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Explanation Photosynthesis flowchart

Select a diagram or chart online which shows the process of photosynthesis for visual representation.
Use google search engine or anything other relevant
Upon selection, using a least 400 words explain the process of photosynthesis.
This is a highschool paper do not be too technical for such an audience.

Biology Question

Hello this is a research paper about an organ of the body that you can choose from this list :Pancreas, Lungs, Liver, Breast, Ovaries, Testes, Kidneys, Colon, Esophagus, Thyroid gland, Prostate gland, Uterus. you only need to choose one and then write 5 pages on this organ using the outline attached below with more instructions and use the rubric that is also attached to make sure the paper is good.
please make sure this is well written and uses the citation in the correct formatting, and also try to follow the outline. the deadline is very strict so please make sure it is done before time is done.

In this article, Weiss discusses his views on how the cell is a unit. You’ll notice that throughout, Weiss Essay

Biology Assignment Help In this article, Weiss discusses his views on how the cell is a unit. You’ll notice that throughout, Weiss pushes against the idea that cells and their behaviors can be fully understood and explained by thinking about cells in terms of their components. More precisely, he tells us that cells cannot be understood solely in terms of their molecular parts. Weiss, in this paper, is reacting to a trend that arose in the early to mid-20th century of explaining cells in terms of molecular biology. Cells, according to Weiss, must be understood as systems.

After reading Weiss’ paper, respond to both of the following prompts (You must respond to both A and B):

(A) In at least 250 words, analyze Weiss’ understanding of cells as systems by answering each of the following questions:

How can a cell be understood as a system?
How does thinking about cells as systems relate to what we have learned about the discovery of cells, cell theory, cell lineages, and ways of seeing cells?
Note: to answer this question you must address at least two of the topics we covered in this module.
(B) In at least 250 words, provide a counter argument to Weiss’ idea of cells as systems:

Use the lecture materials to argue why cells should not be thought of as systems.

Diversity of Life

In this assignment, you will create a poster that demonstrates the diversity of life in an ecosystem. Your poster should include 10 eukaryotic organisms, with at least one from each of the four eukaryotic kingdoms. Create your poster using images obtained from the internet, or draw pictures of each organism.
InstructionsYour task is to select an ecosystem (e.g. forest, grassland, tundra, desert, freshwater, or marine) and create a poster that illustrates its diversity of life. Your poster should include the following:
The images/pictures of 10 eukaryotic organisms you would find there. If selecting a freshwater lake in Canada, you would research and include 10 eukaryotic organisms that you would reasonably find in a Canadian lake. Do not include organisms that are native to other geographic regions.
Include at least one eukaryotic organism from each of the four eukaryotic kingdoms.
The image/picture should be clearly labelled with the kingdom, scientific name (in the proper format), and common name of the organism.
Identify all plants as either vascular or non-vascular.
Identify all protists as either animal-like, plant-like, or fungus-like.
Identify all animals as either vertebrates or invertebrates.
Assessment Details
Your submission should include the following:
A poster that includes 10 different eukaryotic organisms found within your selected ecosystem.
All labels, including the kingdom, scientific name, and common name.
All kingdom-specific identifications.
All references according to the APA Style Guide for all images used in your poster.

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