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family system case study

This case illustrates the impact substance use disorder and addictive disorder can have on family systems. This week, you will develop a brief video discussion of the case of Bill and Jean. As you consider this case, focus on with specific attention to the family dynamics illustrated by these clients. This case focuses on the issue of co-dependency and demonstrates how addiction impacts family members.  In your paper, include a discussion of the following elements:The first 4 pages:    Start with a brief summary of the family situation. Include the identifying information as you would if you were briefing your colleagues about the case.    Explain the concept of codependency.  From the case, provide examples that demonstrate how Jean and Bill’s case illustrate this concept.    Understand that this case also illustrates the work that family members must do alongside the person in recovery.  Discuss the impact of Bill’s recovery on his wife Jean.  Provide examples from the case for your comments.    Consider how Jean’s struggle with Bill’s sobriety would impact Bill.  Add any additional observations you have about this family.The final pageConstruct a one page genogram that depicts this family. Be sure to identify patterns of substance use in previous generations.

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