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ENL320: writing in business project deliverable protofolio

You will have to submit a portfolio that contains 2 items as explained below:
.1. A combination of 10 microblogs (Tweets, Instagram, Facebook posts) as a Word document.
-Take at least 5 pictures (for the other 5 you can use stock images on the internet but will need to cite your sources) and write relevant social media posts based on those pictures. To learn more about uses of social media for business, check out the following link: promote. Examples of uses of social media in business.-Sharing news and updates-Announcing sweepstakes and giveaways,
– Community building and socializing brands
-Value-added content via social networks-Announcing good news and engaging audiences through questions-Promotional messages
– Inviting customers to events, drive traffic to your blog or website, tell people where they can find you, etc..
2. A blog as a Word document
**They should be in one Microsoft word file.
Everything necessary is attached down below including the grading rubric and the project deliverable 1 that this project should be based on

Affordable Senior Housing Market Report —Prospect Height? Brooklyn

As affordable senior housing, we’re planning a new project on 542 Dean St in Brooklyn. Please analyze the current market situation and write a report on that. (600-700 words)
What is the demand for what is proposed?
What are market rates (rents or sale prices)?
Competitive properties (what/who is competition)
What is the expected exit plan at the end of the investment horizon?
I’ve attached my slides you could use as a reference, but more information is welcome.

Marketing Question

Marketing Assignment Help 1. Emphasis on the Product Life Cycle components and concepts).
2. Emphasis on pricing strategies: review all 5 strategies: (1) Penatration Pricing, (2) Price Skimming, (3) Target ROI, (4) Competitor-Based Pricing, and (5) Value Pricing.
3. Emphasis on Public Relations positions, their key roles/ responsibilities and key differences and overlaps when compared to marketing-related positions).
Please write at least half of the page for each question. The answers have to be only essay type (there’s no specific format).

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How Will Your Career Include E-commerce?

Do your career plans include e-commerce? Consider your career goals. Are they related in some way to online retailing? In your post, list at least one career goal, and discuss how you might apply the knowledge you have gained from E-commerce this course to achieve it. (2-3 paragraphs)

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