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Film Question

Workshop 1: Critical Essay SummaryLength (approximately): 500 words totalRead the following critical essay on Moonlight.Moonlight as a ‘Mass Art’ Film, answer the following questions:What is the central thing that the author, wants to teach her readers aboutMoonlight?Discuss two pieces of “textual evidence” (see Course Notes) that the author usesto support their claim.Briefly discuss the writing style that the author uses in the essay. Are they formal?Conversational? Theoretical? Etc. Present a sentence as an example to supportyour claim. What effect did this style have on you as a reader?
MLA format

film discussion board 1: paragraph review

Write and post your own short, 1 paragraph review of Moonlight, evaluating the film.
MLA format but no certain amount of citations required.
If it helps at all with the writing style this was the original discussion post.
Kip Mooney’s review of Moonlight is quite refreshing and insightful. Notably, the author in the evaluation indicates that it is a coming-of-age story and a silent movie (Mooney, 2016). The reason for this is that the film takes us through the main protagonist’s life from a young age until they are mature. The author also talks about the cinematography describing it as breathtaking due to the big monologues, which allows the characters to have seemingly natural conversations even without speaking. Another part of this author’s evaluation is on the thematic areas. While the audience views the ideal American masculinity, the author notes that this film challenges this ideal mostly because it deviates away from the societal norm (Mooney, 2016).
Further, the author moves to the three segments portrayed in the coming of age film. He talks about the first segment at the beginning of the movie with Little running from bullies. The author of the review talks about the second segment that hits the hardest with Chiron experiencing difficulties such as his mother’s drug addictions. The author then moves to the third segment, where Chiron is forced to reckon with the front he has put up as a man. The tone of the writing is more casual. The author attempts to place a one-on-one conversation with the audience while still being expressive. The author gives his perspective and opinions of the film by indicating it is ‘quiet but reveals more and more riches.’

Confidence Interval Essay

Confidence Intervals for the Mean sigma known

Main Post

Don’t use the numbers in this example post in your post. Please make sure all posts are unique and use different numbers.

It is important to go back and read follow up responses from your instructor.

Assuming .05 as your alpha value, make up a problem similar to this one. Make up 36 gas prices for your example. Use price values in your list that some you made up and be sure they are similar to the prices you have had in your area. List the values in your post.

Instructions for your response. You will respond to at least 2 classmates.

In your response, copy the original problem, describe what you did and give the mean, standard deviation and confidence interval. Then attach the excel spreadsheet below so students and the professor can check your work.

Example below:

First find the mean. List all 36 gas prices in cells A1 to A36 in your excel spreadsheet.
On a different cell type in =average(A1:A36) and the hit enter to find the average
Assume your answer is 2.65
On a different cell type in =stdev.s(A1:A36) or =stdevA(A1:A36) and enter to find the standard deviation
Assume your answer is .43
Then type this in an excel cell =confidence.norm(.05,.43,36) and hit enter. This is the E value
So take the mean of 2.65 and you have (2.65-E, 2.65 E) for your confidence interval
Formula you used above for the confidence interval:

The formula is E= zsubc * sigma / sqrt n

Where the left hand endpoint is xbar – E and the right hand endpoint is xbar E

Just a review of your instructions:

First you will make up a problem with alpha = .05 and give the values for the problem. This is your main post.
Then will make 2 responses copying the problem, explaining all work and giving the solutions to 2 classmates problems. On each you will attach your excel spreadsheet showing your work. Pick 2 students who do not have responses if possible.
To earn full credit for this discussion, you must respond to at least two (2) of your peers and post your initial post by Thursday.

*Only during the first week of class are assignments not due until 11:59 p.m., ET, Sunday. After Week 1, all initial posts will be due Thursday, by 11:59 pm, ET.

Rubric for grading discussions: 60% – Initial Post; 20% – Each Response up to 2 posts

Please sign ALL your Discussion posts with the name that you like to be called – it makes it so much easier for the rest of us to address you by your preferred name when we respond.

Lets take a crack at it.

Find the Mean, Standard deviation, and the confidence interval.

Alpha= .5

Gas Prices:

2.67 2.56 2.27 3.30 4.20 2.95 3.10 4.15 2.10 3.26 3.59 4.05

2.89 2.67 2.25 3.99 3.68 3.50 2.28 4.30 2.99 3.15 3.45 3.47

2.87 3.22 2.89 4.99 4.05 3.69 3.75 3.76 3.25 3.18 4.01 2.22

student #2:
Find the mean, standard deviation, and confidence interval with the alpha = 0.5

Gas prices:

2.40 2.65 3.05 2.89 2.75 3.10 3.39 2.99 3.29 3.69 2.25 2.45

3.17 3.01 3.53 2.77 2.66 2.55 2.43 3.61 3.11 2.11 2.14 2.93

3.82 2.82 2.91 2.94 2.96 3.02 3.09 2.98 2.91 3.04 3.07 3.21

Binomial Distributions Essay

Writing Assignment Help Hi Everyone,

Review the criteria for a binomial distribution in Excel by going to content, week 4, learning material and looking at the 4 items on binomial below Readings and Resources before selecting your problem.


a) On this example we will examine the probability that a couple who has 8 children has exactly 5 boys.

b) Next we will look at the probability that they have more than 5 boys.

c) Finally we will look at the probability that they have at most 5 boys.

