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“Who will write my essay for me?” is one of the first queries clients ask. It’s understandable that everyone wants to learn more about the person who would be assisting them with their writing. As a result, we strive to keep our policies as open as possible. Take a look at the qualities we look for in people we hire.

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When it comes to essay writing assistance, college students have a variety of requirements. Because we work on the basis of your convenience and satisfaction, we are constantly expanding our services and adding more and more sorts of papers to them. Let us name a few of them because they are the most frequently requested by our consumers. The most popular types of essays include narrative essays, reflections, personal answers, research papers, case studies, and reaction papers. They are required of students of all majors and specialties at some point since their lecturers want to learn more about them individually. Our service covers virtually all subjectsm and include English, mathematics, science, business, and information technology essay help. Depending on your preferences, our essay assistants can help you portray your distinctive details or make up intriguing stories and thoughts on their own. We also offer a college application essay writing service, so if you’re applying anywhere, we’ll make sure your work is unique, new, and has a lasting good influence on its readers.

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ProfsOnly ensures that all of our clients are well-protected. Their information is never shared with anybody else. The majority of our personnel are unaware of fundamental information such as a customer’s first name. The payment system is completely secure: we use the SSL protocol to protect the transaction. Most significantly, if our consumers are dissatisfied with our essay assistance, we will provide them with either modifications or a money-back guarantee. Request that we improve an essay or refund your money if we fall short of your expectations.

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You may be wondering how to make an order after reading all of the information and deciding to give us a chance to help you write an essay. We’re delighted to report that it’s a breeze. We’ll go over the main steps, and as long as you follow them, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Fill out an order form with important information. Clients should specify the quantity of pages they require from our authors, as well as their deadline, subject, academic writing level, and formatting style.

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Approve the outcomes. When clients receive their essays, we always ask them to read them and double-check that everything is in order. If that’s the case, have fun and submit your work.

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If you are concerned about completing assignments correctly, our team is always available to assist you by addressing your issues. Contact our operators and tell them, “Help me write my essay,” and you’ll have exactly what you’ve requested for before you know it. Each consumer is treated with respect and care. We’ll take care of any project, no matter how difficult.

  • African American music
    That thesis must always be in explicit or implicit conversation with larger discourses and add something new to them. One of the best ways to develop the skills of writing good theses is to read academic articles not only for their content, but also for their rhetoric, efficacy, craft, and placement in discourse. For this assignment, you will read Ingrid Monson’s article, “The Problem with White Hipness: Race, Gender, and Cultural Conceptions in Jazz Historical Discourse.” You will then write a 2-3 page paper where you analyze how the article is structured as a piece of academic work, respond to it with an assessment of your own, and then produce two thesis statements in dialogue with the Monson. Analysis: After reading the Monson, write 2-3 pages analyzing what Monson is doing, why she is doing it, and how she is doing it. Pay special attention to her argument and how she supports it and they way in which she interacts with jazz discourse. In your summary, be sure to answer the following questions: 1.  What is the context of the text (author, time, setting, audience, what sort of book/journal). If you cannot discern the context, explain why. 2.  Who is the author in dialogue with? What are the arguments this work is a part of? Who the author cites and how is helpful in determining this. 3.  What is the thesis of this text?  In other words: What is the main point that the text argues or tries to get across?  Directly quote the thesis—using Chicago Style Footnotes—and then explain the thesis to the reader in your own words. 4.  What case does the author make (explicitly or implicitly) for the significance of his or her argument? In other words, why is this paper important? 5. How is this article organized and structured? How does that structure function to support their argument? 6.  What examples/evidence/texts does this text use to support its argument? How does the author use those examples/evidence/texts? 7.  What does this text conclude?  Or, what is its final message?  (Sometimes the conclusion is the same as the thesis, but other times it is NOT.  The conclusion may also elaborate on the thesis, propose some kind of action for the readers, introduce a new concept based on the thesis, or attempt to achieve a number of other critical goals.) fter analyzing the article, give a brief half page assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. When assessing the strengths and weaknesses, you must assess them as a scholar planning on dialoguing with the article would. This means, strengths are elements of the article you think work well and that you would like to build off of in your own work (positive citations), weaknesses are elements of the article that you think do not work well and that you would like to use as jumping off point for a counter argument (negative citations).Two Thesis Statements: For this section, after reviewing the excerpts from Diana Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference provided with this assignment (see the website), you are going to craft two of your own arguments in dialogue with Monson.  You may agree with Monson and feel it is important to apply her work to other types of music. You may agree with Monson but think a different framework applies to other types of music or in different times or places. You may disagree with Monson and explain what you think is actually happening instead. You may agree with Monson but think she is only explaining one part of the puzzle and you are going to add another part of the puzzle. There are many ways in which you can craft an argument that is in dialogue with Monson but that still is new and interesting. You might craft an argument talking about jazz, or talking about hip hop, or any other number of options. Monson’s article does not primarily deal with any specific pieces of music, but your arguments should. It strengthens your argument and makes it more convincing. A good thesis will indicate knowledge of the larger scholarly conversation and will have an argument that is new and interesting. Your thesis can be more than one sentence, indeed, often it is useful to have one sentence that sets up the context of your argument and another sentence that articulates your argument, however, you should try to avoid writing an entire introductory paragraph. This entire section should take up about a half a page. For further information on constructing arguments, you may want to look at these guidelines: University of Washington

