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Ethical Behavior In Business Environments

Essentially, the deals were structured to make it appear that money was coming into Enron from trading activities, rather than from loans.A July 23, 2002, The New York Times article by Richard Oppel and Kurt Eichenwald entitled “Citigroup Said to Mold Deal to Help Enron Skirt Rules” suggested that Citigroup intentionally kept certain parts of a secret oral agreement out of the written record for fear that it would change the accounting treatment. Critics contend that this had the effect of significantly understating Enron’s liabilities, thus misleading investors and creditors. Citigroup maintains that, as a lender, it has no obligation to ensure that its clients account for transactions properly. The proper accounting, Citigroup insists, is the responsibility of the client and its auditor.Answer the following questions.Who are the stakeholders in this situation?Do you think that a lender, in general, in arranging so-called “structured financing” has a responsibility to ensure that its clients account for the financing in an appropriate fashion, or is this the responsibility of the client and its auditor?What effect did the fact that the written record did not disclose all characteristics of the transaction probably have on the auditor’s ability to evaluate the accounting treatment of this transaction?The NY Times article noted that in one presentation made to sell this kind of deal to Enron and other companies, Citigroup stated that using such an arrangement “eliminates the need for capital markets disclosure, keeping structure mechanics private.”Why might a company wish to conceal the terms of a financing arrangement from the capital markets (investors and creditors)?Is this appropriate?Do you think it is ethical for a lender to market deals in this way? Thoroughly explain all of the following Category One Professional Competencies using the assigned WileyPLUS Problem – CT10.11:PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 8 slidesCreate a slide to respond to Question Part A.Create a slide to respond to Question Part B.Create a slide to respond to Question Part C.Create a slide to respond to Question Part D a.Create a slide to respond to Question Part D b.Create a slide to respond to Question Part D c.Provide a professional discussion of the issues presented in the CT Problem narrative.Questions must be thoroughly answered in an academically appropriate manner.Thoroughly review the Purdue Writing Center tutorial titled “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations.”Create appropriate Title and Reference SlidesCreate appropriate Script for narrative using “Notes” section. The text (or “Script”) of your voiceover must be written into the “Notes” section of each slide. Proper grammar and spelling will be an important part of the assignment. Be sure to perform a Spell Check. The audio presentation itself (voiceover) should be 12 – 15 minutes long.Create appropriate Voice Over audio, 12 to 18 minutes in total lengthUse Critical Thinking to explain concepts A through E, above.Assume that your colleagues are your audience and they have not completed the Module 3 CA. Remember this very important presentation technique – Do not present slides that contain too much information. Keep the slides clean and uncluttered by using bullet points. The “Notes” section allows you to provide as much content and details about the presentation as are needed. The slides should also be designed to serve as the basis for the voiceover narrative. That is, the slides should simply be an outline or “platform” from which you launch your full presentation.

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