Assume a .5 chance of having a boy.

Solution can be solved using excel.

a) On this example we will examine the probability a couple who has 8 children has exactly 5 boys.

Type this in an excel cell


and then hit enter

.21875 would be the answer

b) Next we will look at the probability that they have more than 5 boys.

Type this in an excel cell


and then hit enter

.144531 would be the answer

c) Finally we will look at the probability that they have at most 5 boys.

Assume a .5 chance of having a boy.

Type this in an excel cell


and hit enter

.855469 would be the answer


For your post you will make up a binomial distribution problem similar to this example. Try to have at least 3 scenarios. You will not solve your own problem.
Then you will answer 2 classmates problems. Copy the question, type the excel formulas in an excel spreadsheet and attach it to your post so your professor and classmates can check your work. Then write a brief summary after the problem you copied in your post.
To earn full credit for this discussion, you must respond to at least two (2) of your peers and post your initial post by Thursday.

student #1: Hello Class,

a. For my example we will examine the probability of 6 classmate how many are introverts?

b. Next, we will look at the probability that they’re more than 3 introverts?

c. Last but not least what is the probability that at least 3 classmates are introverts?

Assume a 50% chance of being introvert (like myself)


student #2: Assume 7 drivers bought a new car in 2021,

What is the probability that 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

What is the probability that at least 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

What is the probability that at most 3 of those car purchases were trucks?

Assume a .2 chance of a truck car purchase.

EDUC: 6761 Discussion: Preparing Students for a Globalized World

Graham Doxey, Walter Wong, and Dato’ Ibrahim from this week’s media segment are leaders of INTI/Laureate in Malaysia—a joint venture in higher education that exemplifies the quest to prepare students for globalization. Their student body is very diverse, and their focus is to prepare students for careers in a global future.
Imagine that you have recently returned from an exchange trip to INTI/Laureate’s Kuala Lumpur campus. You share this experience with the Provost’s globalization committee, describing the many ways in which this one school illustrates the “academic revolution” as described in the UNESCO Report and is responding to globalization.
Post a response to the following questions:
How does INTI/Laureate in Malaysia illustrate the “academic revolution”? Explain.
How is INTI internationalizing itself? Be specific.
What challenges and opportunities does it face in responding to globalization?
Focus OnFocus on how globalization is changing the face of higher education-affecting individual students and faculty, as well as institutions. Note the difference between globalization and internationalization and how they affect your future in different ways.Required Readings
The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities Are Reshaping the WorldChapter 2, “Branching Out”
Trends in Global Higher Education: Tracking an Academic Revolution…Chapter 1, “Foreword”
Chapter 2, “Globalization and Internationalization”
Tubbeh, L.,

Selecting Tentative Topics for Empirical Research and discussion

first part:Selecting Tentative Topics for Empirical Research”, construct a detailed definition and a few examples that might be found in health care of the following concepts: 1) empirical research; 2) theory-based research and 3) non-theoretical research.
second: read the file attach and Carefully review the Belmont Report (file attached) which was one of the initial documents that served to guide ethically driven clinical research. Following your review of this landmark report, please select 4-6 key aspects (concepts or principles) of the Belmont report which served to help improve your overall understanding of Human Subject Research Protections and develop a one paragraph summary discussion and analysis of each respective topic of particular interest and meaning to you.
third : On July 12, 1974, the National Research Act (Pub. L. 93-348) was signed into law, thereby creating the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. One of the primary charges to the Commission was to identify the fundamental ethical principles that should guide the conduct of biomedical and behavioral research involving human subjects and to develop comprehensive guidelines which should be followed to assure that such research is conducted in accordance with those principles. In our initial forum, please discuss the primary ethical principles and concepts involved and how these impact the role of clinical researchers, principle investigators and human study participants
.forth : The FDA plays important roles in safeguarding our nation’s drug supply and medical device inventories. As future health care professionals, managers and/or consumers of health care services, it is important for us to understand the various roles of the FDA in the formal approval process of both investigational drugs and medical devices. Most are not aware of the full scope of responsibilities and duties performed by this important federal regulatory agency. For our second forum discussion of the course, please visit the FDA website at Then respond back to this Forum on some of the more interesting aspects of the FDA and its various agencies (centers). I suspect that some of you might be a bit surprised regarding just how involved the FDA is in many areas of drug/device development and product/consumer safety.
What is the primary focus of the FDA and how is it currently organized? Secondly, how does the FDA influence (guide) the practice of innovative drug/device development and conducting clinical research studies? What other government agencies help to support the FDA and provide additional guidance for conducting for both animal and human subjects research? Given the relative importance of this exercise

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