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Finance Question

you will calculate full-time equivalents (FTEs) and staffing costs and create a staffing chart.
Submission Length: Completed Assessment Template, 2–3 pages (attached)
InstructionsAll submissions must follow the conventions of scholarly writing. Properly formatted APA citations and references must be provided where appropriate. You have just been hired as a unit manager for a 40-bed in-patient nursing unit. One of your first priorities is to create a staffing chart. However, first you will need to calculate your FTEs and salary costs. After analyzing the unit budget report, you find that the average daily census during the last fiscal year was 40 patients. Utilize the CN4003 Assessment Template document to complete your calculations and staffing chart.

Throughout the course, you will learn some of the basic and, on a day-to-day basis, the most useful tools

Throughout the course, you will learn some of the basic and, on a day-to-day basis, the most useful
tools to assess consumer finance. The purpose of this project is to provide a “hands-on” experience
to use the personal finance concepts you will have learned throughout the course and apply these to
a “real-life” situation.
The financial cases are listed at the end of this document.
Final Report:
• Length: The whole report should be 2-3 pages.
• Reference: Use MLA System of Referencing. To avoid plagiarism, you must fully reference each source of information that you use in your report.
• Font and font-size: Times New Roman, 12
• Double line spacing
• Normal margin spacing (2.5cm for top, bottom, left, and right)

Identify the Individual or Family’s Financial Problems- 50 Points
Solution to the Family’s Financial Problems- 50 Points

You should demonstrate:
• Knowledge of course content
• Correct and appropriate calculations
• Critical Judgement
• Originality
• Formatting and Readability
• Effective and Persuasive Presentation

You choose one case study (I HAVE CHOSEN THE CASE FOR YOU, I PASTED IT BELOW- CASE #2)
Suppose you are the financial advisor for the individual or family in your case and:
• Provide a brief descriiption of the individual or family’s current financial situation.
• Discuss the financial strengths and weaknesses of the individual or family’s situation.
• Explain any misunderstanding the individual or family has about financial issues.
• You should comment about their cash flow situation.
• Use appropriate ratios to discuss the financial situation of the individual or family.
• You should also calculate the savings required to reach financial goals.
You are also asked to provide 2 recommendations that the individual or family should implement to
improve their financial situation. Feel free to add any other information you think would improve the
financial position of the individual or family.

Case 2: Harry and Joanna Smith
Joanna and Harry Smith both aged 30 and non-smokers, are married and live in Staten Island. They
are trying to prepare financially and want to buy a house, a car, and pay for Harry to complete his
college degree. However, their chief financial goal is to reduce debt and produce positive cash flows.
The Smiths have very little savings. In February 2015, Joanna gave birth to their first child, James
who is now in pre-school. Joanna is a stay-at home mom while Harry is the sole breadwinner and
earns $55,000 annually. Joanna hopes to return to the labor force but is worried about child care costs.
The couple are starting to experience some financial difficulties, mainly with the monthly payments
on their debts which is consuming a larger percentage of their income and also their mortgage. Both
of these expenses don’t leave much room for anything else. The family has zero money in savings. In
addition, the Smiths have a negative net worth. Their total assets total $103,000 which includes
$2,000 in their checking account, $4,000 in Harry’s 401(k), a $85,000 townhouse, and one car and
personal property totaling $12,000. With regards to their debt, they owe $85,000 on their mortgage, a
personal loan of $8,000, $10,000 on a visa card, and they owe Joanna’s parents $15,000. Harry hopes
to retire when he is 57. The couple does not have IRAs, however Harry contributes to his 401(k).
They have a life insurance policy on Harry of $250,000 and family health insurance with a maximum
limit of $200,000 per person through Harry’s employer. There is no disability insurance to cover
Harry’s income should anything happen. They have $200,000 liability insurance on their car and
$50,000 on their townhouse. They do not have a will because they feel it is too expensive to pay for a
lawyer and they aren’t sure how to do it without a lawyer.

Derivative Securities ( Fifi: 13/1/2022 )

Finance Assignment Help Practice E-x-a-m Time: [24th Jan 2022] 7pm-9pm (Sydney Time)
Duration: [2 hrs]
Question structure: [The examination will consist of short answer conceptual questions and practical exercises/problem questions. The questions will be comparable to those covered in class; therefore, the best form of revision will be to work through lecture and tutorial questions, exercises and problems.] Topic covered: Similar to that screenshot attached Need to
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the stock price reaction of high and low growth companies to the announcement of an Accountant-type CFO vs. a non-Accountant type CFO?

-Please check attachments
-Please follow up the marked comments in the document first.
-Thesis includes introduction, literature review/hypothesis, research method which only need to be revised based on the comments.
-Please add the results, discussion and conclusion section based on quantative research (preferably in SPSS). I suggest you can use regression analysis. The variables are included. You can use WRDS to collect the data.

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