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The family considered is considered as the most basic unit of society. It is shaped by forces around it such as values, beliefs, and customs of the society it belongs in. It is a unit of interacting persons bound by the ties of blood, marriage, or adoption. They constitute a single household, interact with each other, and perform respective familial roles. The Filipino family specifically, based on the Philippine Constitution is one which focuses on religious, legal, and cultural aspects on the definition of family.

As being the most basic building block of society, it is of utmost importance that a family be also considered as a unit of care. Since health problems of family members are interlocking, any problems within the family will also be a problem of the community. Thus a family as a group should generate, prevent, tolerate, and correct health problems within it’s members. This can be done effectively with the help of health workers such as family nurses. Indeed the family is the most frequent focus of health decisions and action in personal care.

The Family Health Care Process undergoes a few steps to ensure that a family is healthy. Beginning off with getting to know family members and how they live, data collection is the first step of the process. As with any scientific process there are proper ways to undergo collection of data, which may include techniques such as interviews, observations, and collection of records and reports available. Once data is collected, it will be analyzed and interpreted, then validated. After the data has been interpreted correctly, family health workers will proceed to the third step; planning.

When planning, all problems discovered will be prioritized to which needs to be dealt with first. Then objectives for how to tackle these problems will be made so that any action to solve these problems will have a strategy. After a strategy has been developed proper evaluation tools, that will help check if objectives have been met, will be applied. The fourth step, implementation or intervention, is the main professional phase of the nursing process. This is when the Standard Functions of RN come into play. These functions include dependent-giving of medicines,

Independent-monitor, assessments, provisions, educating, and interdependent- referrals. After all implementation has been done, the last step of evaluation will determine if the problems have been solved. If not, more data gathering, analysis, planning, and interventions may be required. But if all problems have been solved, the family health nursing will be a success. By being able to start nursing a family, by being able to keep the most basic unit of society healthy, it will ensure that a whole community will become healthy as well. Family Health Nursing By imonaJet

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Malinowski was born in Poland on Apri17, 1884. His father,a professor of Slavic philology at Jagellonian University. His mother was from culturel landowning family. Malinowski who is Polish-British antropologist,educated in Kracow,Leipzig and at the London School of Economics. From 1924 he was assistant professor in the University of London. He became a professor in 1927. He taught at Yale University from 1939 until his death.. The most important-and four-year-long investigation, made on the natives of New Guinea Islands.

After the end of the war, the history of nthropology,which is probably the most revolutionary work wrote Argonauts of Wetern Pasific. And it was during this period that he began his signature work among the Trobriand Islanders,studying kinship,trade,the practical purposes of ritual and religion,as well as the intersection between cultural ideas and actual daily behaviours. (wrww. nndb. com) Malinowski helped develop the field of anthropology from a primarily evolutionary focus into sociological and psychological fields of enquiry.

Malinowski’s ideas and methodologies came to be widely embraced by the Boasian influenced school of American Anthropology,making him ne of the most influential anthropologist of the 20th century. Malinowski is the pionneer of anthropologist in living primitive tribes. Due to he want to do healthy observations for own researches,he saw necessary in this situation. Malinowski stayed four years in Trobriands Islands and he observed local people’s traditions and lifes. Malionawski has complied very interesting information about family structure,social and sexual relationship in there.

After returned to London, From 1910 worked as a research assistant at London School of Economics near the G. G Salisman and he gained theoretical knowledge from his trainer. When war began ,he participated British association’s meeting in Australia. He made investigation among indigenous people who live pre-civilization conditions. After return to London, he considered the lives of other tribes’ and he gave two work attempts to synthesize. one of them related primitive psychology myth”. Published in 1926,Malinowski defended the these opinion beliefs, fairy tales, myths affect human psychology and social formations. Even Malinowski accordance religious historian Fraser’s teachings, claimed that give rise to the magic technique. Malinowski ublished in 1927, ‘in wild societies sexuality and repression”. He solutions to the social relations that Trobriand natives in this examination. Malinowski have tried to create a theory of the relationship between society and culture. He sought to understand the islanders’ ways of life in functional terms of how they created and maintained their society. (wmwcsiss. org) Malinowski’s findings is to give an idea of living on the social stage.

Trobriand islands the prevailing social order “matriarchal” called and lineage, inheritance relations, kinship relations corresponds to a stage is determined by the constitution. Examination of wild populations remained far behind the historical development of mankind,this is a phenomenon which providing main lineage. Everything is transferred to the main lineage. All marriages should be cross-cousins and in the tribes. Women live with children separate house with men. (www. civilisation. org) Because of this in light of this research Malinowski critized Freud’s “Oedipus complex” theory.

Malinowski argues that families all over the world don’t have oedipus complex. His studies of the Trobriand Islanders have often been cited as a challenge to Freud’s conviction that the Oedipus complex is a universal henomenon. (www. newworldencyclopedia. org) Malinowski, tried to create a theory of the relationship between society and culture according to the natives’ way of life and laid the foundations of social anthropology. Althoght Malinowski human is animal although culturalism and sociality.

Malinowski a table organized as follows to prove the similarity between human and animal. Basic requirements: food, nutrition, sleep, shelter, agreement, sexuality and confidence. Social institutions: farming, agriculture, bed, home, language, marriage and religion. Basic requirements shown in this table re the same for human and animal. But created social institutions are very different to provide these. Human physiological requirements is provided by various cultural institutions. Malinowski was one of two organizer,along with A. R. Radcliffe-Brown,of functionalism.

Radcliffe-Brownian functionalism focused on society,social system,functional integration,and synchronic study as opposed to the diachronism of the evolutionist and the American historicists. His theory held that acts,traditions,values,and other events in culture. This theory had a purpose for the continuation of the social system. Malinowski,focused on functional integration and synchronous study,but he put more emphasis on the indivudual and on biological needs. At first, functionalism as a theoretical approach developed in the 1950s, and started to be addressed by the proponents to be seen as a method of sociological. n the fact functionalism is theoretical approach which first appearance in sociology. The pioneers of this theory Comte, Spencer and Durkheim. The two versions of functionalism were influenced from French sociologist Emile Durkheim. Malinowski was exposed to the work of Durkheim early in his career. Malinowski agreed with Radcliffe-Brown about the functional integrity of cultural units which he called institutions. (www. stosowana. files. wordpress. com) The purpose of institutions is to meet the seven basic human needs ;metabolism, reproduction,bodily comfort,safety,movement,growth,and health.

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Our country spends money on so many things that seem ecessary to make the United States the best but how are these services really helping us if there are so many people who are unhealthy and not able to use these services or even use them up to their full potential? When people are denied health care and are unable to get better when they are sick, we are denying them the right to life. If we made health care a right in the United States our country would be a much better place with healthier individuals doing better than they ever could.

Everyone has the right to live in a healthy state of mind and body which is exactly hat health care is for. If our government had a bigger say in our health care system that allowed everyone coverage, all individuals would be able to go to the doctor and get help before whatever their condition was got even more serious. “More than 18,000 Americans die every year from preventable illnesses because they do not get to the doctor when they should” (Sanders), this is something that should and could be completely avoided. Being able to go to the doctor to fix minor illnesses could change many people’s lives.

It could prevent them from having to go to the hospital which isk. Preventative care could be used much more than it is now here in America and would help our country a lot. If our government had more say in our health care system that allowed everyone coverage, it would probably mean that people that made higher amounts of money would be paying more than what a lower income family would. This money would probably come out of our taxes but with a reasonable set amount for procedures, medicines, and all other costs, we would not have to pay as much as we do now.

This could decrease the amounts of all bills for Americans and would not make the prices as bad as they are now. Another negative thing that could come out of this change is longer waits for surgeries and doctors appointments. Yes, waiting isn’t fun but it is much better than having someone die because they couldn’t get insured before. This could be controlled with the use of other doctors who weren’t being used as much due to price control but could be fixed with set costs. As a whole for individuals, a government organized healthcare system would benefit more than not.

