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Ethical Awareness Paper And Ethical Decision Scholarship Essay Help

Ethical Awareness PaperEssay title: Ethical Awareness PaperThe American Heritage Dictionary (2000) defined ethics as a set of principles of right conducts; a theory or a system of moral values; the study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person, moral philosophy. In one moment in life all humankind are exposed to an ethical decision. For such reason, having the ability to make good ethical decisions would enable the person to express the basis of his or her decision and to justify the decision-making process he or she uses to reach the position is critical to have an effective communication. One way to help in making good ethical decisions is by understanding our own ethical perspectives. In this paper I will describe my own personal ethical perspective as described by the University of Phoenix Ethical Awareness Inventory. Furthermore, I will explain each of the four ethical perspectives: Character/virtue, Obligation/deontology, Results/utilitarianism, Equity/relativism.

My Ethical PerspectiveBy performing the awareness inventory, the outcome was that I am obligation/deontology based. According to the inventory, I tend to base my ethical perspective on an individuals duty or obligations to do what is morally right – principles that represent what a rational persons ought morally to do. I believe that ethical conduct appeals to “conscience.” The assessment revealed that I intent to look to peoples actions rather than focusing on results. I believed that all individuals should have the right to make his or her own ethical choices. Finally the assessment revealed that I’m guided by desire to be in accord with established standards of right and wrong.


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