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Euthyphro Q2, Debating the Euthyphro Dilemma at a More Advanced Level

In 4 paragraphs Write an mini-essay on the Euthyphro problem and argue for the ISM (rationalism) Then post a reply to a student who has defended a different ISM (voluntarism) and argue against their argument for ism
Describe what the set up to the question is, what the Euthyphro question is, and the various ways of answering it. Survey the arguments for and against each ISM along the way to defending and arguing for your assigned ISM.
Secondly reply to another student’s post as I explained above, and thirdly reply to the criticism of your own posts.

Senge discusses personal mastery as one of the five disciplines for a learning organization. You will have a personal

Senge discusses personal mastery as one of the five disciplines for a learning organization. You will have a personal mastery paper due Week Three. In your paper you will write a personal purpose statement (similar to an organizational mission statement), and a personal vision statement. People sometimes struggle with the difference between mission and vision in organizations. How would you distinguish these two? Can you provide examples from the literature or your own experience?

Think of 10 entrepreneurial ideas and corresponding solutions.

Think of 10 entrepreneurial ideas and corresponding solutions.
For example, 1) It is hard to find a healthy and satisfying drink.
1) Corresponds to the solution to the problem posed by 1).
A total of 300 words are required, and plagiarism is not allowed.

Social Work-Agency Analysis

Writing Assignment Help The agency analysis is the final project of this course, which is due January 20, 2022. The class will be divided into three groups in order to develop their agency analysis. Each group will be expected to select a child welfare agency in the DMV ( DC metropolitan area). The analysis should comprehensively cover the following areas. Please be creative in developing your selected agency analysis. Be sure not to cut and paste or download an agency from the Web. However, you may use the Web as a guideline to develop your analysis or to critique an existing agency.
1) Discuss general information about the agency (location, age of target populations served, and other demographic information);
2) The agency’s mission;
3) Purpose, goals, and objectives of the agency;
4) Service offered, including linkage services;
5) Identity whose intervention is provided by (for example, case managers, clinical social workers, and other mental health providers);
6) Identify briefly funding sources (for example, local or federal government or if the agency is private or non-profit;
7) Please include any pamphlets or other information disseminated at an agency ( this may require a visit to the agency or call contact).
This is a paper please answer all 7 questions.

write educational statement

write an educational statement 1-2 pages which includes your long term career in education your points of view concerning the educational objectives in my subject area which is birth through second gradereasons why I am applying to rocky point school district which is a school in long island new york
look up rocky point school district for more information on why I want to work there Rocky Point Union Free School District (

Hello there, I need some help for this very easy, fast, and fun MGT 326 (Entrepreneurship) activity please.

I need you to help me by editing my following website (Note: The app that we use in my class to create websites is called Wix or, and I will give my logins to the tutor that starts working with me on this): (my website)
It already has a good start but I need it to look similar (in terms of structure) to this one: (sample website)
Note: One of the things that needs the most attention is the contact form (or the lack of it) so please check the one in the second link and create a similar contact form for my website.
I will available for you all the time in case you need any clarification at all!

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