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Finc 320 Investments

In general terms, discuss how the following should be taken into consideration when constructing an investment portfolio:
Debt level and assets
Marital status
Parental status
Risk tolerance
Time horizon
General economic conditions
Part 2 Tasks
To illustrate your knowledge of portfolio construction, CHOOSE ONE of the following scenarios and design an appropriate portfolio:Option 1:
Robert and Susan Jenkins have inherited $200,000. They are aggressive investors with a joint annual income of $100,000, no debt, and an additional $500,000 in assets other than the $200,000 inheritance.
Option 2:
The couple has 3 children between the ages of 9 and 17 years old, and they will use this money to pay for their college education.
The couple will use the money to help fund retirement in 35 years.

Discussion post required and required material will be provided

Your post to the discussion question should be 300 words or above. You must have at least one source from textbook (course) and another scholarly/peer reviewed source (outside of course/textbook) in this discussion post.
Sources require in-text citations and must be incorporated into the body of the post in addition to a full APA citation at the end of the post.

1-2 Discussion: Introduction

Business Assignment Help I need the initial post and two responses done on classmates posts. I will be doing be starting on the part about my self and will post it with this when it is done.
As a management graduate, you will be an integral part of several strategic business decisions. But before you start exploring these aspects of organization and management, it’s time to introduce yourself to your instructor and peers.
In your initial post, address the following:
Introduce yourself, including some information about your educational or professional background and what you hope to gain from this course.
Have you ever developed or helped develop a growth plan for a company, team, or yourself? For example, you may have charted a plan for where you want to be five years from now in your career. If so, how did it go? What did you learn from that experience?
Identify your personal measures of success and explain why each of them is important.
In response to two peers on their growth plans, address the following:
Compare your experiences with developing a growth plan. Identify one aspect of their growth plan that you liked.
How might you measure success differently than they did? Why?
To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.
1st classmate response needed
1-2 Discussion: Introduction
Toni Banks posted Jan 3, 2022 1:20 PM
Hello, everyone!My name is LaTanya Banks. I prefer to be called by my nickname Toni. I am starting my 5th year here at SNHU. I have completed both my Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in the past four years. Upon completion of my Master’s in January 2023, I eventually plan to open a restaurant in honor of my grandmother who instilled in me the love and skill of cooking. I have a husband (of 23 years) and three children, (27, 19, and almost 12). My oldest is my only daughter. We are from Baltimore, MD but relocated to El Paso, TX in 2010 when my youngest was eight months old. I have been in business administration, literally, for thirty years. I have held many positions over these years. The position I am going to discuss was my most rewarding one thus far.In 2011, I became a full-time employee at Raytheon in El Paso, TX. They are located on Fort Bliss, TX, one of the largest military installations in the entire country. I started as a Production Associate and after three years, I became the Configurations Manager. In this role, I was in charge of maintaining and protecting sensitive documents as they pertained to instructional plans for creation, repair and/or refurbishment of military equipment. I was responsible for implementing a plan to control all documents to protect them from being lost and/or stolen. These documents, of course, included sensitive information. I created a Change Control Board (CCB). The board held the responsibility of creating and implementing changes to ensure the protection of our documents. This plan to protect these documents did not go over well with my Site Manager with whom I did not see eye to eye. We had several discussions ending with either of us walking out because he disagreed with my plan stating that no one should have to sign for these documents and should not have to come to me to obtain access. The managers of the paint department, engineers, machine shop, and fabrication department all agreed with the plan to protect the documents and were on board with having to sign in and out for the documents. Everyone had to be held accountable for the documents when they had them. The only opposition I had was from the Site Manager. He had made it a point at every CCB meeting, whether we were changing a document or adding one to our catalog, he would never agree to the change or sign to accept any change or addition. Even though I had the support of all the managers, and had been successful with implementing every document, a feat within itself, I did so without the participation or approval of the Site Manager. I was extremely proud of the CCB and the fact that, for five years, I was able to maintain control of these documents even without his approval. As it stands, I currently work for the El Paso Veterans’ Administration. While this job is not as rewarding as I had anticipated, I love working for and with my Veterans to ensure that they receive the best possible healthcare. Their happiness and appreciation is reward enough. However, I am currently in negotiations for a position that will be more rewarding than any other I have ever had, one where I am able to share my personal experience with people who are where I once had been. This position will afford me the ability to help guide people toward their future as others have done for me. I am excited about my next chapter and look forward to the future with expectancy. Your classmate,Toni Banksead
2nd classmate response needed
Here we go!
Torian Utley posted Jan 4, 2022 7:44 PM
Hello all. My name is Torian and I currently reside in Reno, Nevada. I was in the military for nine years and separated for the sake of family. This was in 2012. After a recent lengthy conversation with a friend about being stagnant in my current position of a scheduling manager, I decided to obtain an MBA with a concentration in project management.
I have been out of the military for the last nine years and I have a collective 10 years in a management position. Although I think I am an effective leader hands-on, I would like to learn the philosophy of being a better leader through this program. I believe the way we (the U.S) have handled the recent events has caused a workforce ethics shift in the U.S. I feel that it is hard to find motivated employees that want to be a part of a mission rather than working to survive. Have you ever developed or helped develop a growth plan for a company, team, or yourself? For example, you may have charted a plan for where you want to be five years from now in your career. If so, how did it go? What did you learn from that experience? The answer is a no for me. My career in the military was an already well established entity and it was mission oriented. Essentially, people way above me had that covered. In my current position, it is one of the tasks that I need to do. Unfortunately, because of lack of manpower (loosely, no one wants to work), instead at being on the strategic side of the house, I am forced to neglect that and be at the tactical level so we can at least make our numbers. Identify your personal measures of success and explain why each of them is important.
My biggest measure of success is a feeling of self-accomplishment. We all get that feeling when we accomplish something or we know something is going well. We have also had days where we say things like, “I feel like I didn’t get anything done today.” Another is tangible output then the intangible results coinciding. For example, I deal with exports. When I see 20 large shipments leaving the warehouse, I know I did my job right. When the numbers coincide, it’s like the cherry on top. It’s like when I exercise. I prefer not to step on a scale until I can see and feel the changes. Using my time effectively is another one. I usually have a good sense of how long something should take me to do, especially if I’ve done it before. This measurement is the beginning of success for me because it leads into the above two.

