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Experimental Study And Survey Confidentiality High School Essay Help

Substance Abuse

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Evaluating Honesty

Having read the article “Survey Confidentiality vs. Anonymity: Young Men’s Self Reported Substance Use”, I feel as if I know a little bit more about the way in which people display honesty in general. This experimental study was seeking to find out if the way in which people answered surveys as anonymous or by name mattered in their honesty of their answers. Therefore, the study’s hypothesis was saying that identifying oneself will change his or her level of honesty on a survey. Interestingly, the authors found that it does not really matter if a person identifies themselves or not. It is more important though that the person trusts the confidentiality of the survey. The authors found that identification or lack of identification does not really make a difference in how a person responds. Therefore, the findings did not support the hypothesis that a person would be likely to change his or her answers due to identification.

The authors used men in the military as their subjects in the experiment. This could create a problem though because it does state that the military has a very strict policy on tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. This circumstance could challenge the validity of the experiment easily. The men may be too afraid to be truly honest on either survey. I think that this is the one key flaw of the experiment. It would be better if the people were not in such a binding situation. Hopefully, another study will pick a more neutral group of people without such intense pressures.

The authors interpreted their findings in a conclusion and with tables. They concluded that there was no substantial difference in numbers when comparing the percent who admitted to alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse who displayed their identification verses those who were anonymous. I definitely agree with this interpretation. If the percentage

Day Life And Schoolgoing Kid essay help websites



Theres only one success –

“To be able to spend your life in your own way!”

According to me this is the most appropriate definition of success. We get so much engrossed in our day to day life that we seldom thing that are we really living our life the way we always intended to.

Life starts with a dream. A dream to become big, to follow our passion, work hard to to the hilt and reach the pinnacle of success. That is how we start our journey to success and layout a plan to bring our dreams into reality. A schoolgoing kid who hates history and geography, who finds no logic in studying litrature thinks that life will be a lot more interesting once I get into pure sciences streams. Thats how life takes a turn and we aim to become an engineer or a doctor. Unwillingly we mug up all the historical events and dates, memorize all the geographical maps and rivers so that we overcome this hurdle and then take pure science subjects. We think life will be so much fun without history, geography or hindi. Only physics, chemistry and maths. Life moves on and suddenly we discover that chemistry is all bull shit and this is not at all i wanted to do. So here the next level of thinking comes, i.e. a couple of years more and after that once i get into engineering, chemistry will be out of scene completely. The D-day also comes and voila, we manage to get admission in an engineering college after a long battle with books. Ah. .the college is not that great but we will do something exceptional and prove our mettle.

This hard work “drama” continues for most of us and one final day we are ready to hit the corporate world with dreams in our

Have College Education And Customs Of Marriage rice supplement essay help: rice supplement essay help

Successful Marriage

Essay title: Successful Marriage

Marriage is defined as the legal union of a man and a woman (Webster’s Dictionary). Customs of marriage vary widely throughout the world, but it also meets the basic needs of all human beings. “ In most societies, marriage is considered the best way to ensure orderly raising of children. It allows for a division of labor within a consuming and working unit. Ideally, it offers intimacy, commitment, friendship, affection, sexual fulfillment, companionship, and an opportunity for emotional growth, as well as new sources of identity and self-esteem.” (Gardiner, 508) Many studies have shown that married people are usually happier than unmarried people. On the other hand, people who are unhappily married are less happy than people who are divorced.

Although the United States has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, we can’t forget that there are many happily married couples. My boyfriend’s parents, Frank and Donna, are the happiest married couple that I know. April 3rd was their thirtieth wedding anniversary, but to them it doesn’t seem that long. I have been with my boyfriend, Matt, for almost five years. I have been able to observe his parents for a long time, so I have noticed a lot of things about the way they keep their marriage a success. Most of the responses I received from them were similar, which shows how close they are. When I asked Frank how he knew Donna was the person he was going to marry, he said, “We had so much in common, and she could always make me laugh.” (Powell, Frank) When I asked Donna the same question, she stated, “He would always treat me how I wanted to be treated, with respect and love.” (Powell, Donna) Although their answers were short and simple, they are still treating each other the same way after thirty years.