Our society as a whole would be much more roductive, in a much healthier state, and would be doing much better work. In 2009, “46 million people [had] no health insurance”(Sanders), if we could change this number to zero, imagine how much greater the people in our country could be. With healthier, more productive people, our country would flourish more than ever and could end up helping us change in ways we never thought before. The people in our society who would not be as excited to make health care a right for everyone would be all the people who work in health care due to differences in pay.

With set costs hospitals, specialized doctors and pharmacies would not be able to make as much profit as they did before. I believe that it would be a good switch for our country to be a much healthier and productive place even if our doctors made a little bit less. We could still set prices to where people in the health profession could make profit but not such a huge profit that it isn’t affordable for the people. Having our government help manage our health care system could help our economy in many different ways. “At $2. rillion dollars, and 18 percent of our GDP, the skyrocketing cost of health care in this country is unsustainable both from a personal and macro-economic perspective”(Sanders), with our current health care prices, our country cannot afford to keep up like this. With the government setting prices on medicines, procedures, doctors visits, and all other medical costs to a standard set amount that isn’t as expensive, people wouldn’t go bankrupt and our government wouldn’t have to spend as much money as they do now on health care.

Hospitals and many people who work ith insurance companies would not be profiting as much as now but people would be living longer with healthcare as a right to all. Stakeholders would be in a much better position when investing their money into hospitals because services would be used much more at more reasonable prices. Clinics and hospitals would not fail because people could now go see the doctor when they are sick instead of waiting until they are almost dying and trying to get help. The stakeholders that profit large amounts would not profit as much as they did without set prices.

Set prices would ontrol their profit they make and the profit would be a lower for everyone. Chernichovsky (2010) argues “To what extent do researchers have an ethical responsibility to provide health care”(p. 200) to people who don’t really care about over weight people, but that shouldn’t deny them the right to a second chance. And for all the people who do try hard to stay healthy but cannot afford coverage, how would it be fair for them to get denied health care? Receiving health care is something that everyone deserves but many are denied in our country.

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Ocean pollution Hannah Waddell Ocean pollution is a growing problem and affects people as well. It is a growing problem that needs to be stopped and controlled immediately. Taking care of our water will be beneficial for our long-term survival. If we put off this problem any longer, the prices will only escalade even higher. We need water to survive and the ocean is one of the greatest water suppliers. The actions we take or do not take will affect the future in either a negative or a positive way.

Something must be done about it and we are going to need help from every country if we want to make an impact. The idea that the ocean is indestructible and excessively big to be effected by humans is now gone. ThinkQuest wrote a very informative article about pollution and one of their main points was, “if people know more about pollution in the ocean, then they will know more about how to stop pollution. ” They are completely right; not very many people realize how much their daily lives can affect lives.

We need to make the world more educated about how they can make a change. This article also talks about the many forms of pollution that many people do not realize. Such as, garbage dumping, wastewater, boat pollution, agriculture, land clearing, and most importantly, people. They also made a strong statement saying, “We must stop these problems because if we don’t, we will hurt and maybe even kill our sea life. ” Our fish and sea creatures are suffering the most from our actions and the sad thing is, is that hey can do nothing to stop it.

Contaminating the oceans will damage every living thing whether we like it or not. One of the biggest contenders is oil contamination. Oil can kill wildlife and contribute to economic losses and climate change. A study recently done on oil pollution by Oceana says that an oil spill “could be impossible to clean up. ” Oil spills are transported occasionally and are very prone to accidents, which can be catastrophic and harmful. There was an oil spill recently in the Gulf of

Mexico which “[released] 200 million gallons of dangerous and damaging oil into the marine environment. ” This catastrophe still has not stopped harming our oceans. Of course, nothing is done on purpose and never planned but we need to do everything in our power to prevent this problem from happening. There is one constant argument that is commonly heard is that ocean pollution is necessary for industry, and more industry means more Jobs, which means a better economy. I understand this argument but also their will always be alternative ways to roduce things we need.

There is natural energy that we can use that does not affect the ecosystem the way ocean pollution does. Do people not realize the every living organism needs water to survive and that most of the earth is water? I do not understand why we are not more careful about what we put in it then. The ocean serves as a source of energy, raw materials and most of all food like fish and seaweed. Taking action would be greatly advised in this situation if you want the future of our world to be flourishing. ocean pollution By hannahw195

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The Ghost of Tom Joad Video Response The beauty of the written word is that everyone can experience and interpret it in a different way with some help from writer and their purpose behind the piece. The beauty of songs is that people are free to express those individual interpretations in ways that allow them to use their voices and instruments. The beauty of video is that the makers can put these two things together and then add images and audio-texts to enhance the meaning of the song for viewers. The song “The Ghost of Tom Joad” has brought about multiple YouTube videos for this exact reason.

In the video The Ghost of Toam Joad by Harveywetdog, the use of imagery definitely gave me a better sense of what this song is referencing. Nearly all of the pictures that slide across the screen were taken around the time of the Depression. Since that is the time period in which the character Tom Joad was living, this allowed me to understand the song and the lyrics in a more complete way. All the pictures of families and children requently on the road and having nowhere to go really spoke to me about the world we live in today.

It is a bit easier to feel for these people and the cause the song represents when you have a face to stick to it. It somehow makes their struggles seem more real. Harveywetdog gave me numerous faces to connect with and this only evoked more emotion in me because it causes me to really think about all of the people out there who simply want to live their lives, but are being held back due to the limits circumstance and money and society put on them. Pictures from the film

The Grapes of Wrath that show Tom Joad with a quote printed on the screen also show up throughout the pictures whenever the singers say something about waiting on the ghost of Tom Joad, and they made it seem like he was there at the campfire light and was urging them to go on. I also found it very effective that Harveywetdog used actual clips of sound from the movie when Tom Joad is explaining to Ma that he’ll be there in every action involving his fellow man being beat down by injustice and in every time someone rises up to overcome the limits force upon them.

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On the boat, there is an eagle on the front of the boat, symbolizing his vision to be free out of the world he is living in as he believes everything is fake. Moreover, Truman uses sense perception to find the truth. This helps him as he is very observant. For example, when he is waiting for Meryl, his wife, in the car, he notices that the same lady on the bike, man with flowers and dented Volkswagen Beatle passed by him on multiple occasion. This make him doubt about whether his being watched.

Furthermore, while going through his marriage photos, e notices Meryl’s fingers are crossed in the wedding picture. This means his wife does not consider the marriage real. Also, when he asks to her about it, his wife’s gets nervous and shouts some third person’s name for help. This strengthens his thought that he is being watched. Also, Truman also finds some evidence to support his thoughts. For example, when he goes into the elevator, he sees a set behind the rear doors. In addition, when he tries to leave Seaheaven, he has been stopped in every possible way.

For example, he does not get a flight ticket when he tries to go to Fiji and when he tries to escape with his car; he has been blocked every time. When he combines this with the fact that Meryl does not consider the marriage real and she asks third person’s help in an empty room; strengthens his idea of everything being scripted, and everyone is acting. The last “pathway to knowledge” Truman uses is logic. Logic is often accompanied with sense perception. For example, Truman recognizes that the daily routine by others is repeated the same way every day.

He ealizes that perhaps the cameras are hidden in the people around him. At last, his logic and sense perception helps him fgure out where the cameras are. Also, when he tries to escape, he realizes all the ways for him to leave are blocked and he is stuck on Seaheaven. Moreover, his logic along with evidence helps him fgure out that everyone around him is acting including his friends and it is an artificial setting. Logic accompanied with one of the other “pathways to knowledge” strengthens Truman’s doubt because logic itself it not enough support to prove an argument.

