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Fill out attached map with all 3rd world countries

Please use the attached map and insert all 3rd world countries. Indicate where the country is on the blank map (eg by inserting a number on the map that corresponds to the country). For example, if Afghanistan is the first country listed, Place a “1” in the map where Afghanistan is, and move to the next country, Albania. That you will indicate by a “2” of the map. Then create a key with all the numbers and the corresponding counties. Please make sure that only the listed countries are inserted.
Countries List:…

discussion questions 4-5 sentences each

discussion question 1: What is geography and what it means to your cultural identity?
discussion question 2 :
In the video “Economic Freedom” the lecturer correlates freedom to quality of life. Using concepts from Chapter 1, discuss how you think geography can aid in developing these freedoms.

discussion question 3 :
About 70 percent of Canada’s population resides within 125 mi of the northern U.S. border, and a little more than 10 percent of the Mexican population live-that-close to the southern U.S. border. In addition to climate, what other reasons could there be?
discussion question 4 :
After viewing the video “The Difference between a Migrant and a Refugee,” should the U.S. distinguish between migrants and refugee immigration? Why or why not.

US Foreign Policy in Transition

Geography Assignment Help You must respond to the quote below with any of the following positions: “agree,” “disagree,” “strongly agree,” or “strongly disagree” and then provide reasoning in 500-words why you have this opinion.
“The United States will remain the world’s only superpower for many decades, and probably throughout this century”

The New Arms Race

You will address the discussion statement below and also the broader cultural question. You may take any of the following positions on the statement: “agree,” “disagree,” “strongly agree,” or “strongly disagree” and provide reasoning with facts from the reading as to why you have this opinion. Please include the prompt numbers in your responses.
1) Chemical [nuclear] and biological weapons are worse morally than other wartime munitions even though they munitions are more lethal based on total deaths. [350 words minimum]
2) Do you believe mass shootings or nuclear attack to be a greater personal threat in the US? [200 words]

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