According to Bramlett and Mosher, age is a major predictor of whether or not a union will last. They explain that teenagers have higher divorce rates, and people who wait until their twenties to marry have a better chance of success. College graduates and couples with high family income are less likely to end their marriages than those with less education and income. Bramlett and Mosher also stated that people who attach high importance to religion are less likely to experience marital dissolution. These examples greatly describe Frank and Donna. For example, they got married in their twenties, and have a very successful marriage. Also, they both have college education and a high income. Lastly, Frank and Donna believe highly in religion. Although their sons Scott, Matt, and Art didn’t go to Catholic school, they were all in religion classes. Frank even taught the religion classes. When I asked, ‘how has your marriage changed over the years, and how has it remained the same,’ Frank replied, “Not much has changed in our marriage when it comes to closeness. We are still best friends, and we will be for eternity.” According to Donna, the only thing that has changed is their sex life. She said it is only because he works nights at Ford. When he’s home, I’m at work and vice versa. She continued to say, “When we do get to make love, it still feels like the first time. Our love and devotion for each other remains the same.” Age is definitely a major factor when it comes to marriage. Age affects maturity, and maturity affects a person’s ability to make adult decisions.

Commitment is one of the most important keys to a successful marriage. This involves communication, making decisions, and dealing with conflict. Arguing and openly expressing anger seem to be good for a marriage; wining, defensiveness, stubbornness, and withdrawal are signs of trouble (Gottman and Krokoff). All married couples have conflicts over the years they are married, although some don’t admit it. According to Thompson and Walker, a subtle factor underlying marital conflict and marital failure may be a difference in what the man and woman expect from marriage. To many women, marital intimacy entails sharing of feelings and confidences. Men tend to express intimacy through sex, practical help, companionship, and shared activities. When I asked Frank about problems and conflicts he’s had with Donna; he replied, “I was very insecure at one point in our relationship.” When asked how he dealt with these problems, he continued to say, “Donna was very easy to talk to and very understanding. We were able to talk things out, and we would listen to what each other had to say. This was a big plus, because without communication, a relationship can’t last.” The hardest problem for Donna was

Violent Teenage Criminals And United States cbest essay help

Study on Juvenile Psychopaths

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Study on Juvenile Psychopaths

What is the “super predator”? He or she are young hypercriminals

who are committing acts of violence of unprecedented coldness and brutality.

This newest phenomena in the world of crime is perhaps the most dangerous

challenge facing society and law enforcement ever. While psychopaths are

not new, this breed of super criminal exceeds the scope of psychopathic

behavior. They are younger, more brutal, and completely unafraid of the

law. While current research on the super predator is scarce, I will

attempt to give an indication as to the reasons a child could become just

such a monster.

Violent teenage criminals are increasingly vicious. John DiIulio,

Professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University, says

that “The difference between the juvenile criminals of the 1950s and those

of the 1970s and early 1980s was the difference between the Sharks and the

Jets of West Side Story and the Bloods and the Crips. It is not

inconceivable that the demographic surge of the next ten years will bring

with it young criminals who make the Bloods and the Crips look tame.” (10)

They are what Professor DiIulio and others call urban “super predators”;

young people, often from broken homes or so-called dysfunctional families,

who commit murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and other violent acts.

These emotionally damaged young people, often are the products of sexual or

physical abuse. They live in an aimless and violent present; have no sense

of the past and no hope for the future; they commit unspeakably brutal

crimes against other people, often to gratify whatever urges or desires

drive them at the moment and their utter lack of remorse is shocking.(9)

Studies reveal that the major cause of violent crime is not

poverty but family breakdown – specifically, the absence of a father in

the household. Today, right now, one-fourth of all the children in the

United States are living in fatherless homes – this adds up to 19 million

children without fathers. Compared to children in two parent family homes,

these children will be twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as

likely to have children out of wedlock, and they stand more than three

times the chance of ending up in poverty, and almost ten times more likely

to commit violent crime and ending up in jail. (1)

The Heritage Foundation – a Conservative think tank – reported

that the rise in violent crime over the past 30 years runs directly

parallel to the rise in fatherless families. In every state in our country,

according to the Heritage foundation, the rate for juvenile crime “is

closely linked to the percentage of children raised in single-parent

families. And while it has long been thought that poverty is the primary

cause of crime, the facts simply do not support this view. Teenage

criminal behavior has its roots in habitual deprivation of parental love

and affection going back to early infancy, according to the Heritage


A fathers attention to his son has enormous positive effects on a

boys emotional and social development. But a boy abandoned by his father

in deprived of a deep

Root System And Structure Of Plants gp essay help: gp essay help

Growth & Structure of Plants

Essay title: Growth & Structure of Plants

There are three main parts of a plant: the root system, the stems and leaves. All of these functions work together to produce a full mature plant. The roots help absorb and maintain water, minerals and food. They not only seek out food and water for a plant, but also store nutrients as well. The stem system of a plant is vital for the overall structure and balance of a plant. It also serves the purpose of transporting food and water to the leaves above, which help produce photosynthesis. There are two types of leaves: simple and compound. Simple leaves are basically a leaf with one blade. A compound leaf is one of many blades, also known as leaflets.

