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Entrepreneurship Question

We do not learn from our experiences. We learn from reflecting on our experiences. This is your final opportunity to make meaning of the class as you reflect on what you learned, why it matters and what you will do with the new knowledge. What? So What? Now What? You will write a 2-3 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font) that includes the following items:
Analysis: 1 pageUse 5-6 of the assessments from this class to analyze your leadership capabilities.
What gaps do you see in your skill set?
How might you close these gaps?
Focus on 1-2 leadership skills you want to cultivate and suggest a possible action plan to develop these skills to reach your full leadership potential in Christ.

Declare your leadership philosophy: 2 pages Declare your leadership philosophy including your core values, and what you believe to be true about leadership based on what you learned from this course. This leadership philosophy statement is an articulation of what matters most to you with respect to your work as a leader. If you were introducing yourself to your new team, what would you tell them about your approach to leadership and the style of leadership they can expect from you? If you were asked to describe your leadership philosophy in a job interview, what would you say?

Connection and reflection are the objectives of your paper. Connect your assessment results and their implications for your current role and future roles. This paper is not as structured as the first three papers, so you have more freedom to reflect as you feel it is appropriate, but I will be looking for your thoughts on key leadership principles and proven leadership theories and models we reviewed in this course. How will you apply what you learned in these 7 weeks to increase your leadership effectiveness?
The assignment will be assessed using the attached rubric.
Assessment: Evidence of critical thinking, faith integration, transparency, and vulnerability.
RubricReflection Papers (See Syllabus for Details)
Reflection Papers (See Syllabus for Details)
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeControl of Syntax and Writing/Presentation Mechanics
12 ptsOutstanding (A)
10 ptsVery Good (B)
9 ptsAcceptable (C)
7 ptsUnacceptable (D/F)
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization and Structure of presentation, paper
12 ptsOutstanding (A)
10 ptsVery Good (B)
9 ptsAcceptable (C)
7 ptsUnacceptable (D/F)
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInteraction with Readings, Class discussions with application to utilizing the learning in the future
12 ptsOutstanding (A)
10 ptsVery Good (B)
9 ptsAcceptable (C)
7 ptsUnacceptable (D/F)
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidence of Critical Thinking
12 ptsOutstanding (A)
10 ptsVery Good (B)
9 ptsAcceptable (C)
7 ptsUnacceptable (D/F)
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFaith Integration
12 ptsOutstanding (A)
10 ptsVery Good (B)
9 ptsAcceptable (C)
7 ptsUnacceptable (D/F)
12 pts
Total Points: 60
– attached are the 5 assessments that will be used for this essay. (please make sure my personality type is that caring one, full of empathy, and the one which makes me hard to be strict at times.) * there are 4 attachments of different kinds of assessments, and the 5th assessment is a link: (Links to an external site.)
– another attachment is the lecture notes. this will help with the second part of the essay in making the leadership philosophy

Criminal Justice Question

Q1. Outline Marx’s criticism of liberalism. What kind of response would Rousseau give to Marx? Support your answer with quotations from Rousseau’s The Social Contract.
Q2. Compare Foucault’s concept of the “internalization of the gaze” to Du Bois concept of “double consciousness.” How are these concepts similar? How are they different? To what extent are these concepts useful for understanding contemporary society?
Write separate answers for both questions listed above. The documents needed for the first and second question are attached but you can use various sources on the internet as well to include in the essay. No need to cite the sources but it should be paraphrased well enough to not be plagiarized. The answer needs to be in 6-9 paragraphs each with around 800 words each. so total around 1600 words for both answers. It should be in an essay format with and introduction and conclusion. Please let me know if you have questions.

Build an interactive resume/CV using Tableau Public and share it

You can use to create any layout you want to include in your Tableau dashboard.
Make sure to upload your .twb file and any additional assets [images] that you used in creating your interactive resume. Also, take a screenshot of the dashboard and include it in your submission.

5 mins ago

Simple Organizing Excel Gallop Poll system report

Writing Assignment Help The following data was from gallop poll system in the PDF file which I used adobe to copy and paste all the data in excel for you to make it easier so there will be no data entry or typing, just needs organizing! Main goal here is to add all the data from the PDF file into an EXCEL file and make it organized and presentable!
You need to move things around, add worksheets, etc and basically organize the data into a format where it can be more easily reported and analyzed. They will be sending out this survey 2 more times, so the end goal is to be able to track changes over time. I have also attached a heatmap which is basically the information in the pdf a little organized, I would like you to use all these 3 things to create a new file that is well organized using the information given, you can use the heatmap as a base for now!
Notes about the heatmap:
t’s a pretty simple “heatmap” version in Excel, but it does break down the entire point of the PDF quite well.

On the PDF, the information about the “Engagement Index” would be useful – these scores will hopefully be increasing over time as well as the individual question scores.
Additional information: there were 609 individuals who received survey links from Gallup. 317 people completed it, which was a participation rate of 52%. I have not found this information included in any excel options in the Gallup platform, presumably because it’s proprietary information that includes some of their formulas etc.

we could probably be more specific about the Outcome Indicators for Gallup, now that one has been completed for the system and I have a much better understanding of type of results we’ll continue getting in future surveys. I’ll ponder this a little more and aim to add this to an email with the other Indicator that needs reworded.

Thank you for your time . And looking forward to a positive answer from the Essay

Thank you for your time . And looking forward to a positive answer from the appeals committee . I lost my 21 year old daughter on August, and on October I got seek from covid, I was out for three weeks and when I went back to school I failed my exam due to the covid side effects, and I feel like staying with two classes will be better for me, and I withdraw from the community class. I promise I will do better next semester.

Book Review of Just another KID by Torey Hayden

Hayden gives an in-depth and vivid account of her experiences working with six children with emotional and behavior disorders (EBD) without sugarcoating the unpredictability and realities of daily life working students, staff and families.
Your 3-4 page book review should include the following 4 sections:1) Take-Aways: Ideas, strategies, or thoughts learned from the book, include specific examples
2) Changes in Perspective: How your thinking has extended in new directions
3) Questions: What you wish Hayden had said more about in the book
4) Reflection on FERPA: Interactions described in the book © 1988 that would be consideredviolations of current FERPA regulations (reauthorized in 2011- making connections to your Foundations of Special Education Course).

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