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Examples in Project Management Career

My experience is in Project Management currently so I would try to reference examples as a Project Manager if possible.1. Use a personal example to describe the four stages of team development. Clearly label each stage, and use your example to describe the details of that stage, then move on to the next stage until you’ve addressed all four stages. Also describe the pitfalls at each stage, using higher-level thinking as defined by Bloom’s Taxonomy.Identify what signals to you that the team is ready for the next stage.2. Describe two developmental and two detrimental behaviors of team members. After describing two of each, lead us through an example of detrimental team behavior from your own experience. Based on what you learned in this experience and others, what personal behaviors do you have that could diminish team unity?What are three goals you have to adjust behavior and be a better teammate? 3. Using Kolb’s cycle to outline the experience, tell the story of a team you were part of that achieved innovation in solving a problem. Work your way around Kolb’s cycle, naming each phase and describing your process for being innovative with a team, and what you learned at each stage in order to move on to the next one. How was this team different from a work group? What role did diversity play in the team effectiveness? 4. Referencing your experience, tell us: what are the best practices for driving innovation with a team? What inhibits or promotes creativity in an organization or group? What is the role of creativity in an organization’s success?5. What does productive collaboration look like for you? In what way do differences within a team affect the way the team collaborates? What sort of activities, methods, guidance, or strategies do you use to promote collaboration? (For example, how do you get a group to brainstorm together effectively? What structures or scenarios do you put in place to encourage participation?)

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