The root system of a plant is a rather complex one. When a root system starts to grow, the cells are very fragile and can be damaged during growth. The result is a root cap that protects these fragile cells. In the middle of a root are two components that act as arteries throughout the plant; xylem and phloem. The Xylem transports water from the roots of the plant to the shoot system (branches, leaves, etc.). The Phloem transports food or minerals to any part of the plant that is need of nourishment. The xylem and phloem are not just present in roots, but in the stem system as well. There are two types of roots, Tap roots and Fibrous roots. A taproot system has one main or central root that has much smaller side branches. By concentrating their growth on into one axis, taproots are able to dig down deep into the soil, finding water where a more fibrous root system may not be able to. Some younger plants, such as trees, start their growth with one long taproot and develop a more fibrous system during its maturation process. Fibrous roots do not have a single large root; rather they have a system of roots of equal size in length and width. Fibrous roots are more spread out, gathering more water and minerals. They are also good for stability of young plants. Fibrous root systems, like those found in many grasses, can even help prevent soil erosion.

Whereas roots provide the anchorage of a plant, the stem is vital to a plants growth and stability. In the middle of the stem, you will find the xylem and the phloem, just like you would in the root system. The function of the xylem within the stem is to transport water and minerals to the leaves and living cells within it. The function of the phloem is to transport food produced by the leaves or take food from storage to any part of the plant that may be in need of nourishment. The taller the plant, the greater the turgor pressure is. “Cell turgor gives firmness to water-filled tissues. The difference between crisp and wilted lettuce leaves or celery petioles, illustrates the nature of turgid and non-turgid (flaccid) cells.”[1] Turgor pressure has great influence on the rigidity of a plant. The higher the turgor, the less flexible a plant will be. A stem not only transports food and water, but also provides much need support for the leaves which need to reach up high to gather sunlight needed for photosynthesis. Some stems are green and are able to produce food via photosynthesis. Plants such as cacti do not have any leaves, yet still carry out photosynthesis in the stem which carries the main photosynthetic organs.

As a plant grows taller, it normally grows wider as well. This process is called secondary growth. The cells that provide the extra girth are known as the lateral meristems. Within these meristems are secondary vascular tissues, which help transport food, water and minerals up and down the stem of the plant. When a tree is cut down, you will notice how a tree has many rings, known as growth rings. You can tell a lot about a trees life just by looking at its tree rings. You will notice if it’s been an ideal growing season, or one of harsh conditions depending upon the width of these rings. As the trees girth expands, the cells in the middle of the plant get stretched, expand and then destroyed by the tremendous pressure put upon it. Once the cells are compressed and have died, the dead cells then turn into a hard woody tissue called heartwood; gaining the much needed strength and rigidity necessary for the plants stability. In some plants such as trees, a protective layer is needed to protect the stem and the development of its secondary growth. Many new cells are created on the outer layer of the stem (meristems) which become impregnated with a waxy, waterproof material, then die off. These cells clump together to form what we know as bark, or cork cambium.

There are many types and shapes of leaves. Leaves are broken down into many categories such as lobing and division, shapes and margins, tips and basins, arrangements and the overall structure of the leaf itself. As stated above, there are two basic types of leaves: Simple and Compound. Like that of the roots and stems, the outside

Members Of A Society And Structural-Functionalism computer science essay help: computer science essay help

Structural Functionalism

Essay title: Structural Functionalism

Functionalism is referred to as consensus structuralism because it emphasises the central role that agreement between members of a society on morals plays in maintaining social order. It is this moral consensus that creates an equilibrium, which is the normal state of society. Durkheim was concerned with the question of how societies maintain internal stability and survive over time. He sought to explain social cohesion and stability through the concept of solidarity. In “primitive” societies it was mechanical solidarity, the fact that everybody performed similar tasks, that held society together. Durkheim proposed that such societies tend to be segmentary, being composed of equivalent parts that are held together by shared values, common symbols, or, as his nephew Mauss held, systems of exchanges. In modern, complex societies members perform very different tasks, meaning that a strong interdependence develops between them. Based on the metaphor of an organism in which many parts function together to sustain the whole, Durkheim argued that complex societies are held together by organic solidarity. He espoused a strong sociological perspective of society which was continued by Radcliffe-Brown, who, following Auguste Comte, believed that the social constituted a separate “level” of reality distinct from both the biological and from inorganic matter. Explanations of social phenomena therefore had to be constructed within this social level, with individuals merely being transient occupants of comparatively stable social roles.