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Critique of a Promotional Strategy
    The journal is a private communication that is shared only with your instructor for grading purposes. You can access the textbox on the assignments tab for the journal Dropbox.You addressed promotional strategy both in your reading and in the learning activity. Now you will apply that knowledge to a product of your choice. Checklist:Choose a product of your choice and critique the promotional strategy. What message is the sponsor trying to convey? How would you do it differently?

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Final Project – Introduction – samples t-test
    ” I am sorry that missed a part “samples t-test” which teacher told us.  Would you like to help me?”you must do an independent samples t-test assuming equal variances, see “Samples t-test”.  You must clearly tell me which variables from the GSS Dataset you are selecting in your assignment. “

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Make sure you follow the rubric in the attached files Awad, M. A., Hasanin, M. E., Taha, M. M.,
    Make sure you follow the rubric in the attached files Awad, M. A., Hasanin, M. E., Taha, M. M.,

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • 1)Take a look at our first two readings (see below). Find a theme(s) from one
    o Save with your name in the file name “ElmerFuddHist211” 1500 words /- 10 words, 12 point, 1.5 spacing. Write word count under your name All essays must have page numbers Essays will be graded on the level of analysis, writing style, argument, substantiatingevidence and mastery of the material covered in class.1)Take a look at our first two readings (see below). Find a theme(s) from one or theother or both.2)Then use that theme(s) to analyze/interrogate/critique one of our other readings.

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • diss 9 6351
    Select one situation to address in this Discussion and consider the following: Think about potential indications that might have signified that someone was experiencing a learning challenge. How might a nurse educator have recognized the difficulty the learner was experiencing? Consider how a nurse educator might use formative assessment/evaluation to monitor learning and/or performance. How could assessment/evaluation be used to identify indicators of struggle and, ultimately, lead to performance improvement? Examine strategies that support struggling learners. If you were the nurse educator in this situation, which strategies would you most likely employ? Identify potential ethical and legal concerns associated with your strategies. What considerations should guide your behaviors and interactions as a nurse educator, for instance, in using one or more of these strategies, communicating with the learner, or consulting with authorities or others at your institution? By Day 3Post a description of a situation involving a learning challenge. Explain how a nurse educator could use formative assessment/evaluation to monitor learning and/or performance, and how this could help him or her to identify early indicators of learning difficulties. Propose two strategies that a nurse educator could use to support the struggling learner. Explain two potential legal and/or ethical considerations that should guide the nurse educator’s behavior and interactions associated with supporting a learner’s performance.—– new nurse education in hospital setting  need 3 references