In conclusion, the four “pathways to knowledge” evident in The Truman Show are instinct, sense perception, evidence and logic. The most important “pathway to knowledge” for Truman to find out the truth is Instinct. It is because if he did not have a feeling about him being watched over by other then he would have not even investigated in the first place. Also, he escapes the world because of his vision to be free and his wits. Therefore, if he did not have instinct about that, he would not have found the truth. Truman Show By ashurana1997

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Armenian Genocide Throughout history, instances of religious groups turning to violence or being victimized for their religion have unfortunately occurred. The most prominent instance of this that immediately comes to mind for most is the Holocaust, where millions of Jews were killed by the Germans, led by Adolf Hitler (K©vorkian 8). Many have not been educated to the fact that there have been many other significant genocides within the last one hundred years based on religious violence, one being the Armenian Genocide (United 3). Although not so nearly well known as the

Holocaust, this genocide was every bit as horrible. Looking in depth at the Armenian Genocide of 191 5, one will see the gruesome and atrocious actions of the Ottoman Empire toward the Armenian people and may questions many of these movements. Although there may not be answers to why people would act so unethically, the Armenian Genocide is a superb example of religious groups using violence to gain power. The Armenian Genocide is not well known due to the fact that many nations deny its occurrence, despite the overwhelming physical evidence and stories told by survivors.

The United States, however, recognizes that the Armenian Genocide happened and states that “[a]t least 1,000,000, and possibly well over half of the Armenian population, are reliably estimated to have been killed or death marched by independent authorities” (United 3). The negative feelings that Muslims of the Ottoman Empire had toward the Christian Armenians that led to this enormous number of deaths developed over many centuries. Originally, the Armenians were an individual entity, claiming their nation in Eurasia as the first in the world to make Christianity its official religion in the fourth century AD.

During the fifteen century though, they were absorbed by the Ottoman Empire. At the beginning this did not pose a serious problem, with the Armenians being a minority and being underprivileged in the Muslim society (Winter 68). Christians had to pay higher taxes than Muslims, for example, and they had very few political and legal rights. Despite being viewed as “infidels” and being treated unequally, the Armenians managed to thrive in society (“Armenian” par 7). The successes in life gained by the Armenians made the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire uneasy.

The Armenians tended to be more educated and wealthier, which led others to begin to resent their success. As the Ottoman Empire began to crumble throughout the nineteenth century, suspicions that the Armenians would be more loyal to Christian governments than that of the Ottoman caliphate increased. Once the Turkish people entered World War I in 1914, military leaders argued over Armenian loyalty; once the Armenians organized volunteer battalions to help the Russian army fght against the Turks in the Caucasus region, the want for the “removal” of Armenians in the area increased (Winter 91-2).

In the case of the Armenian Genocide, as with many other acts of religious violence, feelings of hatred are developed over many years. Many may simply ask, why lash out with violence? The ‘slams may have decided to act on their suspicions out of fear and anxiety that The first day of the Armenian Genocide was April 24, 191 5 (United 3). This was the start of many gruesome, horrific events that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. The initial act that began the genocide was the arrest and soon after killing of several hundred Armenians.

From there, the genocide took off with many Armenian eaders being imprisoned and tortured to death, while the Armenian soldiers were either massacred after being disarmed or worked to the point of exhaustion and death. The most predominant form of death that occurred was the Armenians being marched to their death in the Mesopotamian and Syrian deserts (K©vorkian 17). They were removed from their homes and often times separated from their family, were stripped naked, given no food or water, and had to walk in the scorching sun through the desert with no destination.

They walked until they dropped dead and if they topped to catch their breath or rest, they were subsequently shot and killed by the Turkish government (“Armenian” par 3). There are survivors who have witnessed many of these horrendous actions and who have seen people in their weakest, most helpless moments. One male survivor who Just barely cheated death describes his experience: “l had a child on my back, had on women’s clothes, my face was covered with mucus, and I was limping. Lice would not leave us alone.

They would get in our eyes, nose, mouth. I had gotten so weak that I couldn’t stand up. I was reduced to bones by this time, half dead” (Miller 82). Surprising as it may seem, people did experience intense torture and were victims of religious violence simply for being a Christian. It is shocking that the ‘slams who acted so unethically and murdered so many people can think that their actions were acceptable and Just in the eyes of their God. How can people commit such ruthless acts based simply off of one’s religious beliefs?

This question is still being asked around the world today in other religious violence cases such as Darfur in Sudan. The differing stories among survivors about the rides in the caravan to the desert how how the religious abuse changed from case to case. Miller explains that “the experience of caravan members seems to have depended greatly on the attitude of gendarmes who were escorting them” (78). He explains that some people were slaughtered during those rides while others remained untouched (Miller 79).

This is a prime example of how the violence was not only a general movement of the Muslims, but how it may have varied between different scenarios. It may be possible that some involved in the killing of the Armenians were not completely evil, but felt pressured by those in command. Some people may have acted inappropriately due to fear that if they stood up for themselves and their beliefs, they may be heartlessly slaughtered Just like the Armenians.

Cases of religious violence are often largely due to opinionated and forceful people who may convince others to act unjustly by brainwashing them or scaring them. Although there is not one specified leader who caused the Armenian genocide, this is still seen in other instances such as Adolf Hitler and his influence on the Holocaust. Another significant factor of the Armenian Genocide was that of the “Special Organization” created by the Muslims whose goal was “the liquidation of the Christian elements” (K©vorkian 106).

The Turkish hillside became full of Armenian of cliffs, drowned them in rivers, crucified them, and even buried them alive. Women who were not killed in the desert or by this process of “turkification” were raped and forced into slavery. With children, the Special Organization believed that there was still potential for fixation. They kidnaped children, forced them to convert to Muslim religion, and gave them away to Turkish families, who raised them as Islam K©vorkian 110-2).

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Blood Doping Although “doping” is the illegal use of drugs by athletes to enhance performance as well as training or participating in a sporting event, most athletes are also relatively unlikely to ever undergo testing. The first drug to be used was heroin and morphine. Heron was mainly found in horse racing circles, while morphine was the thing to do which was so-called endurance in sports. Using drugs to cheat in sports is not new but is becoming more effective. Even if performance-enhancing drugs were to be legalized in a competitive sport, there would most likely be a specific portion of oping activity that would remain prohibited.

The world of sport has become more complicated, particularly in respect to doping. In the Article “How sports would be better with doping,” by Ian Steadman analyzes how the battle to control drug use never, ever seems to end. Doping is, after all, considered the ultimate sin of professional athletes. While on the article “Professional Sport Leagues should Adopt Olympics-styles Anti- Doping Policies” by Dick Pound claims that steroid use is a problem that affects a number of sports at professional and amateur level.

In Austin Texas an Associated Press makes an article about “Lance Armstrong must give answers” and report how a Judge is pushing Armstrong close to his first sworn testimony Oh his performance enhancing drug use, in lawsuit to recover $3 million in bonuses paid Armstrong from 1999-2001. And although these two articles both support their arguments quite well, they also both miss information to make their arguments more clearer. Steadman in his article argues that the seven-time winner Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his famous victories, which he claims he used erformance-enhancing drugs.

Why shouldn’t he be punished? After all doping is considered the ultimate sin of professional athletes. To support this the author tells us as training, coaching, nutrient and equipment has been perfected, the best times of the best athletes have been increasing at a slower and slower rate (Steadman 5)? Steadman key opposing viewpoints and inferences are well supported by his facts. And Pound argues that sport leagues must do more testing programs, when athletes get caught using steroid and how the rest of his coaches, doctors and other staff Just et educated about the risk of steroid use.

He argues that professional sports programs should stop making excuses why they can’t make stricter polices against steroid use. The article “Lance Armstrong must give answers” by The Associated Press asking questions about who paid for the drugs and what amount of doses he used. This article is similar to Steadman article about Lance Armstrong getting his metals stripped. Lance told Oprah Winfrey that he doped during the Tour de France seven times, which those titles have been stripped away already because of that.

The press explains how Armstrong refused to provide sworn testimony to the doping agency, which that was his only chance to lift his lifetime ban from sport. The Press is good at asking questions but it does not provide facts about what Armstrong claims about his fraud and false advertising. Also The Press state that Armstrong settled with a British Newspaper, The Sunday Times, and explain that they sued him to recover damages from previous libel case. The Press fails to explain how much will he get sued for. explain their inferences.

Steroids augment the effects of training according to Ian Steadman, that steroids are more in effective training, which have been achieved in other ways. He use an example that caffeine is a performance enhancer, which was banned but is now allowed. However Steadman argues that athletes who take performance enhancing drugs are relying on something he doesn’t actually have to improve performance, weather that drug is naturally occurring or designed by scientist. He explains why doping should only be banned when it is significantly, armful relative to the inherent risks of sport, or against the sprits of a particular sport.

