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evicted by Matthew Desmond

Write a brief reflection. 100-150 words, 10 points• Reflect on your personal reading experience of Evicted.• This is not a book review. Consider the thoughts, ideas, questions, and feelings you had while reading the selected chapters and discussing them in class.2. Paragraph 1: Writing Style. 100-150 words, 10 points• Identify key words or phrases from the text to describe the tone in the Prologue and Chapters 1 through 3. Is it formal, informal, optimistic, serious, worried, curious, confident, assertive?• In the story, Desmond discusses tough issues. Identify an issue besides eviction that arises in the book. How does Desmond’s writing style make you feel about that issue?3. Paragraph 2: Community Issues. 100-150 words, 10 points•Discuss two communities: Lamar’s community of “sons,” and the Milwaukee Real Estate Investors Networking Gro o What needs and goals do the two communities have in common? How do the needs of each community conflict withneeds of the other?4. Paragraph 3: Research Process. 150-175 words, 20 points• Summarize Desmond’s research process as outlined in the back sections, “About This Project,” “Acknowledgments,” and”Notes.”• Discuss the research methods that surprised you. Discuss two people whom Desmond acknowledges whose roles resonated with you the most. Describe the various kinds of notes Desmond takes and which of those notes were most interesting to you.5. Paragraph 4. Solutions and…What’s Missing? 150-175 words, 20 points• In the “Epilogue,” what kinds of solutions does Desmond offer to the eviction crisis? How do you feel about those solutions?• In your opinion, what communities or questions are missing from Desmond’s discussion?6. Paragraph 5: Other Concerns

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