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Essay on Constructing authority during the corona crisis

Be able to delineate a given case study by formulating a problem statement using basic political science concepts. Write short academic paper, involving academic writing style, clear basic structure and correct references.Instruction: The case study of the COVID-19 pandemic provides political scientists with plenty of material for discussion (“puzzles”!). In this assignment, we will approach this topic from a Public Policy Perspective: what, how and why are certain policy choices made? A broad conceptual framework will be provided for understanding some of these questions, particularly the theme of contingent authority which is framework. Contingent authority means that something can have authority but does not have to have it. Contingency is when something generally has a certain property but it does not always have to and may vary depending on the situation . In the case of authority, this means that we assume that the government (or the media or science) has authority but it does not necessarily have to. These things can also lose their authority depending on events. Contingents authority could thus also be read as “conditional” authority. It is intended to draw on the concepts and ideas discussed in Hajer’s (2009, PPG literature) chapter “The Authority Problem of Governance” to understand authority problems in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Given the breadth of the conceptual framework and case study, it is imperative that you limit your analysis to a self-selected problem/question, delineating both your conceptual and empirical/geographical focus. Examples of such delineation include: the institutional void in EU health care cooperation, the construction of authority in the mouthpiece policy in the Netherlands, and the role of mediatisation in the passe sanitaire debate in France. These examples delineate the focus of the analysis, both conceptually and empirically. Use the prescribed concepts to construct a “puzzle” or perspective that you will analyze in your assignment by formulating a problem statement. Your analysis should culminate in a thesis, which summarizes the paper into a central argument. Make sure your assignment contains the following elements:A relevant problem statement (exactly what authority problem of governance for the context of covid-19 are you analyzing?) that fits within the case study and contains at least one of Hajer’s concepts.A conceptualization of the concept (or concepts) from Hajer, consistent with your problem statement.A brief, factual description of the case study. Use a variety of sources for this. Make sure the description is relevant in light of your problem statement.Apply your concepts to the case and try to analyze the situation based on them, culminating in a central argument about authority in policymaking in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Always make sure your assignment meets the basic criteria for writing assignments, found in this checklist.Referencing: Harvard referencing and in-text citation

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