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Writing a memo
    4 step process for bad news is a file that helps to understand the components of the memo.The bad news case muscles assembly corp is the case that we would like to write a memo mentioned in case the company wants to cut 3 million riyals Because of COVID-191 million was cut from the bonuses and the remaining 2 million will be cut from other benefits mentioned in the (bad news case file) just after the case.I already did this step, I already cut the costs.(Vacation for managers are given 30 days paid every year plus up to four airline tickets for dependents to the destination specified on the contract. Regular employees are given 30 days paid every year plus one airline ticket to destination.) In this, I decided to cancel all airline tickets for all managers and employees.(The Factory provides a Housing allowance of three monthly salaries per year for employees who are married. Singles are provided accommodation otherwise are given two monthly salaries per year.)In this, I decided that married employees and managers will get two-monthly salaries instead of 3, and single employees will get 1 and a half (1.5) monthly salaries instead of 2)We did these three cuts to reach the breakeven point, which are:1- the bounces2- airline tickets3-  the housing allowanceAlso, I am uploading a sample for the same case and our memo should be similar.

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Dis 8 nurs 6351
    What is the evidence to support that strategy? Search the Walden Library and/or the internet for a peer-reviewed article that supports the strategy. Post an explanation of the evidence you found related to the technology strategy that is being used or could be used in your setting.  working clinical;    setting. use of technology is electronic medical records and imaging . need 3 references.

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Course Paper:
    This assignment asks you to research a whistleblower who exposed unethical behavior in an organization and the outcome of that exposure or investigation. The research is to be done over the entire semester. The research paper should be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 pages, not including, references and cover page. The paper must be written using APA 6th edition style format, double spaced and utilizing the Times New Roman font type and 12-point font size. The submitted paper will be checked for plagiarism and the appropriate sanctions applied (see pages 15-16 on the syllabus). Submitted papers must not be a compilation of quotes and those submitted in this format will be given a zero, even if the quotes are cited in the paper (see pages 15-16 of the syllabus). The following are important guiding questions that must be answered in your paper.        1. Definitions of whistleblowing–legal and otherwise. For example, when actors report being sexually harassed by a film producer, is that a variety of whistleblowing? What is whistleblowing?2. Online research of whistleblowing in the U.S. government–what offices exist, what cases have been tried, and what protections are offered for whistleblowers? For example, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has an Office of the Whistleblower. The U.S. Department of Labor offers a Whistleblower Protection Program. The Department of Energy lists the whistleblowing cases it has been involved in.3. Online and library research of whistleblowing in the professions you as a student want to go into, such as the film industry, finance. Accounting, computer and informational technology, business management, marketing, the military, human resources, and so on.4. Selection of a whistleblower to study (e.g., Sherron Watkins, Enron; Edward Snowden, NSA; Jeffrey Wigand, the tobacco industry, etc.). Consider looking for local whistleblowers who may have been profiled in regional newspapers. Locating individuals from our local communities who are whistleblowers, will hopefully make this project more “real.” There needs to be enough information publicly available to develop a substantive profile of the person’s organizational role and motivations for exposing unethical behavior. Hence, before selecting the whistleblower to study, make sure you are able to find adequate information that would meet your paper requirements.5. Analysis of the follower’s ethical decision-making process. What considerations were weighed? What pressures (internal and external) did the whistleblower experience before and after deciding to expose a company’s unethical behavior.6. What was the effect of the whistleblowing on the accused individual(s) and company? Acceptance of responsibility? Denial?7. Summary of the outcome. Was there a trial? A verdict? An appeal? A settlement out of court? Was the follower changed in some way because of this experience?8. What takeaway lessons about followership are there from this event?