Consequently, he proposed that most stateless “primitive” societies that lack strong centralised institutions or government are on an association of such corporate descent groups. Structural-functionalism also took on Malinowskis argument that the basic building block of society

Significant Impact Of My Thoughts And Week Period essay help websites

Stress Management

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Psychology Assignment

Stress Management

My life to me has been one big stress ball. The biggest stressful occasion is when my parents got divorced. This had a huge impact on me due to the fact that I was in school and that I always thought of my family as a pretty healthy family with no problems. I always have heard about how other families were getting divorced but I never thought it could happen to me. When this horrific occasion finally came to the last draw where I knew it was final, it had such a significant impact of my thoughts, emotions and bodily changes and changed me to how I am today. After it was all said and done I realized that some of the stressful management techniques got me threw what happened with my family.

I was seventeen when this happened, which means I was old enough to realize what was going on. This had a substantial impact on my thoughts. Everything I thought was a question, why are they doing this? Does this have anything to do with me? Did I make this happen? Do they realize the impact it is going to have on our family and our closeness as a family? My thought were everywhere and I needed answer’s because it was effecting my life, my school and my social life because that’s basically all I thought about. Most of my answers finally did get solved by my parents. I found out that all they really wanted was to be happy, but they couldn’t be happy together, which meant they would live by themselves. This just opened up more thought for me which related to most of my earlier questions but my main question is where am I going to live? How can I decide which parent to live with? That’s like asking them which son they love more me or my brother. It ended up that my father told me to live my mother because she needed me more because she is very emotional and couldn’t live without her sons, but that it would be okay because he would visit and that we would still have that strong relationship. All of my thoughts were finally answered and even though I didn’t want this to happen I understood why it had to happen.

The divorce also did major attack on my emotions, I was consistently sad, angry, confused and it also effected my pride and confidence in myself. There was a three week period where my parents were divorced, but not technically divorced because the papers were not signed, which meant we still all lived in the house together. It was the worst three weeks of my life, the house was lifeless and everyone felt like something was missing for those three weeks, which I knew that, everyone was starting to realize that it was evident that our family was going to break up. Speaking of break up and emotions, at the time I was in a relationship with this girl I knew all my life, we were very good together until the divorce. My emotions were torn up so bad that I wouldn’t leave my house to see her and I also didn’t feel like talking on the phone, which basically meant I wouldn’t let her in and express my emotions or tell her what was going on. We eventually got in pointless fights due to my emotions of anger from the divorce that we broke up. We still remain friends till this day but it goes to show you how such a big stress like divorce can effect your emotions to affect your entire life in everyway.

To tell the truth, I feel the divorce did not impact my bodily

Psychological Stress And Early 19Th Century college essay help near me: college essay help near me


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Psychological stress Psychological stress is a result of many factors and should be dealt with very carefully. Stress can be defined as a set of interactions between the person and the environment that result in an unpleasant emotional state, such as anxiety, tension, guilt, or shame (swin pg 1). Another way of putting it, is that there are somethings that put certain demands on us. The effects of stress should not be limited to unpleasant emotional states. Many studies have concluded that the effects on our physical health from stress can be extremely detrimental. These adverse physical effects include heart disease and formations of cancer. There are also some societal issues that psychological stress can hamper. There are numerous elements that trigger the effects of psychological stress. Frustration is one of these elements that will trigger stress. Frustration is one of the most prevalent sources of stress in my life at this moment. A lot of different events will cause frustration. Frustration occurs from something blocking our attainment of certain goals or needs (Corey 207). All of the little things that frustrate us include waiting in lines or traffic, sense of failure or inadequacies, bad relation The word stress has been used al lot nowadays. To us stress means something that puts pressure on some part of our life. However this is just a small piece in the puzzle. Stress is an explanatory factor in numerous personal or social problems. In other words Stress is the normal response of your body to any change. We feel it when we pass from a warm to a cold room, when we run for a bus. Stress prepares us for change by pumping adrenaline into your system. In this process our muscles get tense, our heart pounds, our blood pressure rises. We use this mechanism for adapting and surviving. However if this response is constantly triggered and surpasses illness or even death may follow. We as humans cannot avoid stress, we can nonetheless learn to use to our advantage. Many people have numerous problems that occurred from stress. Problems like cholesterol, insomnia, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers, chronic back pain and other very serious and fatal diseases. However you can learn to make life easy for yourself by many stress management techniques such as breathing right, eating right, exercising, and using relaxation techniques. In the early 19th century, scientists tried to explain the phenomena of how humans are affected Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that people have in response to events

