. ( This should be a policy for your program)
Earthquake Emergency Plan. ( This can be a combination of licensing requirements and your program’s inhouse policy)
InstructionsTo develop a procedure for staff in your school/ program.
Step I Background
Briefly state the background and the problem leading to this procedure to be written. Try to focus on 1 problem at hand. (1-2 sentences)
Step II Steps to follow (No limitation here)
What are your instructions on the steps to take, from the beginning to the end?
Be sure to state who this procedure is for and who is monitoring that the procedure is followed?
Should you include a timeline in the procedure? Eg. When to submit your application? Where – What floor do we file a grievance on?
Step III Objective (State in 1 sentence)
Finally, the objective of this procedure is to identify what is it about.
e.g. To meet licensing requirements regarding bodies of water in a program (Links to an external site.)
Submission Guidelines
Submit your assignment by clicking on the submit assignment at the top. I would suggest that you type your procedure on a word document and cut and press into the rich content editor when you are ready to submit.

DescriptionOuestion 1 (READ CASE STUDY 1 – Standards Battles and Design Dominance) Using ‘ A Battle Emerging in Mobile Payments’ case study

DescriptionOuestion 1 (READ CASE STUDY 1 – Standards Battles and
Design Dominance)
Using ‘ A Battle Emerging in Mobile Payments’ case study (Schilling, 2017, p67), what do you think will determine which becomes dominant? Using information in the case study a…
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Reflection Paper Essay

Slide 11- The Narrator read the Role Play and the other three ladies ladies followed the role play script.
Introduction of the paper: Student 1 (Breanna)- lead the group, schedule to meet, cohesive would ask opinions of all the group’s members but at times want to control the order the Power Point; Student 2 (Emily)- seemed authoritarian on her style knowing already the group has scheduled to meet she would group text saying when the meeting is and what to where for the presentation; Student 3 (Christine)- speaks her mind, blames everything on her ADHD lacks of concentration (I understand and get it. I work with individuals with mental health, but we cannot look for an excuse to avoid talk; Student 4 (Mirian)- I plug the information in the Power Point- speak her mind, likes to work cohesive but at times don’t like to work in group too many opinions, who is going to be the boss, what needs to be change. I am not perfect and learned years ago to have patience. But with miner differences we all came together as a team to make it happen.

You also have the Power Point with information you may utilize for the paper and the role play script. Please this is a reflection paper use the questions below.
_ ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Administrative Style:
You recently graduated with your MSW and have accepted a job with your current field
placement. In fact, you were hired into a middle management position that has prompted you to do some in-depth examination of the following aspects of the agency. –

Describe the function and services of the agency.
? What is the current style of management employed by the agency? -—authoritative style.
Is described as one that is flexible in nature which encourages people to design their own tasks which doesn’t always fit with every situation.

? What is your personal administrative style? Are they congruent with one another? -supporting and understanding of client need. They are not always congruent in that the “business” aspect of being in a facility does not always allow for the client centered approach and understanding the clients’ needs.

? What personal strengths and weaknesses are apparent in your self-examination?- strengths include being focused on the clients, being adaptive to the needs of the program and agency (add more) weaknesses—feeling sometimes like the business doesn’t allow for the client’s needs to be met (add more)

? What would be your short and long-range priorities?
? What would be the immediate challenges for you to tackle in the agency?
? How would you use your administrative style and personal strengths to address the immediate challenges?

Disscusion 10 Leadership

Northouse (2022) stated, “Servant leaders place the good of followers over their own self-interests, emphasize follower development, and demonstrate strong moral behavior” (p. 254). Based upon the information explored about servant leadership, address the following questions:

Explain three characteristics of servant leadership and why the identified characteristics are important.
Explain how a leader can both serve and influence.
Analyze the impact of culture on servant leadership. Explain how different cultural characteristics, as referenced by Hofstede, may influence the adoption/success of a servant leadership approach.
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (including supporting citations) along with at least two current, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. You may find that your discussion of leadership characteristics is easily supported with such current scholarly research
please no outline
kindly, not copied from other work

Business Question

Explain in detail the Wiig’s Knowledge management model. How is the Wiig KM model related to the Nonaka and Takeuchi model? In what important ways do they differ? (2.5 Marks) 400-500 words.
How do public, private, and shared knowledge differ? What are the implications of managing these different types of knowledge according to the Wiig KM model? Also discuss the four types of knowledge defined by K. Wiig in his Knowledge management model. (2.5 Marks) 250 – 350 Words.
Explain in detail various “Tacit Knowledge” capturing methods used by the organizations. (1.5 Marks) 250 – 350 Words.
Discuss the Strategic Implications of Knowledge Capture and Codification. (1.5 Mark) 150-250 Words.
Discuss the role of communities of practice in knowledge management? How can organizations cultivate communities of practice? (2 Marks) 300 – 400 words.

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