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watch “Braveheart” by Gibson,1995. i order 10 pages it including 1 page proposal of the final paper, 1 page outline of final paper, and 8 pages final paper.

Planktos & Whole Tree Energy college essay help onlineInstructions for each assignment:
Read the case and chapter notes that is uploaded in attachments.
Do the Assigned Questions making reference to the case reading and assigned chapter.
( Everything that is written should be an easy read and well organized example: Q1: ****** Q2: ** ***** *** etc.)
Book Used: F.Robert Dwyer & John F. Tanner (2009). BUSINESS MARKETING Connecting Strategy, Relationship and Learning, Fourth Edition, McGrawHill/Irwin, ISBN #978-0-07-352990-5 and MHID #0-07-352990-7
Assignment – Planktos
(use ch 3, case and the EPA’s current information on global warming *now called “climate change” by the Obama administration.* as reference)

Carbon credits are essentially commodities that can be banked, traded, sold, and bought. What makes Planktos any better than any other provider of these carbon credits? Given the patent that GreenSea Ventures has for the process it uses, how can Planktos defend the business it has?


What are the two primary markets for Planktos? Describe the pros and cons of each, and determine which represents the greatest opportunity for growth.


Suggest a marketing communications strategy for Planktos. Which methods of B2B communication would be most effective?


From the customer’s point of view, what risk or obstacles must they overcome when buying carbon credits?

Assignment – Whole Tree Energy
(Make reference to the concepts in Ch 5 and 6 and use the company website for information on their products and technology.)

Describe the nature of demand for Whole Tree Energy (WTE). What difficulties exist for this company to accurately forecast their need for raw materials?


View the online videos and information for the Harvester and Planter at What are their core competencies and which contribute to sustainable competitive advantage?


What type of marketing research should WTE conduct to help direct future product development? What risks are associated with product development for WTE?


Evaluate the biomass fuel market using Porter’s Five Forces of Competition. What “barriers to entry” exist for new entrants?


History scholarship essay helpChoose two and answer each one in about a paragraph.
Who was the most important Athenian politician, Cleisthenes, Themistocles, or Pericles? (An effective answer to this question will briefly state the case for each, then make an argument for why one was more important than the other two.)
What went wrong with the Roman Republic? Concisely outline the many challenges faced by the state in the post-Punic Wars era. What prevented these problems being addressed through the normal political process?
Considering Rome’s successes and expansion c.450-150 BCE, the Roman Republic was an extraordinarily successful government model. What were some of the structural features of the republican government that contributed to its long-lasting effectiveness?
Discuss the major changes wrought in the Roman Empire by Diocletian and Constantine. Would you characterize these more as mainly natural and inevitable developments, or as desperate and unusual measures to stave off collapse?
History writing essay helpAlexander and Augustus were two men who conquered an empire and then had to deal with the challenges of ruling it. One of the most significant of these challenges revolved around integration: relations between their own culture, people, and government (traditional Greek or Roman) and more recently conquered peoples who had different traditions. Compare and contrast how these two conquerors addressed such issues. How did Alexander try to promote relations between Greeks and native peoples in his empire? How did Augustus try to make the provinces a more integrated part of the Roman state and society (furthering the transition to their being ruled by peaceful collusion instead of military occupation)? Which of the two was more successful (or is this even a fair comparison) ?
The Crisis With Great Britain essay help onlinewrite essay from History US.
Avenue Q-The Musical by Jeff Whitny, Robert Lopez, and Jeff Marx. writing essay helpwrite a brief response about reading Avenue Q-The Musical play.
– like / dislike .
-enjoy / not.
-want to see the production of the play after reading it ?
what are the fun parts in the play ?
what is the most difficult part in the play ?
** ( Do not post a synopsis of the play).
the respond should be approximately 300 words.
Management college essay help near meCreate a Sense of Urgency
“Most of our key people appear to be willing to go along with the change initiative, but Im worried that wont be good enough”, said Charles McDonald, CEO of TDI Enterprises
“What do you mean? asked Alice Landon, TDIs CFO. If the key players are willing to go along with us, what more do we need?”
“Well, I’ve been reading a book by a change expert named John Kotter”, said McDonald. “According to Kotter, just getting our people to go along isn’t good enough. You have to create a sense of urgency.”
“We were lucky to convince key players to go along with us on this change initiative. How in the world are we going to get them to feel a sense of urgency?” asked a bewildered Landon.
Discussion questions:
1. It can be difficult to get key personnel to along with a change initiative. Do you agree that “just going along” is not enough? Is a sense of urgency really necessary? Explain?
2. how would you answer Landon`s question about how to create a sense of urgency?
The Business And Organizational Context 3 best essay helpExplain the dynamics of meshing project requirements with other organizational priorities – for example how does the firm insure that the projects are in line with the organizational strategies and priorities.
Samuel Beckett scholarship essay helpUsing at least two sources, explore background and biography of the playwright.
Investigate what influences the playwright’s upbringing has/had on the plays that he/she writes or has written. What effect has culture, politics, ethnic makeup, geography, etc. had on the playwright’s work? Is there a connection, theme, or particular focus in the playwright’s work? Is there anything that you discovered in your research that you find particularly fascinating?
Commentary on the documentary “Half the Sky” cheap essay helpHalf The Sky,” is considered a grounbreaking piece of filmmaking advocating for women. It’s not flawless, as you’ll see, and relies heavily on Hollywood star power, but this mega-budget film is nonetheless considered a landmark and definitely worth watching.
Write up 2 pages on it commenting on which techniques used are effective and which not so, what strategies you would deploy differently to tell the same story.
Bliss cheap essay helpwatch the movie. I want you to write about “Bliss” It is Turkish a movie . Follow the steps.I will upload the picture of the movie . 1-Write about your opinion ,and if you like the movie or not. 2- use like or dislike format on the paper

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