Pounds illustrates that athletes should respect the rules of sports, respect your opponents, you respect yourself. He backs that up on by saying he don’t want his grandchildren to have to become chemical stockpiles in order to be good at a sport. All it takes is some special motivation and dedication if you really want to be in the pros. “People do well at sport as a result of the genetic lottery that happen to deal then a winning hand”(Steadman5). Yet despite the health risks, they have yet to enforce drugs being used in sports.

Back in the days “dope” was something that people drank to help you work hard. Now days it hardly raises an eyebrow now when some famous athlete fails a dope test. Ian Steadman finds that if there were a legalization of performance enhancing drugs in completive sports, the athletes would definitely take more risks, although give the limits and medical supervision, the risks would be considered acceptable. The battle to control drug use never ever seems to end. Steadman asks the audience why don’t we accept doping it will always happen and legalize it? How reliable are these claims?

Well he supports this as the most recent study found that 9. 49 seconds was predicted fastest time on a 100m time all that’s to thanks to the use of steroids. But the author seems to fail on where he got this information or a citation. On the other hand Pounds explains why pro athletes are out there every day and making big money, and implies that they should apply the same standard for every athlete right across the board. Meaning that doesn’t atter what kind of athlete you are or may never be heard of if you are an athlete, he states everyone should be drug tested the same.

In addition, Steadman points out that current problems will become less apparent because the athletes of the future will be enhanced before they even begin training for an event. As a result these sports like the MLB players aren’t that serious with all the money they make these athletes don’t seem to care as if they get caught, some of the penalties they give the athletes in the MLB are “chump change” states Pounds. Since, the more these players et caught these athletes get either suspended for fifteen days without pay or fined up to $10,000 and it keeps on doubling up every time they get tested and test positive.

Some considers Dick a candid crusader, but Dick knows what he is talking about as he participated as both an athlete and an administrator in sports his entire adult life. In conclusion, Ian Steadman and Dick Pounds were able to provide a good thought out articles. These two articles contained many examples and ideas, they both kept there article strictly on why they want steroids available for athletes and hy steroids should be not aloud on any sport and provided many examples and details without mentioning their sources.

The associated press is article relates to both Steadman and Pounds articles, one side is that how the doping agency supports his lifetime from sports. The other side relates to Steadman article on how Lance’s titles been striped away for doping and the amounts he used. In the end, when these articles are compared to one another neither of the articles were compelling to their viewpoints on whether doping should be banned or not.

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How can Greggs improve the validity of the information gathered from Market Research In order to answer this task, I will suggest methods of how Greggs can improve the validity of the information gathered from primary and secondary research. First I will briefly explain the different types of information that Greggs could gather for market research. Primary Research Primary data is when you collect and gather the data first hand in the form of a questionnaire, survey, telephone or interview. This data is specific to the company and did not exist beforehand. Sometimes referred to as field research.

Advantages; Specific to the needs of the company Collected for a purpose, Applicable It is up to date and reliable Disadvantages; Expensive to gather Time consuming to gather and process Not immediately available/accessible Secondary Research With secondary data, it has already been collected by someone else and is available to your company through books, internet, statistics, accounts or independent forecasting groups. Sometimes referred to as desk research. Advantages; Inexpensive Easily accessible Can be used to predict financial problems Quickly becomes out-dated

Not specific or applicable Unreliable Choosing the type of research So which type of data is better for Greggs; Primary or Secondary? In order to make an informed decision, they would need a mix of these types to get good valid research. However there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Primary data is good because; it is specific to the needs of Greggs so it can be used for a purpose or used to answer a specific question and it is up to date. Also, this data was collected by Greggs and for Greggs alone.

This would give them a competitive edge over other rganisations because they do not have access to the same information. Primary information can be expensive to gather and it is not easily accessible once gathered. It needs to be processed so it can be used for decision making, and this can take a relatively long time. Secondary data is a lot cheaper to gather then Primary because the information already exists. This makes it easily accessible and will lower the costs of processing the data. Also, if Greggs looks at past secondary data, they could analyse it and it could alert them to future financial problems.

The main problem information is usually available to the public which includes competitors. The data is not specific to Greggs’s needs and may not be applicable at all. So both types of information are needed in good primary research. Greggs should find a balance between the two. Some types of information are more appropriate for certain purposes. For example, if Greggs wanted to find out about demand for a new product or services, primary data would be more appropriate. This is because they can actually ask the customers whether or not they would buy/use the product/service.

Secondary research may be able to tell Greggs about certain trends or patterns in the market, but it will not tell them directly whether there is a demand or not. Data can also be Quantitative or Qualitative. Greggs can improve their market research methods by choosing the appropriate types for certain tasks. Quantitative Typically numerical data. “Hard” data used to measure or quantify e. g. 10 people buy a.. Qualitative Attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, opinions. More complex data, sometimes called “Soft” data. Companies gain quantitative data through Sales fgures and government tatistics.

Greggs, for example, might want to look for trends in sales by analysing sales fgures, or gauge the external labour market by using Government statistics for unemployment etc. This data is represented numerically and has to be processed before used for decision making. This quantitative information is often used during market research when gathering information in huge quantities. It will then be processed and displayed in a chart or graphically, to make it more accessible for the user. It is a lot quicker to gather quantitative information than it is to gather ualitative information.

For example, if Greggs carry out a questionnaire, most of the questions should be designed to gather quantitative information. An example of a quantitative question is “Would you buy this product? ” or “How many times do you visit Greggs per week? “. This information is designed to be gathered on a large scale. Due to the quantitative nature of the questions, it needs to be carried out on a huge scale to get an accurate respresentation of the market. This can be difficult and expensive for Greggs, but if they want valid primary information this is what they ust do.

Greggs will collect qualitative data through interviews and focus groups. They might use this when dealing with people’s opinions and beliefs related to a new service they are offering or a new product development they are planning to release. This specific feedback will directly help Greggs make decisions regarding these new ventures. However, due to it being harder and slower to gather than quantitative information, Greggs will not be able to take information from large amounts of people. This increases the risk of bias in the feedback and may not accurately epresent the overall market.

This research cannot be carried out on a huge scale, due to the complex nature of the answers. For example, if an individual is giving a complex opinion, that answer is completely unique to that one person. If there is thousands of interviewees, each with their own answer to the question, it would be extremely hard to collect and then analyse. The risk of bias is increased due to the relatively small scale of the research, and the interviewees could be influenced by the into a table or spreadsheet. Greggs will need some sort of qualitative data, however.

Greggs must gather both types of information to get a good picture of the market, and to ensure the validity of the research. As said earlier, some types of research are more appropriate for certain aspects of market research. Greggs will need to use an effective mix of these types to gather valid research. For example, if Gregg wants to find out how much customers will pay for the product/service, they will need primary research. Secondary research is not appropriate because it does not gather from the actual target audience and it will not apply to Greggs.

After deciding on primary esearch, Greggs need to choose between quantitative and qualitative data. Qualitative data is beliefs, opinions and attitudes; so it is not appropriate for finding out the price that customers are prepared to pay. Quantitative is used when gathering large amount of information on a large scale, and is suitable for analysis using conventional methods e. g. Spreadsheets, charts. Quantitative is the ideal type of information for this research because it has all of the appropriate characteristics that Greggs require. So the information gathered for this question will be both

Primary and Quantitative. A situation where Greggs might need to gather qualitative information is when asking the question; “What do you think about the product? “. Obviously, this answer cannot be represented numerically. This is also hard to carry out on a large scale, because it is hard to analyse large amounts of complex information and opinions. This information cannot be analysed using conventional methods such as graphs and spreadsheets. The information gathered by this method will give Greggs exclusive access to research which is specific to Greggs.

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My Declaration of Independence When a human was given a brain he/she was given the ability to use it. Since every human has one, every human can use it to make decision for their own welfare equally. In everyday life you will find that some people are bigger and/or better than you in certain fields. Also in everyday life people like to use their age for their own good. In a household of siblings there are certain advantages that are giving by age. Older siblings are aware of these advantages and abuse them to the fullest.