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Symptoms of Depression
    Youroutline should be as detailed as possible.• Include an Introduction section, Body section, and Conclusion section.• The Body section should be organized according to themes you will discuss in your paper.• Include at least (4) scholarly sources you will use in your course paper. The scholarly sourcecitations included must be in the sections in which you plan to discuss their content.Requirements:• Be detailed and thorough with your outline information and provide specific examples.For example, the sample outline says:A. Further introduction of your topica. Define (Symptoms of Depression. For example: According to the DSM-5 (2013),Major Depressive Disorder is characterized by depressed mood (sadness),decreased interest in daily activities, changes to weight and sleep patterns, feelingsof worthlessness, etc.).b. Incidence (Numbers/Demographics. For example: Approximately 7% of U.S. adultshave reported experiencing Major Depression.( Relevance (Broader Implications; Mental Health crisis. For example: Depressiontakes a huge toll on individuals, families, and society. Impacts are seen in personalrelationships, parenting, financial stability, and mortality (Kessler, 2012).Paper Outline AssignmentPSY102 – Fundamentals of Psychology IICopyright 2022 Post University, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDFollow the sample document provided but elaborate further with specifics as shown above. Ifyou are defining terms in your paper, in your outline, do not simply state “Define X, Y, and Z” ina bullet point in your outline. Instead, include definitions for those terms in your outline. Thesame is true for “Numbers/Demographics.” If you state that you will discuss statistics in yourpaper, your outline must include statistics and specific demographic information. Yourinstructor will want to know what information, specifically, you will include in your papers, andthis is important for the following reasons:• This will make it easier for you to write your paper before it’s due. You will have all theinformation in your outline! More work now means less work later!• It gives your instructors a chance to confirm that the information in the outline, which willthen be used in your paper, is accurate.

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  • Thesis statement introduction
    i only need a introduction paragraph major: criminal justice paper needed: today ( october 2nd)

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • For these reasons, victims are sometimes advised to just pay the ransom. Should victims pay the ransom or seek other
    For these reasons, victims are sometimes advised to just pay the ransom. Should victims pay the ransom or seek other solutions?•    What are the latest encryption technologies and infection techniques currently being designed to tackle this issue?•    What legal issues does ransomware influence?

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Analysis of the text Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    It will be helpful to also emphasize on clarity and conciseness and provide parenthetical references identifying text lines/acts/scenes. Thank you so much!

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • Film and Reading Response
    Then write a 2-page response. 1. did you find interesting about the Foreign Wave on cinema? What did you not know? What did you think of Godard’s creativity as an artist? Remember to keep in mind that this is more than 50 years ago. What did the Walker article make you critically aware of living in our era of Global Order? What do you think is not working on the global stage regarding the “have’s and have not’s”?

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

  • In this assignment, you will create a checklist to help determine which country might be the best location for parts
    In this assignment, you will create a checklist to help determine which country might be the best location for parts of your organization’s supply chain.ScenarioYou are a consultant who specializes in helping U.S.-based businesses expand into new international locations. You have a new client who’s looking to outsource their company’s manufacturing of hard drives and computer memory, and it’s your job to assist in selecting the new locations. The company is very focused on quality, sustainability, and equality, and your client would like these attributes upheld in the new manufacturing locations.Your task is to evaluate two of the following countries:IndiaMexicoThailandThen, recommend one country you believe would be the most suitable for the company’s new manufacturing facility, and one country that would be considered the least suitable.PromptEvaluate both countries being considered for a new manufacturing facility through exploration of course and outside resources. Then, recommend the most and least suitable location based on the company’s attributes and requirements.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:Sustainability Measures and Environmental Regulation: Briefly describe sustainability measures and regulations in each country, and analyze how they may work well with or create conflict or tension with your U.S.-based company.Examples of items to consider include regulations around pollution, waster, and power sources.Cost and Workforce: Briefly describe each country’s workforce for the creation of computer components and the cost of that labor.Examples of items to consider include workforce education levels, the overall cost of labor, types of manufacturing available in the country, and the existence of a specialized workforce that can create computer components.Government Regulation: Briefly describe the overall regulatory environment of each country. Take the most likely mode of entry into consideration for each country.Examples of items to consider include the types of manufacturing operations allowed in the country, the labor regulations, and the overall business regulations.Intellectual Property: Briefly describe the risk of intellectual property being stolen by creating a manufacturing location in each country.Examples of items to consider include each country’s reputation when it comes to intellectual property, intellectual property regulations, and any other legal protections for intellectual property.Reputation: Briefly describe the ways an organization can face reputational risk through outsourcing its manufacturing to each country.Examples of items to consider include if and why other organizations have closed manufacturing locations in each country, how your organization’s customer base will view manufacturing in each country, and the protections each country provides to its workforce and the environment.Recommendations: Based on your evaluations of the key attributes and requirements, recommend one country that is the most suitable location for your client’s new manufacturing facility, and one country that would be the least suitable location. Justify your recommendations with evidence from your evaluations and the course resources.

    Essay help processprofessional writing services near me

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