The purpose of this assignment is to finalize an internal business proposal that outlines how you will implement the

The purpose of this assignment is to finalize an internal business proposal that outlines how you will implement the solution to the problem you have identified in your organization.

Throughout the course, you have completed most of the necessary research and assignments needed to generate the final business proposal. Refer to the “Business Proposal Project Summary” document, as needed. The key sections you will focus on creating are the Executive Summary and the Conclusion/Call to Action.

Using feedback from the assignments in Topics 5-7, create your final business proposal document. Evidence of revision from instructor feedback will be assessed on the final business proposal, which should include each of the sections listed below.

Executive Summary (250 words) provides a short summary of the entire proposal so key stakeholders can see an overview of the proposal and understand it without reading the entire document.
Purpose Statement (100-250 words) provides clear statement of why the business proposal is being made.
Problem Statement (revised as needed from Topic 1 assignment feedback) including specific data (statistics and numbers) related to how the problem impacts the business. This part of the proposal should include the graph/chart/data you collected in Part 1 of the Topic 2 assignment.
Data and Research Findings (250-500 words) should include a summary of what you learned from conducting research related to what has already been done to address the organizational problem. This part of the proposal should include the graph/chart/data you collected in Part 2 of the Topic 2 assignment.
Proposed Solution (250-500 words) should include a summary of the top three problem solutions you considered to address the problem. In addition to including the graph/chart/data you collected in Part 3 of the Topic 2 assignment, this section should provide a succinct discussion of the pros and cons of implementing each of the top three solutions being considered to address the problem.
Stakeholder Analysis and Benefits (500 words, revised as needed from Topic 3 assignment feedback) summarizes all data and information related to the key stakeholders affected by the proposed problem solution along with a summary of benefits to be gained by stakeholders if the problem solution is implemented.
Change Management Plan (250-500 words) clearly articulates specific methods and strategies to be utilized to manage organizational changes associated with the selected solution implementation.
Implementation Methods (250-500 words) summarize specific strategies that will used to implement the problem solution, including time and costs associated with implementation of the solution.
Evaluating Success (250 words) summarize specific measures you will use to evaluate the success of the problem solution.
Conclusion/Call to Action (100 words) provides specific steps you would like key stakeholders and sponsors to take in the implementation of the proposed solution.
It is important to include specific data throughout the business proposal. Include statistics that support the problem statement that can be used to establish and track goals; relate to specifics of implementation, timing, and cost; and illustrate stakeholder benefits. The proposal is an internal document that will be read by stakeholders within the organization where the problem exists, so keep this in mind and focus on this audience as you write. Within the Word document, include subsection titles to organize content according to the categories listed above to provide easy reference points for the reader.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

(Please reference the Attached documents for this)

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