I believe that in households like that a child’s growth can be stunt permanently and, affect them in the long run. I personally hate being the youngest and I’m sure many others feel the same way. In households were parents are aware of the instability they should take action right away. Some parents aren’t aware of these things and let them slide by. These advantages cause many problems and may become fatal. I am tired of the disadvantages of being the youngest. They have taken all the good things I have for them selfs.

They have used out all the hot water and didn’t leave me any to have a good shower. They have eaten all the food I bought for myself. They have controlled the AC & radio in the car always. They have always taken the privilege of deciding where we eat. They have put the burden of chores in my hands. They have been given twice more allowance than me. They have been given first choice on things and given me leftovers. They have made fun of me endlessly. They have excluded me from fun games. They have hogged the bathroom all day long.

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Studies are being conducted to test the human brain to see if it can actually perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Multitasking has a positive side as well as a negative side to it. Being productive while working on multiple things at once can be a positive, however texting while driving can be one of the most dangerous actions in our world today. Multitasking has become a part of my everyday life, and has added a sense of productivity to my boring school days. Every morning I brush my teeth while I shower,

I do multiple subjects of homework simultaneously at night, and I am currently listening to music as I compose this essay. Multitasking has become essential for me to get all of my tasks done by the end of the day. Despite the dangerous things we do while behind the wheel of a car, I believe multitasking has proven to be a benefit to our society. Multitasking is changing my life everyday by keeping me on top of my school work and my religion all while remaining involved in my community. I have mastered multitasking.

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Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity. All countries have a myriad of diverse ways to express their culture. In my homeland Colombia and my current home the United States there is a lot of divergence as well as resemblances The factors that create ones culture can range from religion, music and food. All cultures share the fact, that they take pride in pleasures and the forms of entertainment they enjoy. I believe one of the greatest cultural aspects in my homeland and as well as the United States, is food.

Some typical dishes in Colombia are tamales, arepas in all styles, empanadas, rice with chicken, beans, sancocho (hen soup) and coconut rice. In exchange, some traditional foods in America consist of pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, french fries, corn, chicken pot pie, candy apples and more. The main difference is that in Colombia the majority of food is prepared from scratch, which in turn means that meal preparation takes significantly longer to follow our grandmothers old recipe on how to properly cook beans. In American culture, we conveniently buy precooked and packaged foods and quickly microwave them.

When we are really pressed for time, which is quite often considering the chaos of living the American dream, we turn to eating fast food. For example, in a Colombian household’s refridgerator, almost no pre-packaged Juice is maintained. For all meals, we freshly squeeze fruit to make natural Juices such as lulo, raspberry, guanabana and tamarind. However, here we easily pore a glass of orange Juice from a carton or make iced tea from processed sugar. Another example is mashed potatoes. In my country, one would boil the potatoes, mash it and the mix appropriate quantities of cheese, salt and butter.

While n American culture one can simply open up a box and heat it up the product while mixing it with milk. I believe this is very common because in Colombia many people own their properties such as farms where they cultivate and harvest food for immediate use. Supermarkets have easy access to farms and therefore it is not for long distance travel. This is also due to the lower economic system in Colombia. People cannot afford to eat out everyday and it would not benefit companies to spend money on chemicals and preservatives when people are accustomed to buying produce and meats for immediate use.

In other words, this is also a personal reference of how the nation chooses to eat their meals. Another factor that contributes to this is the fact that in a typical Colombian household there is usually one or two primary caregivers who work and provide the families financial needs or there is not enough work for both parents. It is more difficult to find occupations in Colombia due to that there are far less people that are educated past high school so that leaves less opportunities for Jobs and less overall income.

Although this is not a favorable trait for the country as a whole but the bright side to this is people live a more stress free life style because I believe he more one has the more they want and crave for. People are not upset with their quality of living and this also gives them more free time to share with their families and provides a sense of unity within the family. In the United States, chemicals and preservatives are used in the food industry in all food except for organic foods that are beginning to take rise because of the nation’s high obesity numbers.

Preservatives are necessary to maintain this way of life mainly because our foods are imported from other countries or are brought from different states and would rot without chemicals. Another reason we inject chemicals into foods are to improve their appearance. It is imperative for our society to use preservatives because most people live a fast pace life which may include working two or three Jobs and going to school or managing the life of your children while being a single mom.

It is important because most people do not have time to cook everyday or to buy groceries and people would starve or the food would be wasted. Also in the United States, single parents are becoming increasingly more common so they have to take on the responsibilities of cleaning, working, taking care of their children and often do not ave personal time, let alone time to cook everyday and that is were fast food becomes appealing because of it’s convenience to the average person living a fast pace lifestyle or as one might say living the “American dream. The United States and Colombia have many cultural differences that create their identity. The way of life in both countries correlates with how they cultivate and eat their meals on a daily basis. Both countries contribute positive and negative factors to their society that affects which foods they eat and is a reflection of how the country functions.

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Sydnie Fugate Period 4 Mt. Garibaldi Mount Garibaldi is a potentially active stratovolcano in the Sea to Sky County of British Columbia, 50m’ north of Vancouver, Canada. This volcano is located in the southernmost Coast Mountains. Also one of the most recognized peaks in the South Coast region, as well as British Columbia’s best known volcano. It lies within the Garibaldi Ranges of the Pacific Ranges. Mount Garibaldi takes up the southwest corner of Garibaldi Provincial Park overlooking the town of Squamish. It is the only volcano in North America known to have been formed upon a glacier. It is not considered part of the Cascade Range.

The height of Mount Garibaldi is 8,796′ (2,678m). If Mount Garibaldi were to erupt, the town of whistler and Squamish would be in danger, but it hasn’t erupted in a very long time. The last eruption was in 8051 BC. Mount Garibaldi began erupting about 250,000 years ago and has grown steadily since then. Like most of the Cascade volcanoes, it has its own origins in the Cascadia subduction zone; a long convergent plate boundary that stretches from mid- Vancouver Island to Northern California. The first European to see the mountain in 792, Captain George Vancouver, traded with the local natives in the area.

When skiing became popular in the 1940s, Vancouver skiers began to search the glaciers and rugged mountains within the park. Eventually in the year of 1944, a club of skiers completed the first ever ski of Mt. Garibaldi. Mount Garibaldi contains three main named peaks. The highest of course is the mountain itself, the second highest is Atwell Peak at the southern edge of the summit plateau, and the lowest of the three is the rounder Dalton Dome west of the highest summit. Two glaciers lie right below the east side of Atwell Peak. Straight north from

Atwell toward the mountain lays a small, high-elevation ice cap called the Cheekye Glacier. (Cheekye River) The steep northern edge of The Barrier in the Garibaldi area has partly collapsed several times. The most recent collapse was in 1855-56. Due to the collapse, a large boulder field was formed below it. In case of future collapsing of the mountain, the human activity. What makes this mountain so interesting is that Mount Garibaldi is associated with a group of small volcanoes that form the Garibaldi Lake volcanic field, (an area of the Earth’s crust that is prone to localized volcanic activity. ) *Map of Mt. Garibaldi*

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Suzanne Britt believes that neat people are lazy, mean, petty, callous, wasteful, and insensitive. ” How would you respond to this statement? 2. Is the author’s main purpose to make fun of neat people, to assess the habits of neat and sloppy people, to help neat and sloppy people get along better, to defend sloppy people, to amuse and entertain, or to prove that neat people are morally inferior to sloppy people? Discuss. 3. What is meant by “as always” in the sentence “The distinction is, as always, moral” (Para. 1)?

Does the author seem to be suggesting that any and all distinctions between people are moral? 1 . What is the general tone of this essay? What words and phrases help you determine that tone? 2. Britt mentions no similarities between neat and sloppy people. Does that mean this is not a good comparison and contrast essay? Why might a writer deliberately focus on differences and give very little or no time to similarities?

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In J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, many symbols are employed. One of these symbols is the ducks in the Central Park lagoon, which represent many important virtues in the novel. These virtues are seen in the main character, Holden, a misunderstood kid who is angry at the world. However, the ducks demonstrate some of Holden’s better traits: his inclination to learn more about the world and his adoration of childhood. The symbolism of the ducks is developed in many ways. Salinger introduces that the ducks are significant by showing Holden’s further curiosity in them.

