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Ethics_SDA45 Ethics Around The Globe

Deliverable 2 – Kantian Perspective
Apply duty-based ethical theories to contemporary moral issues.
In this research-based assessment, you will be applying a Kantian perspective to a contemporary moral issue. Current contemporary moral issues range from genetic engineering to issues related to the use of torture in wartime. For this assessment you will need to research contemporary moral issues and select one that will be the focus of your paper as you apply the Kantian perspective. Once you select your moral issue, you will need to address the following in a properly formatted research paper.
Explain what duty is according to Kant and how this view differs from other senses of duty.
Describe the relationship between a good will and duty for Kant.
Differentiate the two formulations of the Categorical Imperative.
How do these formulations apply to your selected contemporary moral issue?
Using the foundation of Kant’s moral theory explain how there is a moral duty for your selected contemporary moral issues.
Express your view as a maxim.
How feasible is it to universalize your maxim?
How does your maxim fulfill/satisfy each of these formulations?
In your paper, ensure that you use credible academic sources, and cite them properly.
APA format

Quality Tech discussion

This Hybrid work environments and ROWE (Results Only Work Environments) are a challenging transition for leaders. There are rumblings of unfairness and incompatible work ethics. You are asked to provide recommendations to your company’s C-suite. Complete the 5 Why Form attached to this post.
Utilizing the 5 Why Methodology identify the root causes creating employee disengagement in this new hybrid culture.
Based on your findings provide at least two recommendations to mitigate future risk. Be clear on the specific activities that you would employ.
Remember to attach your completed 5 Why Form.
Your initial response to the discussion question should be 300 words. Your initial post must incorporate the concepts we are covering this week that relate to our discussion and have our text and at least one scholarly/peer reviewed APA citation with in-text citations incorporated into the body of the post.

Two tasks for “Strategic Management and Leadership”

Management Assignment Help Hi,
I need a report on “Strategic Management and Leadership” with two parts
Task 1: Strategic Report [Max 3500 words]
Task 2: Organizational redesign [Max 1500 words]
You can select any Fortune 500 or Forbes listed company as all the information for such companies are listed on public platforms and scholars have conducted research on such companies.
All the information and instructions are in the attached file. I don’t have any further details or requirements.
Thank you

Management Question

The assignment is a set of questions part1,2 about a fake company don’t search its not real “GoTech”
Please read the requirements and Imagine that you are a Advisor to Abdullah and answer the questions . Thank you
Please read the guidelines it’s very importrat
No plagiarism at all please
And using APA style reference

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