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English Question

Use Healey and Stepnick text to identify and trace your own ancestral history of immigration to this country, beginning with your ancestors. This includes identifying your own race/ ethnicity and the circumstances that prompted this immigration. Describe your race and/or your family’s own acculturation/Americanization efforts to build resources for the best advantages for future generations. Use your text to identify some of these efforts. (Discuss geopolitical-economic-social advantages and/or disadvantages). This will be about the Middle East Iraqi People.
Using the two self-awareness instruments (The Diversity Wheel and the Social Identity Groups Profile) describe your own personal working theory/your current belief system about who you are. What influences do previous generational teachings and beliefs, continue to impact your racial narrative. What practices do you participate in that promote your own human capital? Choose at least three current events (articles) that amplify/enhance your point of view. List your sources
Choose anyone you know, as your subject
Provide A brief summary of the case
Presenting issues/Problems
Be sure to include race, ethnicity and cultural / community influences
What is your assessment of the issues of concern?
You may want to use your Cultural Assessment tool to guide you.
Suggested Intervention
What treatment/services would you recommend?
Apply NASW Standards to your case study. How would you recommend the use of them to provide the best services?
The case as seen from the view of the recipients of your services (Micro)
The case as seen from the view of other practitioners, agencies and the community (Mezzo)
Law and policy relevant to the case (Macro)
Please use your APA 7th addition guidelines for in text citations and References. All papers must be formatted in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced. Papers should be 6-7 double space pages without the Additional pages that would be title page and references.

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Compose a 3-5 page essay, analyzing one universal theme in Macbeth. Determine what you think Shakespeare is saying about

Compose a 3-5 page essay, analyzing one universal theme in Macbeth. Determine what you think Shakespeare is saying about humanity: the human condition. Your claim and subsequent argument must be thematically based.
Minimum Requirements:
Thematically based Introduction
Thesis statement with a universal theme statement (Bold your thesis statement.)
Direct quotes from Macbeth (2 per paragraph minimum)
Three-Five pages (A 3-page essay ends at the top of page 4. Works Cited page does not count.)
MLA Format (Questions? Google: OWL MLA)
Interesting, descriiptive sentences, supporting their topic sentences
Be certain that:
your thesis statement includes a defensible claim, regarding the human condition
your topic sentences directly support your thesis statement
you write in formal, academic voice (avoid personal pronouns and contractions)
you write in present tense
you create an informative title for your essay
you introduce your quotes and embed them within sentences
you use SHORT quotes (selectively chosen words and phrases)
you write in active voice
you use strong verbs
you include universal vocabulary
you avoid absolutes (always, everyone, never)
you show don’t tell
you avoid “the theme of”
you avoid “In conclusion”
you avoid “the reader”
you avoid “the audience”
you use transitions between paragraphs and thoughts
you have correct pronoun/number and subject/verb agreement
Develop a claim that responds clearly and arguably to the prompt. Take a stand. Make an assertive claim.
Gather evidence from the text to support your claim.
Use a prewriting strategy such as mind-mapping, outlining, etc.
Note citation information as you choose your evidence.
Choose an organizational structure for your claim and supporting evidence.
Write your scholarly essay.
Develop a clearly worded claim.
Develop topic sentences that relate to the claim.
Use transitions between ideas.
Cite evidence.
Write commentary that links your evidence to your claim and gives insight into the meaning of the work as a whole.
Read your essay to determine the following:
Does your evidence support your claim?
Is your commentary sufficient to link claim and evidence?
Do you clearly answer the prompt?
Are you using standard written conventions?
Review the tone (word choice) of your essay. Does it match the expectations of scholarly writing?
Make changes based on your self-assessment.
Final Submission
ONLY after proofreading your essay TWICE, submit your polished, final copy.

Play titles are italicized.
Parenthetical Documentation for plays: (Act. Scene. Line numbers). (V.ii.17) or (V.i.1-2)

English Question

English Assignment Help Purpose of the Final ExamThis final essay exam assesses whether you have achieved the student learning outcomes for English 120:
Demonstrate knowledge of important rhetorical concepts.
Identify and analyze rhetorical and organizational strategies from a variety of texts and employ appropriate strategies to compose thesis-driven essays.
Construct logically developed essays that synthesize, integrate, and contextualize multiple outside sources (through quotations, paraphrasing, and summary) with your own voice, analysis, or position, using appropriate documentation.
Topic for the Final ExamYou have read two persuasive articles: “Why Wouldn’t You Travel More When There Are So Many Benefits of Traveling?!” by Thomas Busson” and “Why Staycation Is the New Vacation for Every Travel Lover” by Brian Lee.
Topic: In a 400-500 word mini-essay, argue that one of these articles uses rhetorical strategies more effectively than the other.
PLEASE NOTE: The topic is NOT to explain why you agree or disagree with the authors. Furthermore, the topic is NOT to just explain what both articles are about.
Guide for Structuring the Essay
Include a short introduction (three or four sentences long):
Briefly introduce both articles by identifying their titles, authors, their audience (who they are trying to persuade) and their purpose (what they are trying to persuade the audience to believe or do.)
Include your thesis statement that states your opinion about which article uses rhetorical strategies more effectively to persuade the audience.

Include one well-developed body paragraph:
In your body paragraph,identify at least three rhetorical strategies used effectively in the article you chose,
give examples of these three rhetorical strategies from the article,
and explain why you think these rhetorical strategies have a more persuasive or more powerful effect on the audience than the other article’s rhetorical strategies.

You may use examples from just the article you think is better, or you may incorporate examples from both articles if you prefer.

Include a brief conclusion to wrap the essay up (two or three sentences long).
Additional Instructions
To help you get started on your essay, refer to your answers to these assignments: 16.4, 16.5 and 17.3.
You may also refer to the two articles
integrate quotations from the article(s), using signal phrases. You may also paraphrase passages from the article.
Place quotation marks around the author’s words and in-text citations at the end of any quotations and paraphrases: (author’s last name and page number).
Logically organize your essay so that it is easy to follow.
Clearly communicate your ideas and proofread your essay for grammar errors. Do your best to fix them before you submit the essay. It helps if you read the essay out loud because you can hear the errors. In particular, check for fragments (incomplete sentences) and run-ons (when two or more sentences run together with no period).
You do NOT need to do a Works Cited page.
Use MLA format: one-inch margins, Times New Roman, size 12 font, and double (2.0) spacing.
Write at least 400 words. It’s ok if it’s longer.
GradingThe final exam counts 5% of your grade.
The essay will be graded holistically. To see the scoring criteria, click on the options icon (three vertical dots) located in the top right-hand corner and then click on “Show Rubric.”

Your response to the final exam essay prompt must be presented in be at least six paragraphs in length.

Your response to the final exam essay prompt must be presented in

be at least six paragraphs in length.
contain an original title, an introduction, and a conclusion.
contain a clear, specific thesis statement that directly addresses your essay topic.
contain at least four body paragraphs in support of your thesis, each with clear, direct ties to your main argument.
contain support in the form of summary, paraphrase, or quotations from at least two of the three final exam readings (Momaday, Mason, and/or White); your support must be accompanied by proper in-text MLA citations and Works Cited page.
demonstrate your knowledge of the rules and conventions of formal academic writing (formal in tone, no first-person, avoiding contractions).
be grammatically correct (no fragments, comma splices, fused sentences, punctuation or capitalization errors); as with previous essays.

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