During the novel he asks his first cab driver if he “happen[s] to know where they go, the ducks, when it gets all frozen over? Do you happen to know, by any chance? ” (60). This same curiosity trails him later in the book when he questions a second cab driver. Later on, Salinger associates the ducks determination to overcome the adverse environment with Holden’s understanding of his own situation. Much like Holden’s life, the environment the ducks live in is constantly changing and they have to learn to adapt to their new environment relatively quickly.

However, a more key point in the novel is when Salinger displays Holden’s emotions. He arrives drunk at the park to find to his dismay that the ducks are not there. As a result, he sits there pondering suicide, mainly because of the influence they have on him. With his sudden awareness of the fragility of life by his brother, Allie’s death: He is very scared of change and disappearance. Thus, Salinger introduces how the ducks are symbolic in another way.. The ducks display the idea that some vanishings are only temporary.

In addition, they symbolize that change is recurring, not permanent. This is proven when the ducks disappear every winter yet return to the same place every spring. This thought arouses Holden’s curiosity once again about where the ducks actually go during winter. Salinger contrasts his depressed and angry depiction with a sincere, more childlike side to his character. This connects to the ducks because Holden shows care towards the ducks, where in contrast, he pays little attention to many things in the story.

This is a very notable moment in the story since Holden evidently has very little ambition in many other aspects of his life. In addition to the strong comparison between the lives of Holden and the ducks, they also represent his relationship with his family. His fear is that he may be unable to ssimilate smoothly back into his family. This is embodied in Holden’s communication with his sister Phoebe, and the way he writes about her. Along with this Salinger highlights Holden’s curiosity once again, nonetheless, this time it is more anxiety than curiosity.

Holden asks, “Well, you know the ducks that swim around in it? In the springtime and all? Do you happen to know where they go in the wintertime, by any chance? ” (81-82). Salinger uses diction to characterize Holden’s worry moreover, when his parents discover his expulsion from Pency Prep. All of this symbolism is very effective in representing Salinger’s themes in the novel. They provide us with good examples of a struggling kid and his unique dependence on something that would otherwise be meaningless.

The ducks situation with their struggle to survive the harsh environment, having to leave for winter, correlates with Holden’s own internal idea that although things might not always be better, he will be better. Salinger’s ability to incorporate so many symbols in the novel creates a very clear main theme. He uses the idea that some vanishings are only temporary, much like the ducks when they leave for winter. This is to contrast that innocence is such a pure and significant art of life that only exists temporarily. This relates to Holden’s curiosity throughout the novel.

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Elizabeth l, is given a positive critique by the playwright evident throughout the text. Beginning the in the first act gender roles are defined by Thesues, Duke of Athens. As the play unravels it becomes evident that Hermia has no interest in wedding with her arraigned suitor, Demetrius. When Egeus complains to the Duke of Athens about his daughters reluctance to obey, the Duke responds: What say you, Hermia? Be advised fair maid. To you your father should be as a god, One that composed your beauties, yea, and one To whom you are but as a form in wax By him imprinted, and within his power

To leave the figure or disfigure it. (1. 1. 46-51). This excerpt shows that women lack power and are the possessions of their fathers. Hermia must obey her father and refrain from relishing out against him. In Hermia’s case she has far too much courage to obey her fathers orders. Hermia’s strength is shown yet again in act one she inquires into the consequences of not listening to her father. Theseus states, “either to die the death, or to abjure for ever the society of men” (1. 1. 65-66). Hermia must listen to these orders or suffer the consequences of death or permanent chastity.

Despite these consequences, Hermia protests: So I will grow, so live, so die, my lord Ere I will yield my virgin patent up Unto his lordship whose unwished yoke My soul consents not to give sovereignty (1. 1. 79-82). Hermia would rather wilt away then give her virginity to someone she does not love. Later, in a conversation between Hermia and her love Lysander she expresses her willingness to flea Athens in pursuit of love: I swear to thee by Cupid’s strongest bow. By his best arrow with the golden head… By all the vows that ever men have broke In number more than ever women spoke

In that same place thou hast appointed me Tomorrow truly will I meet with thee (1. 1 . 169-178) an effort to be with her preferred partner. While some may contest this excerpt shows her being submissive to Lysander, Hermia still shows valor, a trait Helena clearly lacked. Despite Hermia and Helena being friends since their youth, their character complexes are vastly distinct in that Helena is far more submissive and representative of the gender roles of the late 16th century than the fearless Hermia. Helena displays desperation for Demestrius in addition to her submissiveness in the following passage:

I am your spaniel, and Demetrius, The more you beat me I will fawn on you. Use me but as your spaniel: spurn me, strike me, Neglect me, lose me; only give me leave, Unworthy as I am, to follow you. (2. 1. 203-207) This passage shows Helena begging for Demetrius to love her in return. Helena has no self worth or confidence as she refers to herself as a dog or treat her in any way that Demetrius would like and she would not have a problem with anything, for she is completely submissive to him. Later in the act, Helena states: Your wrongs do set a scandal on my sex We cannot fght for love as men may do

We should be wooed, and were not made to woo (2. 1. 24(:)-243) This passage shows Helena speaking to Lysander in a submissive tone stating that women cannot fight for love the way men do and that women were not made to pursue. The passage is a clearly admission of sub-ordinance in regards to women being less than men, at least in Helena’s eyes. In reference to Elizabeth I the sovereign during the time the play was first written and performed. Shakespeare provides a positive critique when Oberon says the following to Titania: That very time I saw, but thou couldst not, Flying between the cold moon and the earth,

Cupid, all armed. A certain aim he took At a fair vestal throned by the west, And loosed his love-shaft smartly from his bow As it should pierce a hundred thousand hearts. But I might see young Cupid’s fiery shaft Quenched in the chaste beams of the wat’ry moon, And the imperial vot’ress passed on, In maiden meditation, fancy-free. (2. 1. 155-163) Here Oberon is speaking to Titania but it can be reasoned that Shakespeare is alluding to Queen Elizabeth l. He protests her as a strong woman that won’t succumb to cupid’s arrow. Oberon praises her devotion to the throne and chastity. Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I because it shows a woman acting autonomously and not under the control ofa man. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is rich in contextual overview of the times in 16th century England. A female monarch ruled at a time when women were legally bound to obedience and their marriages were predetermined. Shakespeare showed however that women could be Just as brave as men or incredibly submissive, which was shown through Hermia and Helena. While some women at the time succumbed to the belief that they were to become wives and mothers, others chose to act autonomously such as Elizabeth I, who Shakespeare honored in the play.

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How would it feel to be chained down in one room in one place without being able to move the head and all you can see is a wall? Plato realizes that the general run of humankind can think and speak without any awareness of his realm of forms. His “Allegory of the cave” explains this in details. Allegory is referred to as a figure of language which can be expressed in pictures, sculptures, or any other form of art. In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the theory of forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads.

All they can see is the wall and behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners, who are chained down, there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who are behind the prisoners, hold up puppets that cast shadows on the wall of the cave. The prisoners cannot see or hear these puppets, the real objects that pass behind them. All they see and hear are shadows and echoes cast by objects that they cannot see. All the prisoners would think, what they see on the wall is a reality. They do not know nything about the outside world.

Being tied down at one place without being able to move your head is no Joke. It is hardest thing to do for any human being. These prisoners have stayed that way for their whole life. I cannot even imagine myself being one of them. All you are seeing on the wall are shadows. Plato asked to consider what would happen if the prisoner was released from their chain and set free. That prisoner would be forced to have to stand up, walk upright, and walk with his eyes directed towards the light. All these movements would be painful to said prisoner.

The prisoner would also be dazzled by all that existed in this “outside world” to notice what objects had been making the illusions and shadows all along. If someone told him that what he had formerly had seen was a meaningless illusion and was actually now nearer to reality then before, it would be extremely difficult for the prisoner to believe. If someone actually showed him the various objects being carried and told what each of them was, the prisoner would be perplexed and would robably believe that most of the objects shown to him were not real and what he formerly saw was.