Emotional Intelligence And Concept Of Emotional Intelligence my assignment essay help

Studies in Emotional Intelligence

Studies in Emotional Intelligence

There is a growing interest in the concept of emotional intelligence, and with that growth is a gap between what we know and what we need to know. In the article, Emotional Intelligence: Issues and Common Misunderstandings, Robert J. Emmerling and Daniel Goleman inquire as to what emotional intelligence is, how it differs from other established constructs within psychology, whether or not it can be developed, whether or not it can be a better predictor of work performance than traditional measures of intelligence, whether or not it should be measured at all, and how it relates to ethics.

Emotional intelligence has a potential utility in predicting a range of criterion across different populations, but its predictive validity depends on the context, criterion of interest, and specific theory used. Traditional intelligence measures have been unable to account for a significant portion of variance in career success and work performance. IQ was originally thought to account for twenty-five percent of how well people perform in their careers, while it was later discovered that IQ actually accounted for between four and ten percent. A more recent study found that IQ is a better predictor of work and academic performance than EI, but when it comes to becoming an extraordinary performer, IQ may be a less powerful predictor than EI. The failure of IQ to account for the variance between performance and success is especially evident among managers and senior leaders. IQ alone is unable to predict this as well as competencies that integrate emotional, social and cognitive abilities.

Emotions and cognition are interwoven in the aspects of emotional intelligence, especially in interpersonal functioning, empathy, motivation, affective self-regulation, self-awareness, and complex decision-making. The range restriction on the variable of IQ among managers and senior executives may be the cause of IQ’s inability to predict the variance in performance among managers. Leaders must process a great deal of complex information on a daily basis, and that requires a high level of cognitive ability. IQ simply provides a basis on which to recognize a minimal capability that all who are within a certain job pool should have to keep their job. IQ should remain a predictor of the vocations that are available to an individual of a certain intelligence, but once in that vocation, the predictive validity of IQ should diminish.

It has been said that having a high level of emotional intelligence might compensate for having a low IQ. This would allow those with a low IQ, but a high level of emotional intelligence to thrive with only average intelligence. This gives individuals the idea that IQ matters very little. Emotional intelligence has begun to challenge the assumptions about what leads to success, and to bring a balanced view to the role of emotion and cognition in determining life outcomes. In order to validate claims of the importance that emotional intelligence and traditional intelligence possess in the prediction of certain criterion, more research is needed.

Within the emotional intelligence paradigm there exists several theories that attempt to better understand and explain the abilities, skills, and traits associated with emotional and social intelligence. Researchers have been able to demonstrate the discriminant validity of trait-based approaches to emotional intelligence. Recent research shows that emotional intelligence is a unique construct that accounts for unique variance when IQ and personality are controlled. Emotional intelligence has not been around for very long, and evidence continues to develop that shows how EI represents many traits and abilities that are not fully accounted for by traditional measures of personality and cognitive intelligence. The traditional intelligence field has not been threatened or discredited for having several theories. Our knowledge and practical applications of intelligence assessment to a wide variety of issues has been increased by our thorough research on traditional intelligence. All of the theories within the emotional intelligence paradigm strive to find a concept of how individuals manage, utilize, understand and perceive emotions to predict and maintain effectiveness.

The first major theory in the emotional intelligence paradigm was that of Bar-On and it was developed in 1988. In his theory he coined the term emotional quotient (EQ). His model is defined by a selection of abilities and traits related to social and emotional knowledge that influence our ability to cope with environmental demands. It can be viewed as a model of psychological adaptation and well-being. The Bar-On model includes the abilities to be aware of, understand, and express oneself, to be aware of, understand and relate to others, to deal with strong emotions and control one’s impulses,

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