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Federalist 10

The writers’ two-fold purpose was to defend the principles of the Constitution and gain support in the New York ratification vote.  Today, The Federalist Papers serve as an original source of interpretation of the Constitution by the Founders.  They are for all intents and purposes a window into the minds of the creators of our government.  Read Federalist 10 by James Madison.  As you read, take notes listing Madison’s key points, such as his reason for writing the article and what he proposed.  Next, move to the quiz and answer the four questions.1.  What was James Madison’s central concern in Federalist 10?2.  What remedy did Madison seek?3.  As in Federalist 51, Madison in Federalist 10 referred to the advantages of a large republic.  Explain his support for a large republic over a pure democracy. 4.  How is his remedy useful in today’s civic culture?

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