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Ethical issues in business

Many such scandals stem from a desire to increaseprofits, yet the reasons for ethical lapses and the conditions that create them tend to vary from case to case. The increased exposure that ethical lapses receive due to media coverage and social media means that the stakes are higher than ever for companies caught in acts of wrongdoing. Your project for this course revolves around selecting and researching an ethical lapse by a business that has occurred in the last 10 years and discussing the implications of this scandal. With this prompt in mind, below are the points you are required to address and integrateinto this course project. The nature of this project grants you a great deal of freedom as far as structure is concerned, but this is not an opinion essay. You are free to take any position you see fit and have your own perspectives, but you must support them with external sources and concepts from this course to illustrate a broad understanding of the material. Below are the points you are required to address in this report. You must use at least 10 sources, 6 of which should be peer reviewed journal articles/databases. Your paper shouldbe between 10-12 pages in length (excluding references, title page, table of contents etc).What must be included in the report:• Background information on the company• Describe the nature of the ethical lapse/scandal you have identified including specificdetails such as what occurred, what conditions encouraged the unethical behavior, howthe scandal was eventually uncovered, and the general aftermath of the situation. Includeanything you feel is relevant to understanding the situation in this section.• Why do you think the company engaged in this behavior? What pressures did they facethat caused them to engage in unethical behavior?• Did managers/organizational leaders know the behavior they were engaging in wasunethical before/while they did it? What would have been the business consequences ofnot engaging in this unethical behavior. Provide evidence to support your position.• What roles did the internet and the media play in exposing or drawing attention to thissituation?• What initiatives did the company undertake to begin to repair their image after thisscandal, if any? Describe any public relations campaigns, advertising, or similaractivities designed to repair their image with the public. Explain what the company did inresponse to the discovery of this scandal.• Try to discuss what laws/government regulations were violated in this scenario. Wasthere a lack of regulation/laws or did the company simply ignore rules and regulationsand break the law?• Do you think social media, the internet, and 24-hour news sources have influenced theway companies deal with the ethical lapses they become embroiled in? Are they lesslikely, as likely, or more likely to engage in unethical behavior knowing it will be harderto downplay in the event they are caught?• Provide a conclusion wrapping up the general findings of your paper and any closing thoughts you have.

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