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Federalists papers

Introduction to the paper (1 paragraph) and a brief discussion of the historical context of the writing of the Federalist Papers. Your primary focus will be on the debates over ratification and specifically the differences between the Federalists and the Antifederalists (what were their specific disagreements, why did they disagree, etc.). DO NOT use the article by Seth Halvorson as research for this section of the paper. This portion of the paper must be a minimum of 1 page and is worth 10 points. Note: the page requirement for the historical context is one page minimum, not counting any headings or the introductory paragraph. Students will lose points for not meeting this page requirement. Please also note, students are not to submit an exhaustive history of early America, this should primarily focus on the debates over ratification which is the main historical context for the writing of the Federalist Papers. If your paper is over 3 pages you must edit and delete unnecessary details.  In terms of research, students are encouraged to use their textbooks or class lectures, and may also use independently obtained research materials. Students should not cite to wikipedia, gradesaver, any type of cliffs notes, sparknotes, etc. The research you cite should be from a reliable and grade appropriate source (college level).This section of the paper addresses the following elements of the paper rubric: Explain the historical context of the document(s); Use evidence drawn from secondary sources; Intercultural knowledge and competence; Correctly use appropriate citation; Meet page length requirements; and Paper is edited properly.Please see the attached instructions for completing the Primary Source Paper, including the rubric and citation guide.

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