What would happen if the prisoner had to look at the firelight itself? According to Plato, the prisoner’s eyes would ache and he would try to escape to the things he could see clearly. The prisoner would then be convinced that they were clearer than those other objects being shown to him. The prisoner would have to get familiar with objects before he could see things in the “upper world. ” It would be easier to start with small, viewing things such as shadows and reflections before e viewed more difficult images such as that of sky, the light of the moon, and the stars.

Then, prisoner can move onto view the sun and consider its existence. Getting out of the cave after living your whole life tied down to one place would be very tough and see the real world. What they saw on the wall is what they believed. Now getting out and seeing real things would be hard to believe. Their reality was the shadows they saw on the wall. I cannot imagine anyone I know or myself living the life that the prisoners have lived. “Allegory of the cave” By maipate191

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An ellipsis is a series of three dots, used to create a pause in thinking or, when quoting, to omit information. The deliberate omission of a word or words readily implied by context. Examples: The man looked above … all he could see were three black silhouettes against the bright blue sky. When the man looked above he couldn’t quite believe what he … In the anime world, Naruto is a hero; Goku, a legend. saw . Enjambment (poetic element): Enjambment is the breaking of a syntactic unit (a phrase, clause, or sentence) by the end of a line or between two verses.

It is to be ontrasted with end-stopping, where each linguistic unit corresponds with a single line, and caesura, in which the linguistic unit ends mid-line. ‘Don’t Ask Me, Love, For That First Love’ shows enjambment in its various strengths; the second line, ending at the same time as the sentence, is completely end-stopped I am not prone to weeping, as our sex Commonly are; they want of which vain dew Perchance shall dry your pities; but I have That honorable grief lodged here which burns Worse than tears drown.

Meaning flows as the lines progress, and the reader’s eye is forced to go on to the next sentence. It can also make the reader feel uncomfortable or the poem feel like “flow-of-thought” with a sensation of urgency or disorder. Epigram: The Epigram is expressed in various ways: A. In the Epigrammatic style. It now refers to a style marked by point and brevity. It does not necessarily involve contrast. B. Emphatic assertion. “What I have written, I have written. ” C. Indirect or concealed statement. A kind of mingling of literal and figurative. D. Punning E.

Paradox “Arguments are to be avoided; they are always vulgar and often convincing. ” (Oscar Wilde) “No one is completely unhappy at the failure of his best friend. (Groucho Marx) successive clauses. Also known as epiphora. Contrast with anaphora (rhetoric). When I was a child, I spoke as a child; I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. “Then I’ll be all aroun’ in the dark. I’ll be ever’where – wherever you look. Wherever they’s a fght so hungry people can eat, I’ll be there. Wherever they’s a cop beatin’ up a guy, I’ll be there…..

An’ when our folk eat the stuff they raise an’ live in the houses they build – why, I’ll be there” – John Steinbeck Euphemism: The substitution of an inoffensive term (such as “passed away”) for one onsidered offensively explicit (“died”). Contrast with dysphemism. Adjective “The economic classification recession was actually invented in 1937 when the economy was back in the toilet but FDR didn’t want to call it a depression. And the description depression first surfaced during the Hoover administration, a substitute for a more vivid but disconcerting term of art: panic. Dan Foreman: Guys, I feel very terrible about what I’m about to say. But I’m afraid you’re both being let go. Lou: Let go? What does that mean? Dan Foreman: It means you’re being fired, Louie. Figurative Language: Whenever you describe something by comparing it with omething else, you are using fgurative language. Examples: Similes, metaphor, personification, alliteration Busy as a bee- Simile My teddy bear gave me a big warm hug! – Personification Hyperbole Overstatement: A figure of speech (a form of irony) in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect; an extravagant statement. A contrast with understatement.

Examples: “l was helpless. I did not know what in the world to do. I was quaking from head to foot, and could have hung my hat on my eyes, they stuck out so far. ” (Mark Twain, “Old Times on the Mississippi”) “l bent over and took hold of the room with both hands and spun it. When I had it nicely spinning I gave it a full swing and hit myself on the back of the head with the floor. ” with which it is closely associated (such as “crown” for “royalty”). Metonymy is also the rhetorical strategy of describing something indirectly by referring to things around it, as in describing someone’s clothing to characterize the individual. In a corner, a cluster of lab coats made lunch plans. ” (Karen Green, Bough Down. Siglio, 2013) “Fear gives wings. ” (Romanian proverb) Motif: A motif is something that has symbolic importance to a story. Often times this object or idea is brought up several times in a book. Examples: In Death of a Salesman, a play by Arthur Miller, the constant talk about Alaska and path less traveled by the protagonist Willy Loman, is about how his father found success in Alaska while he stayed in Brooklyn. In Catcher in the Rye, by the late J. D.

Salinger, would be the fact that the protagonist Holden Caulfield is searching for a partner in life, as he lives alone. The fact that he is alone is brought up time and time again in the book, when he calls former girls he knew, or talks to classmates that he did not like, but Just needed to talk to. His loneliness is a driving force inside the book to examine his separation of himself and he world. Onomatopoeia : The use of words (such as hiss or murmur) that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to. Examples: “Chug, chug, chug. Puff, puff, puff. Ding-dong, ding-dong.

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It will help s getting used to the working the environment in the future. What do the opticians do? “Opticians are health professionals trained to supply, prepare and dispense optical appliances, interpret prescriptions prepared by ophthalmologists and optometrist, and fit, adjust and adapt optical appliances” (College of Opticians of Ontario). ln other words, the optician can provide, fit and adjust contact lenses and eye glasses who has abnormal vision. In Ontario, required opticians to complete formal training and education in opticianary and then must pass competency exam prior to receive license.

And the opticians are regulated and registered by the College of Opticians of Ontario(COO). Also the college has a responsibility under the opticians act, 1991 and governed under the regulated health professions act, 1991. The college serves and protects the public interest and association protects and serves the opticians. As we know, opticians may work in any variety of environments such as joint practice, hospitals, manufactures, lab eye care centers, optometrist or ophthalmologist clinic and even own the retail store.

Our duty Talking about the duty and responsibility, opticians have many of duties to the ood service, tell clients what it is the procedure we are going to do, ask for the client’s consent before we do and don’t assume they can or can’t afford the money and always present more than one lens and material to meet the patient needs. Being a member of profession also means that opticians have a duty to be polite and work with fellow practitioners like optometrist and ophthalmologist to serve the better way for patients and remember don’t prescribe the prescription, disease and treatment for patients.

All of us need to do is trying to coordinate and cooperate with ptometrist and ophthalmologist and care of patients whenever possible. The code of ethics Furthermore, the code of ethics include being honest at all time, respecting the confidentiality of clients and allowing patient to make informed choices as to their health care. This is the minimum goal and ideals opticians must do to avoid discipline. And also we should be following professional standards which to practice safely, effectively and professionally. Be care of making mistake on professional misconduct, incompetence and incapacity.

Having an adequate knowledge, skill and udgment, using the proper tools and machines to measure the eyeglasses or contact lenses and good communication with clients make sure we did the right Judgment and assessment for them. It is the better way to provide the suitable frame, lenses and service. Standards of Practice Every college has their scope of practice, it is called SOP. There have six steps for the standards: “Standard 1 : Competence, Standard 2: Professional Conduct, Standard 3: Fitting of Appropriate Optical Devices, Standard 4: Safety and the Practice Environment, Standard 5: Infection Control, Standard 6: Records” (College of

Opticians of Ontario). Standard 1 :Competence Every optician has responsible for maintain the competence. Each one should have sufficient education and experience to perform competently and safely. Nevertheless graduated from school and got the license, that need to through the continuing education every year to maintain and enhance knowledge and learn more information. The optician will assist patients to find the necessary professional help and determinate that appropriate solution. Standard 2:Professional Conduct “The optician shall meet the ethical and legal requirement of professional practice. College of Opticians of Ontario). We should play the rules in accordance with Regulated Health Profession Act, 1991 ,the Opticianry Act, 1991, Human Right Code and regulations, by laws and standards of practice of the college of Opticians of Ontario. Standard 3:The optician should fit , prepare and dispense appropriate patient evaluation, lens details and tools. Patient evaluation includes the prescription that must contain the name of doctor, patient’s name, patient’s prescription and the date of examination.

