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Evidenced based practice project

Identify an evidenced based practice project that you would be interested in implementing to
make a practice change. * The first step in undertaking a project includes a review of the current
research/evidence related to it. For this assignment, you will locate 10-15 scholarly, peer
reviewed research articles published within the last 5 years addressing your chosen
initiative/project. Chosen articles should involve some type of research. Examples of the type of
research preferred include single studies (can be descriptive research), meta-analysis, or
systematic reviews. Avoid opinion pieces or expert reviews. The type of research available on a
topic will vary but for an EBP project, there should be enough research evidence available to
implement a practice change. If there is little research evidence on the topic, you’ll need to
choose another topic more amendable to an EBP project.
Utilize the JFL or other academic libraries available to you to obtain high level research
evidence. You will review/analyze each article and place the information in the Literature Matrix
form. A literature matrix is a good way to organize your research on a topic. Use the form as
written as you will see it again as part of your DNP scholarly project.
*DNP students need to select research articles dealing with a clinical/patient outcome focused
topic as the scholarly project must be an EBP project within the clinical practice realm. Students
in the PhD in Nursing Education program may select articles related to an academic nursing
education topic as their dissertation will fall within the nursing education realm. Regardless of a
student’s current or potential future role in nursing, the focus of your scholarly project (DNP) or
dissertation (PhD) is dictated by your degree program.
 Fill out all sections of the Literature Matrix Template. Include a title page but an
abstract is not necessary. Do not cut and paste information from the articles, paraphrase
and summarize information.
 Please use single spacing throughout for readability and ease of using the table to review
literature. Make sure the table is in landscape orientation. Use a 12 point, times roman
font in the table, left justified.
 Use APA format except single space the citation so it will fit in the table easily. If you
use other resources in providing rationale for analysis (such as whether you would use it
for a practice change), cite the source in the table and add a reference page with the full
reference(s). Please submit just one file.
 There are short examples provided in the table for type of information required but
further requirements and instructions are outlined below:
1. Article title, author, etc.
Provide full citation, single spacing to save space. Use current APA format.
2. Study purpose
Clearly state the purpose of the study.
3. Sample characteristics
Describe all important characteristics of the sample, outlining inclusion/exclusion
criteria if appropriate. Be sure to include if there is a control group.
4. Methods
NURS 700
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Describe the methods used in the study. This includes things like: if there was an
intervention, if there was a control group, if the research involved analyzing
literature, if surveys were utilized, if qualitative methods were used, etc. This will
help you determine the type of research and subsequently identify the correct level of
evidence. Most studies will be in the following categories: systematic review, meta-
analysis, descriptive research, quasi-experimental, randomized control
trial/experimental, qualitative research (not the same as descriptive), or mixed
methods. It is important to carefully read the research to determine the category.
Sometimes the title will tell you the type of research as well. For example, the title
may say the research is an integrative review.
5. Study Results
Summarize the most important, overall results. What is the bottom line? It’s
important to understand study results if you are applying the research in practice. If
applicable, include the level of significance.
6. Level of Evidence
Identify the level of evidence according to Melnyk’s classification. If you’ve
correctly identified the type of study, it should be easy to correctly identify the level.
Include not only the level in this section, but clearly name the type of study. Keep in
mind that for systematic and integrative reviews, the level will depend on the type of
research reviewed.
7. Study Limitations
List the study limitations, taking into account the type of study.
8. Would you use this for a practice change? (yes or no). Provide Rationale.
Clearly indicate if you would use this evidence for a practice change and provide

HCA 620 Week 3 Case Study

Hide Assignment Information
Instructions”I Can’t Do It All” – Case Study [CLOs 1; MPH PLO 5]
Please read the case study on page 418 in your text (different page in your eBook) and write a 750-1250 word count paper answering these questions:
How would you describe the organizational culture of Healthdyne?
Using Exhibit 11.1 (page 269 in your text), identify TWO specific forces and factors that Mr. Brice could manage to change the culture of Healthdyne.
Describe how he can use your identified choices, making recommendations. (Hint: be specific. Please don’t write “better communications” or “create a plan” Be specific.)

Writer’s Choice Essay

Religion and Theology Assignment Help You will select a diagnosis among high-risk patient populations that are commonly readmitted to the hospital. The diagnosis I have chosen the paper to be about is Respiratory Failure (for example due to COPD, pneumonia, Covid-19).

Prepare a paper that examines the rationale for readmissions among this population and provide evidence-based interventions for reducing hospital readmissions in this population.

-The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
-The paper is to be 2 pages in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page.
-Incorporate a minimum of 3 current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to APA style (the library has a copy of the APA Manual).
-Your paper should be formatted per APA and references should be current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions)

1. HEALTHCARE PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: discussion of morbidity, mortality, epidemiology and pathophysiology related to ASTHMA 2. PRACTICE GUIDELINE: Describe the

1. HEALTHCARE PROBLEM IDENTIFIED: discussion of morbidity, mortality, epidemiology and pathophysiology related to ASTHMA
2. PRACTICE GUIDELINE: Describe the clinical practice guideline used for this problem. Does the clinical practice guideline adequately address the health problem? Describe.
Is this practice guideline based on current evidence (within 5 years)? What is the strength of this evidence?
Does this clinical practice guideline adequately direct the healthcare provider in the management of a patient with this problem?
How effective is this clinical guideline in the management of patients with this healthcare problem?
3. ANALYSIS: Think about future healthcare needs of patients with this problem, changing demographics, and changes in healthcare policies. Address these questions.

Does this clinical practice guideline need revision(s)? Please explain your answer in detail.
If you were going to revise this clinical practice guideline, what would you change? What evidence would you use to base your changes on?
How might changes in US demographics and healthcare reform affect this clinical practice guideline?
What strategies would you use to increase the likelihood that a new or modified clinical practice guideline would be adopted and used in clinical practice?
4. EVALUATION How would you determine its effectiveness of this revised clinical practice guideline in directing care for patients with the identified health problem? Outline the steps you might employ.

5. LEARNING POINTS (3-5 bullet points outlining key learning

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