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Final Paper questions in a coherent and logical discussion, providing a complete and in-depth solution

2) Feel free, as necessary, to use various methods to communicate / illustrate your concepts includingcharts, diagrams, tables, etc. If you do, make sure all aspects are properly labeled / titled.3) THIS MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK!!!! You may refer to any sources necessary to help craft your answersas long as you work alone (ie. Do Not discuss with or solicit input from any other individuals (or groups)including classmates, teachers, mentors, managers, co-workers, family, friends, business executives, hiredconsultants, etc.). Make sure to cite any sources so that I can refer to them if necessary.4) DO NOT provide basic definitions within your essay, as I assume that you already know them based onclass lectures and assigned readings (ie. there is no need to define Price Elasticity).5) DO NOT regurgitate facts from lectures for the sake of filling the paper, as I assume you already knowthem based on class lectures and assigned readings (ie. there is no need to outline Typical Business Unitswithin a firm / organization).6) Responses should be typed and proper English grammar should be utilized. Handwritten submissionsWILL NOT be accepted and will receive grade of ZERO.7) Save your final submission as a PDF so that any formatting you choose is retained.

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