The optician must have a duplication in the patient’s file and retain at least six years. Also optician must inform their patients that have eye tested regularly. Optician should know well about the lens and choose the proper tools to fit the eyeglasses or contact lens and maintain them in good working and standard condition. Standard 4:Each optician to ensure that practice site be equipped and maintained. Every procedure are in the place and assure health and safety environment for both patients and staff.

The god of small things Book review essay help 123: essay help 123

The God of Small Things: Book Review The God of Small Things is a heart-rending story about the Indian fraternal twins, Rahil and Estha, who learn that their whole world can change in a day. It is a story about love ” namely, the “laws of love. ” Estha and Rahel along with their Ammu (mother) live in their maternal grandparents’ house in Ayemenem following Ammu’s divorce. Ammu works in the familys pickle factory in spite of which she and her kids are denied any rights, let alone love, by her Oxford returned brother Chacko who onsiders them nothing less than millstones around his neck.

The story goes further when Chacko’s ex-wife Margaret brings their daughter Sophie to Ayemenem on a visit from London. The ill-fated visit ends in the demise of Sophie for which Estha and Rahel have to pay a heavy price. The kids are the victims as they are snatched of their childhood, their happiness sought in small things. The story reveals historys cruel way of taking revenge at people who break the Love Laws. Arundhati Roy is gifted in the art of language. The book has its own unique language with rhythmical analogies o every situation that is a completely lyrical experience until the last page.

Shifts in different places and times create suspense and keep readers attracted. The text is very poetic and descriptive. Roy mainly uses foreshadowing to tell her story. The reader knows ” to an extent ” what happened from the beginning of the story. The details are unknown, but it is safe to assume there will be unfortunate events. That is what is special about her writing style. The rest of the novel is the story unfolding through the eyes of a child. Roy also repeats various parts that may be confusing, in a ifferent manner later in the book.

A few points in politics are included in the novel, but the main focus is on the Love Laws, which indicate who can love whom. The story speaks of castes in India, which are “ranks” of civilians, where only members of the same caste can love each other. If the Love Laws are disobeyed, there will be consequences. The poetic quality of the novel should be appraised. Certain phrases, sentences or paragraphs were written in a rhythm, unlike most other novels. The storyline is very dark, showing the suffering in the lower castes of India.

The nnocent are often blamed and they are easily punished from an accusation of the higher class. The population in the lower castes seems hopeless; they will never be able to climb the ladder in society. In the novel, a low-class servant was beat to death by the police after being falsely accused of murder. The story is told from Estha’s point of view and can be intended for any audience. Estha talks about the story as an adult who has reunited with his twin. The story frequently changes the time to Estha’s childhood, where he recalls exactly what had happened.

However, it an be slightly confusing due to the usage of phrases and terms of another language. I did not find the storyline to be very fascinating, but I do appreciate her writing style. Although this was her only novel, she demonstrated how to write great literature. The reader will be able to follow the pace easily, and will soon realize the have already sensed that the twins will separate and their family will have terrible misfortune without reading half way into the novel. Although The God of Small Things is not one of my favourites, I still recommend this book because her writing tyle deserves to be praised.

Life is not always tied neatly in a bow, but some people do adapt and flourish despite the many dilemmas. These become life experiences that are truly endless and unforgettable. Betrayal, endurance, and sacrifice are concepts that humans deal with on a daily basis. It is not random chance that people develop qualities of confidence, motivation, and endurance; it is merely due to what one faces. In the novel, And the Mountains Echoed, Khalid Hosseini, represents a different character’s perspective nd story which provides a connection with the others by the idea of how difficult it is to make decisions and how they can impact one’s life.

These pieces, representing the story of each character, of the whole puzzle are the echoes of an old story during the pre-Soviet era. The experiences of many central characters bring them to self- awareness and personal enlightenment based on the betrayal that the figures face as the onset of tragedy, the endurance to survive from the situation, and the difficult choices of sacrifice that they make in order to protect their loved ones.

I’ll Follow you into the dark college essay help: college essay help

I’ll Follow You Into the Dark – Extra Credit When I was in third grade I remember my teacher, Mrs. Cindy telling us that by the end of the week she would be choosing someone to be a line leader. I was extremely excited, to me being a leader would be such an honor, and Just the word itself sparked a sense of want and all the pleasant words I had then associated with “leader” floated around in my mind like courage, integrity, passion and sincerity. I wanted to be a leader.

At that time I had no specific reason as to why; I had Just been taught that being a leader was a good thing, not Just by my parents but also through ocialization and society. However now my mindset is not that of a third grader and words have completely changed their meaning, like leader, I do not want to be a leader anymore. There seems to be more leaders out there with bad intentions than pure ones and each leader we have had and currently have, fall into one of the following categories.

There are leaders only in it for profit, for the glory and power, and then finally, to guide people in a right path. Human Geographers believe that Africa was meant to be the richest continent in the world because of its bundance in high value resources however Africa is a third world country and that is mainly because of the corrupt leaders it has had in the past and now. For example, Laurent Gabagbo, the former president of the Ivory Coast, he was involved with swindling money from his people and many human rights violation.

When the democratic nation tried to kick him out, it was almost impossible because he had so much wealth and support from other wealthy and powerful people, letting the common man suffer under is rule. Money really is the root of all evil, it brings out the orst and inhumane in people and I am sure we can all find an example of a selfish, greedy leader in every country right now. Why do you think revolutions sparked and spread so quickly in the Arab springs last year? Greed- people were left starving in Egypt while the president had a penthouse in France, which reminds, do you guys remember Marie Antoinette and Louis WI?

They had lavish parties and lived a luxurious and high life while their people were starving on the streets and dying every day. We need leaders, rulers and president who would be willing to work and ead and guide nations for free, with no monetary profit, who would be good leaders just because it is the right thing to do. The HBO show the “Game of Thrones” is an extremely popular period-themes show that I even watch it myself presents multiple dynamic types of leaders to its audience.

Many people including me like it because of all the politics involved, even though it is set in medieval times the political scene very much parallels ours showing us that reasons why people want to be leaders have and will always be the same. In the show one of the bad people fghting for the throne was asked why he anted to lead the seven kingdoms he simple said for Legacy. He said that the fame and glory and honor was all he wanted, not the riches, because when you die so do the riches, but the glory and power associated with your name lives on.

The man also had a son in which he passed down his beliefs to but the son had exaggerated the and leaders are the most dangerous because no amount of power will ever be enough for them. You have seen this in the pas with empires, for example, the great Mughal Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Roman Empire, they kept expanding anting to be bigger and more powerful. They got a high from being on top and telling others what to do; it even amazes and excites them when people do anything for them at the snap of a finger.

To be honest we all want that, we all want some power over someone or something (like a mother wanting power over her children) but to some degree, there is a fine line and when leaders dramatically pass it, oppression is inevitable. Only a fool would think that there are no bad people in this world or bad leaders like the ones I provided you with above but an even greater fool would think there re no good leaders or good in this world. Because there are some people who are born leaders, who want to help and lead people in the right path, who want to use their skills and knowledge to enlighten and guide people.

Martin Luther King Jr. was one for example; he led a strong civil rights movement which gave many African Americans a voice, hope and rights in a time when they were being horribly discriminated against. Or Akbar the Great, the first Muslim emperor who taught his people the purity and righteousness in religious tolerance towards the Hindus and ll other people of different backgrounds; and finally, Nelson Mandela, a persevering leader who ended the apartheid in South Africa.

I truly believe that people are initially born good, with pure and clean hearts, so I believe there are more kind- hearted and rightful leaders than corrupt ones; it is Just a matter of supporting the good ones and kicking out the bad. We all have a choice and we all have a voice. I am not the same girl I used to be when I was in third grade but who I am in the core is the same, I still see the good in being a leader and leader but I am Just not as naive as I was before.

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